Back in October, I wanted the cutest thing I ever seen, as I blogged all about it here. I found it at Chapeau tres Mignon, and ever since, that little Lagerfield Headband has been among the most favorite things in my inventory (I'm even wearing it in the header pictures of this blog!). Anyway, I woke up this morning to see that Megg Demina, the creative genius behind Chapeau tres Mignon had dropped the 1920's Antique Headress on me~


Seriously, the things Megg Demina makes are so creative and jaw-dropping, I can't even begin to wonder where her inspiration comes from. While I love the entire headress, omg, I adore the cute little flexi bows the most. Its well textured as well, which plays a huge role in pieces like this. It is also very simple, yet elegant. It really makes me ask the question to myself: Why don't I have more things from Chapeau tres Mignon? *Goes to buy more pretties*

What: 1920's Antique Headress - $300L
Where: Chapeau tres Mignon, Dreamworld East (184, 194, 21)

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    Megg makes beautiful hats :) You look wonderful!

  2. Definitely. Whenever I think of hats, or when someone asks me where to find the best hats, Chapeau tres Mignon is always my answer. ^^ Her creations are so detailed, original and beautiful~