Happy New Year everyone! Because I am not a big partier, I will be staying home tonight and enjoying a night in with movies and SL. Yay~ So anyway~ When I saw Caliah Lyon's blog post about her Japanese sim finds, omg, I rushed to each of the shops she listed. I found tons of awesome goodness... but two places really stood out for me.

I am extremely freakishly picky about eyes. I love the big, doe-eyed look, and it is unbelieveably rare to find great eyes that are really large. I've had my current blue eyes for several months, and have recently searching for a change. It has been really difficult, because all eyes I have tried have been way to small for my taste. So, when I saw Caliah's post, I thought it was worth a try because those eyes were absolutely stunning.


This shop called Glanz was TINY! Like 160sq. meters or so. Definitely one of the shops I wouldn't have looked at because it was almost difficult to move around. The price of these were definitely not cheap at $300L a color, and I was very hesitant at purchasing it. These are without doubt, the most expensive eyes I have ever seen. But - I really liked them in Caliah's pictures, so I decided to purchase the "Ocean Blue" color. I put them on even before I left the shop, and all I could think was: OMG. These are beautiful, and even came with both a Large and Medium version. I think these will become my everyday eyes from now on.


Still drooling at my new eyes, I managed to stop looking at myself to tp to the next location: Hal*Hina. This place had a large variety of eyes, and I had a really difficult time deciding which one to purchase. I decided on the Basic Pack of the Drop Eyes, that included 5 colors: black, silver, dark blue, brown and turmeric (which is apparently the name of a ginger stem). While these are not as stunning as the ones from Glanz, they are very pretty. I really like these, and think they have an awesome price for their quality.


Hal*Hina even gave out this great set of eyes to their update group. These are eyes with little hearts in the pupil. While you can't really see them in my picture (SL wouldn't let me zoom in closer to my face), they really are there.

What: Ocean Blue Eyes - $300L and Drop Eyes Basic Pack - $120L
Where: Glanz, Higashiosaka (90, 101, 22) and Hal*Hina, RekidStyle (100, 173, 34)

I think Saeya Nyanda, the creator behind Kyoot Army, is very unique in her creativity. I love her Photosphere, and I use it several times a day (I swear, she's a genius for creating that!). Her clothing items are amazing, and I can never get enough of them. Thats why - when I heard about this phenomenal Mourning Minnu Gown, I tp'ed right away and didn't spare a second thought when I bought it. This had a skin made by Minnu Palen that was created for this gown, but I decided not to purchase it. If you want to though, the cost of the skin is $1200L, and has the awesome qualities as any other Minnu skin.


Anyway! I think this gown is beautiful, and for the price, its a steal. I've paired it with a existing Minnu skin I had, and I think they look great together. This gown came with the vest/collar thing, which makes it really something unique. Totally stunning.

What: Mourning Minnu Gown - $350L
Where: Kyoot Army, Silent (127, 203, 41)

A while ago, I had ventured to RaC and seen the prices on their skins. At the time, I thought it was insane to charge $4000L for a set of skins. I picked up some demos and tried them on at home. I noticed some issues with them, but it was instant love for me. The faces on these are so beautiful, I knew I wanted to buy the whole store. I let the demos sit in my inventory for a few days, hoping I would lose interest - but I didn't. They were on my mind all the time. So, I finally went out and bought Tasha. A day after wearing it around the grid, I decided to go and purchase another that I had kept going back to. Alexis.


Top is Tasha, and on the bottom is Alexis. The faces on these are very cute, and for the price of $4000L, you get all 6 skins that have different lip colors. If you think about it, thats really not that bad of a deal, but when I only like 2 of the skins in the package - it makes me want to cry. But hey, look at the face on these! So adorable~ One look at the face really sold it for me - I knew I had to have these. So, it was worth it.


The body has some seam issues, as I've noticed around the upper to lower body. Seam issues don't really bother me that much, so I am willing to overlook that. I love the shading/highlights, and it gives me the boost of cleavage that is a necessity for any skin I purchase. Another selling point of this skin was the legs. OMG, these have the cutest legs I've ever seen on a SL skin. I'd love to wear more skirts to show these legs off... but its winter IRL, and the thought of seeing anything in a skirt makes me want to groan. O.o

What: Tasha Smoky - $4000L, Alexis - $4000L
Where: RaC, RaC City (180, 125, 27)

I am no stranger to Another Shop's skins. I have previously blogged them, and fell in love with them - and their price. At the time, they were only $100L for an entire skin tone with all makeups. Amazing! However - Eloh Eliot has lowered her price once again to - FREE! Awesome? Yes, but thats not all. She is also offering these to us with full permissions. OMG. She has included the texture files in the pack, which is absolutely incredible. I had planned on making my own skin after the first of the year, so these are great for me to experiment with first. I also love the fact that I am now able to create my own makeups with these files.


Though, while I am very excited and happy she has done this, I and still wondering what her train of thoughts were when she decided to make them full perms. With all the idiots around who will no doubt resell these, it is difficult for me to understand why someone would offer such amazing skins with full permissions. But still - if people would respect other people's creations, I believe this is an incredible thing to offer. In a virtual world where it is possible to copy a person's look, it is great to know you can create your own makeup that reflects who you are.

SLURL: Another Shop, Lippert (74, 176, 178)

When Roxana Demina dropped some review poses on me, I tried them out right away. Being a pose maker myself, I know how difficult making good, quality poses is. Seriously, its not an easy task. So, I was curious to see these.


These are really cute poses - very natural looking, and very realistic. Those two things are what I look for most in a pose, so it makes these awesome to me. These poses fit my avatar quite well, but according to her profile - she even makes the same poses for different sized avatars. I think thats a great thing to offer others. Pictured is a pose from "Beachy" to be released in 2008, and two poses from the "Reserved" AO (only $200L for an AO - awesome!).

She is looking to give her shop a new start, and is doing away with some of her items... so us shoppers get cheap goodies! Her older poses are put in a vendor for only $20L each, or $250L for all 15 of them!

SLURL: Dilemma, Kuai aku (230, 23, 23)

OMG, the holidays came so quick this year, and my awesome partner got me so many things, I can't wait to blog about! But anyway, I will start my blog now :P For those of you who read my blog often, you know I am a huge fan of Alienbear Gupte's work. Every time she releases something, I go into mega-fangirl mode and skip happily to Le'Bear Castle. So, guess what?! She is having a 50% off sale on selected items! Just look for the items with a red border! Sale lasts until January 1st.


I bought soooooo much stuff. This one is the Princess Calanthe, and is very beautiful. I purchased this, and only realized that the back dropped down when I was trying it on at home. Totally an added bonus! I think this would look stunning with some backless gowns I have. ^_^


Two sets that I've been wanting for months: the Queen Nevada and Princess Nieve. I love the elaborate pieces on the Queen Nevada. While the Nevada is more formal, the Nieve could be worn in less formal occasions, which is why I love Alienbear's work so much - you can wear most pieces will almost anything. In the top floor of the castle, you can also find stunning crowns to go with these, that are also on sale. I picked a few up, but decided to only picture the main set.


This is the Krystelle '07 Christmas set, as well as the Christal set that was made for shine. These two are not on sale, and the silver Christal set is all sold out. Then, why am I blogging these? The Krystelle set, because it is so stunning, and at $1000L for the entire set, it is total awesomeness. The Christal set made for Shine... I am blogging this for a different reason. Ready for a story?

When it first came out, I stood in front of the display that said only 50 to be sold. I debated for several hours, and when my partner Bats came on, he suggested that I don't get it. Days went buy, and I regretted not purchasing it. When it sold out, I felt terrible that I didn't purchase it. I went to the Shine fashion show, and seen a few there. I swore they were just out to make me miserable. But, when Bats and I exchanged gifts on the 24th, the last gift he gave me... was the silver Christal Shine set! OMG, I was so excited, yet angry that he kept it from me. So, I feel very lucky to have it. I am blogging this because I think it is the best work Alienbear has ever created as of this posting, and since there is still 2 gold sets available for sale - it would be depressing if they all didn't sell out.

SLURL: Le'Bear Castle, Bratz (156, 242, 29)


This will most likely be my last post until after Christmas, so I hope you all have a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! I will still be logging on in-world (to hide from the RL family), so if you have any questions or anything, feel free to send me a notecard. Have a safe holiday~~

To make it easier to find things on this blog, I've decided to make a page completely dedicated to the SLURLs of the shops I blog about. Shops are constantly moving, and closing, more are opening, so this is a constant work in progress. If you have some to add, or notice some that has moved or is no longer there, please let me know.

[ A ]
Abranimations, Animations (123, 110, 26)
Adam n Eve, Genesis (101, 188, 43)
Aden, Kukai (185, 32, 548)
Alienbear Design, Bratz (201, 209, 27)
Algernon, Omotesando (218, 198, 23)
Ana_Mations, Sterling Heights (114, 86, 23)
Animah, Southern Paradise (49, 15, 24)
Another Shop, Lippert (75, 184, 179)
Ambush, Shantos (102, 152, 514)
Amerie's Naughty, Honmoku (156, 232, 23)
Ami Style, Vari (141, 247, 67)
Aoharu, Aoharu (110, 124, 23)
Aphrodite Creations, Star Scythe (80, 202, 131)
Archange Couture Fashion, Dazzle (68, 14, 27)
Armidi, Armidi (134, 128, 25)
artilleri, artilleri (92, 123, 26)
Atomic Kitty, Hysteria (183, 76, 26)

[ B ]
Baiastice, Best of Italian (129, 41, 23)
BareRose HQ, Bare Rose (146, 10, 30)
Bax, Jiminy (246, 169, 108)
Bewitched Hair, Lemon Island (128, 160, 27)
bianca.F, Addictive (166, 162, 23)
Bliensen + Mai, Harshap (166, 132, 60)
Blooberry, Blooberry (98, 183, 32)
Boing Fromage, Shaka (126, 187, 27)
Bonita's Jewelry, Malra (60, 217, 31)

[ C ]
Caithlin Carter Designs, HollandCoast 2 (82, 92, 25)
Cake/FKNY, FKNY Cake (129, 76, 26)
Calla, Callatropia (125, 193, 23)
Callie Cline, caLLiefornia (225, 178, 22)
Canimal, Canimal (198, 68, 26)
Caroline's Jewelry, Lo Lo (148, 196, 23)
Celestial Studios, Celestial City (68, 243, 27)
Chai Skins, Port Seraphine (221, 129, 56)
Chapeau tres Mignon, Dreamworld East (184, 194, 21)
Chic Boutique, Isle of Spirits (58, 138, 22)
CogNation, Mindio (145, 55, 379)
Crimson & Clover, Froth, Froth (84, 15, 24)
Crystal Line, LALA Moon (242, 155, 27)
Cubic Effect, Chantilly (112, 138, 28)
Curious Kitties, Curious Kitties (200, 213, 21)
Curious Relics, Aesthetic (114, 133, 651)

[ D ]
Deco, Sirtony (125, 243, 668)
DeLa, DeLa (116, 116, 24)
Dernier Cri , Dernier Cri (108, 139, 28)
Detour, Detour (129, 128, 22)
Deviance, Walleye (245, 47, 99)
Deviant Kitties, Deviant Kitties (36, 53, 25)
DG Innovations, Innovations (62, 127, 31)
Digit Darkes, Addictive (130, 132, 22)
Discord, Discord (20, 20, 523)
Diversity Hair, Addictive (130, 123, 22)
DP*YumYum, Isle of Tranquility (82, 157, 26)
Dragonfly Designs, DragonFly Oasis (117, 70, 24)
Draconic Kiss, Koreshan (193, 93, 25)
Dreamin'g Alice, Honmoku (123, 165, 25)
Ducknipple, Daffodil Island (230, 18, 401)
Dutch Touch, Willow Beach (41, 239, 23)

[ E ]
Eat Rice, Biopunk (181, 188, 43)
Edelweiss, Mont Saint Michel (115, 34, 22)
Elate!, Wuthering Heights (150, 42, 26)
Electro Kitty, tenjin fukuoka japan (31, 34, 31)
Elexor Matador Jewelry, Southern Paradise (178, 81, 23)
Encore, Austin Island (193, 193, 23)
Eolande's Hair Accessories, Ohana Isle (204, 55, 21)
ETD, ETD Isle (212, 216, 26)
Evie's Closet, Madison Place (62, 111, 470)
Exile, Ivy Falls (158, 115, 28)

[ F ]
FireFlies, Juicy (148, 225, 24)
FNKY, FNKY Cake (128, 115, 23)
Fuel, Fragment (46, 75, 29)

[ G ]
GearShift, Varado (86, 162, 31)
Genesis, BaileysReach (127, 107, 25)
Gianetti, Plush Gamma (155, 175, 22)
G.L.A.M, Viva La Glam (191, 114, 24)
Glanz, Vari (153, 227, 53)
Goth1co, Gemmed (177, 232, 22)
Gracie's, Alhena (101, 174, 23)
Gritty Kitty, Koreshan (59, 19, 24)
Gurl 6, GuRLyWood (110, 111, 21)

[ H ]
Hal*Hina, RekidStyle (100, 173, 34)
Hazelnut Leaf, Ueno (244, 190, 22)
Hexed, Hex (154, 52, 39)
Hi-Flo, The Hidden Jewel, Soul (158, 85, 22)
Hilarious, Amira (30, 107, 21)
Howard Lindley Designs, Themroc (122, 142, 29)

[ I ]
i-Candy, Star Beach Island (186, 204, 22)
Icing, Mischief (130, 159, 24)
Illusions, Carnivale (208, 91, 33)
Immortelle, Olympia (225, 96, 22)
Imperial Elegance, Glenn (160, 220, 28)

[ J ]
J's, Tsukishima (207, 232, 22)
Juicy, Juicy (130, 144, 24)
Jungle Voodoo, Temenos (155, 108, 106)

[ K ]
Kalico Kreations, Innocence (207, 54, 24)
KessKreations, Crystal Shores (201, 30, 22)
Kin, Eventide South (165, 209, 45)
Kitties Lair, Monissius (67, 212, 27)

[ L ]
Laqroki (Formerly RaC), RaC City (197, 135, 27)
Last Call, Dazzle (68, 11, 26) - CLOSED -
League, FairChang Lost Isle (116, 227, 31)
LeeZu Baxter Designs, To The Nines (121, 129, 24)
LF Fashions, Port Seraphine (223, 158, 57)
Liberte, LOL Island (46, 92, 25)
LIX Designs, Bucuresti (160, 148, 27)
Loco Poco's, Loco Pocos Island (183, 153, 140)
Luc, Muse (99, 160, 23)
LVS & Co., CassiopeiaIsle (185, 30, 22)
Lycee, Honmoku (148, 29, 36)
Lynnix, Lutra (146, 150, 59)

[ M ]
Maeva, Broowunph (134, 10, 24)
Magika, Magika Land (156, 150, 25)
Maitreya, Glam World 2 (206, 151, 26)
massimo, Kourinbou (139, 52, 22)
Material Squirrel, Winged Isle (21, 107, 47)
MG Fashion, Bali Loa (44, 72, 29)
Miam Miam, Viva La Glam (149, 100, 24)
Minnu Model Skins, Glam World (100, 178, 23)
Miriel, Miriel (135, 64, 33)
Mischief, Mischief Isle (47, 130, 24)
Miyu Design, Japan Resort C2 (94, 16, 321)
Moderno, Dazzle (127, 9, 27)
Muism, Muism (60, 112, 23)
Muse, Muse (147, 147, 24)

[ N ]
Naughty Designs, Naughty (57, 219, 24)
Nekome Dou, Kauai (160, 184, 23)
Nicky Ree, Tropical Orchid (146, 120, 31)
Novocaine, Novocaine (103, 82, 24)
Nyte'N'Day, Nyte N Day (118, 46, 28)

[ O ]
0N, Koenji (227, 41, 40)
Orchid Dreams, Asagao (53, 37, 22)

[ P ]
Paper Couture, Tableau (58, 55, 22)
Passionate Neko Dreams, Cassiopeia Isle (135, 68, 22)
Periquita, Fuzzy (220, 100, 34)
Pixel Dolls, Port Seraphine (33, 128, 56)
Pixel Mode, Pixel Dreams (166, 73, 47)
Pushbutton Industries, Le Zoo (126, 217, 24)
PXL Creations, Peronaut (20, 58, 50)

[ Q ]

[ R ]
Random Fashions, The Mode (64, 139, 28)
Rave Nation, Candyland (129, 202, 27)
Reaction, AlterNation (82, 137, 38)
Redgrave, Redgrave Womens Fashion (202, 36, 24)
Refuge, SiniStyle (115, 194, 26)
Reel Expression, Lalique (207, 115, 26)

[ S ]
SaltyCandy, Japan 04 (102, 28, 26)
Savvy Avvy, Hake (50, 92, 21)
Scarlia Inc., Tora 5 (76, 178, 24)
Second Mirage, Second Mirage (71, 14, 22)
Second Wave Apparel, Plush Omicron (198, 208, 21)
Shiny Things, Shiny Falls (176, 181, 37)
SiniStyle, SiniStyle (56, 68, 37)
SkinPop, Siam (23, 61, 26)
Skin Within, Skin Within (125, 129, 28)
SoulFire, Heathrow (241, 226, 22)
Spica, Koenji (51, 124, 32)
Stellar Designs, Stellar Isle (197, 125, 22)
Storm Schmooz, Arsnova (66, 218, 24)

[ T ]
Tami McCoy, Dixie (87, 90, 23)
Tete a Pied, Fleur (210, 209, 23)
Titania's Court, Deviant (110, 180, 22)
TheAbyss, The Abyss (96, 136, 237)
The Litter Box, Ravens Requiem (135, 146, 27)
TOSL, Firefly (205, 220, 47)
TorridWear, Chartreuse (163, 68, 22)
Truth, Truth Island (86, 123, 28)
Tuli, Le Zoo (61, 166, 21)

[ U ]

[ V ]
Violet Voltaire, Muse (50, 74, 24)

[ W ]
Waka & Yuki, Tsukiji (164, 205, 22)
Wild O, Cemetery (200, 221, 22)
Winter Moon, Koreshan (70, 70, 25)
Wrong, AlterNation (191, 154, 38)

[ X ]

[ Y ]
Yabusaka, Yabu (98, 167, 24)

[ Z ]
Zaara Indian Couture, Zaara (135, 131, 24)
Zero Style, Zero Style (122, 134, 38)
Zhao Shoes, Agard (237, 51, 25)

21 +Plastic Ocean+, SetagayaKu (116, 211, 22)
69, Miyabi (31, 237, 502)

Gah~ My IMs have been capping lately, and I'm crashing on log in sometimes, so if you've IM'ed me lately, I probably didn't get it, so feel free to drop me a notecard~ I apologize, SL can be a pain sometimes!

Anyway. I've been stalking the fashion feed lately, and have been noticing a few things from a place called Aphrodite Creations. Every time I see an item from them, I think to myself: "ooooo, pretty!" and put them on my list to visit. Unfortunately, I haven't had the time to visit them (with all the Christmas freebie gathering and all!), so I was ecstatic when the creator dropped some review copies on me.


This outfit is really cute. Like, seriously. I put the Midnight one on when she passed them to me, and wore it the entire day (which is really good because I usually change 3-4 times a day O.o). It is the Tender Allure outfit, which I love the name. Very creative, I think. I usually have trouble finding things to wear with my boots, but these look great with a variety of them. Really cool. The colors on these are nice as well, I'm not much of a "color" person (I much prefer whites, grays and blacks), but these are definitely the kind of colors I have no problems wearing. This pictured set includes the Grape, Cherry and Midnight colors.


They come in a ton of color options as well. This one is Rose, Lime and Gold. There are other options as well, all of which are equally as cute. The price of these is really great as well - only $150L for a package of 3 colors! O.O -Or- you can get the fat pack of all 12 colors for only $450L.

I love these, I think they are absolutely adorable - though, if there was one thing I would love to see on this outfit : prim or sculptie lower arm attachments. I love the look that those provide - makes it a little more realistic than just the standard clothing cut. These are still nice the way they currently are though.

In addition to Tender Allure, she also has some other really amazing pieces of clothing - like a gorgeous looking gown/dress called Winter Wonder. I'm definitely going to have to come back to this shop in a few days to buy some other things ^_^

What: Tender Allure - $150L for 3 colors, or $450L for a fat pack of 12 colors
Where: Aphrodite Creations, Star Scythe (71, 196, 130)

OMG, I have soooooo much stuff I want to blog, and not enough time! But anyway, today's blog is about Blowpop's newest skins. I am no stranger to these skins, I got one from her update group a while ago, and they have only gotten better. These skins come in a ton of makeup options and many skin tones. Because there were a bit too many for my blog post, I chose my favorite tone (Cream) and my favorite makeups to picture.


There are a few things that I'm not too sure about. One is the tinting of the eyebrows and .... other body hair. I get frustrated with working the sliders (which is why I don't like editing shapes and things), so tinting hair that way is very intimidating for me. But~ The notecard that came with the skins was helpful, and made it less scary. (By the way, I love the title: "Caring for your Mellie" - Very cute and thoughtful!) I did get the eyebrows to the black shade I wanted though, so that was good. The makeups from left to right: Sapphire - Sunlit Copper Gloss, Amethyst - Soft Pink Shimmer, and Emerald - Clear Gloss.


I think the body is my favorite part of these skins. The shading is really nice, and I am fond of the shading around the bewbs. It seems to be difficult to find skins with the amount of cleavage I like in my skins, but these ones are great. The belly is well done as well. These skins just keep getting better and better - I think Annyka Bekkers is definitely a skin creator to watch. I do like these skins, and for the price, I think they are a great deal.

Also: If you like these skins, keep in mind that she takes really great care of her group members. I was a member for a while, but that dumb 25 group limit forced me to leave it TT_TT. If you have group space, Blowpop's update group is really a great one to join.

What: Melle2 Semi-Precious Collection - $799L a skin, or $2399L for a pack of 4
Where: Blowpop, Fuzzy (245, 172, 35)

I love Alienbear Gupte's jewelry. She makes really amazing and stunning jewelry. A few times a year, she sets out a beautiful set of jewelry in her lucky chairs. This time: the Aputsiaq set, are for the months of December and January. After she releases the lucky chair sets, I spend tons of time wandering from chair to chair collecting them all. This time was no different. I collected the sets from the chairs, and before I left, I noticed a TON of people standing outside. I went to investigate, to find they were waiting for the MobVend's price to lower~ I've never been lucky enough to catch the MobVend people, so never got them. But this time, I hung around there, and when the price got to its lowest ($299L!) I hurried and purchased it.


In this amazing set from the MobVend was (from left to right), the silver set, gold set, and a special edition set made just for the MobVend. Only the MobVend sets contains the little "party crown" seen in the pictures. The silver set can be found in the lucky chairs on the Alienbear Jewelry side, while the gold is lucky chair prizes on the BijouxOr side.

It also seems that these will be the last lucky chair gifts. After January 31st, there will be no more of these. I respect Alienbear's decision, she's been so good to her customers and group members, she deserves a break. ^_^

What: Aputsiaq MobVend Set - Originally $3000L but can get down to $299L
Where: Le'Bear Castle, Bratz (194, 239, 29)

The opening of the new Muse sim was yesterday! I was very excited because I love Muse's things, and I think they definitely deserved their own sim. So, I teleported there right when they opened for group members, and immediately started hunting for the sim-wide treasure hunt they had going. I was extremely lucky, and managed to find one of the tokens containing two of Muse's new releases!


First, the Margurite Peacock Feather Necklace/Earring set. Every time I see pieces like this, I am in awe of how she makes them. The pieces are so small, my eyes would be falling out of my head if I ever tried to create something with prims this tiny. This is a really pretty set, though I wonder if silver may be coming soon?


I love pearls. Before I started the hunt, I was thinking about buying it, but didn't know which color I wanted. So, I was totally beaming when I found this one~ These are very stunning, and the detail doesn't show in my picture - but its definitely there. These sets come with one with silver clasps, as well as one with gold clasps. ^_^

Also - Don't forget to visit the sim by Tuesday! Because until then, all her older items (except the new releases and the Chateline collection) are 50% off! O_O

What: Margaux Draped Pearl Necklace - $250L each, Marguerite Peacock Feather Earrings - $275L, Marguerite Peacock Feather Necklace - $350L.
Where: Muse, Muse (147, 147, 24)

Before the opening of Glam World, I've never owned a pair of boots. Now, it seems like I can't get enough of them. I had told myself that I wouldn't buy anything else until my inventory was safely in my Fashionista Closet, and I am able to find things when I wanted them. Well... that didn't work. I drooled over Shiny Things' newest creations, the Chunky Ribbon Boots, until I couldn't restrain myself anymore. The promise to my inventory to organize it? Broken.


When I first saw these in pictures... I thought: "No way do those really look like that!" Well... They really do. Fallingwater Cellardoor's use of sculpted prims is absolutely amazing, and these boots really show it. They come with 4 different sizes for the lower leg prim, which made it super-easy for a boot-newbie like me. It also comes with a HUD so you can choose from 6 lace colors. Very cool.

It was only after I bought them that I realized that I didn't have anything to wear with them. But - I'll gladly work my outfit around these ^_^

What: Chunky Ribbon Boots in Black - $500L
Where: Shiny Things, Shiny Falls (173, 181, 37)

On a unrelated note - I changed the layout of the blog! Please let me know what you think about it, and if you notice any weird errors or weird things going on.

I love the holidays. Expecially going on ornament hunts for goodies! On Halloween, I participated in the Mary Jane Shoes pumpkin hunt (and failed miserably at it), so I was excited to hear she was offering an ornament hunt for the Christmas holidays~ yay~ I tried hunting the ornaments down in the shop, but my goodness, they are just so TINY! After a few hours of hunting... I found.... 5 of them. I think there are 12 total? O.o


Anyway, the ones I did find included some adorable sets of shoes. I love the ones on the far right - ribbons are my obsession, so I drool over anything with them. These are really cute shoes, and definitely worth taking a look around the shop for. I do plan on going back to find some more when I have time.

SLURL: Mary Jane Shoes, Chalanties (27, 121, 660)

When I attended the opening of Glam World, I noticed a few skins in the lobby of the Minnu shop. I debated buying them, because they were a bit dark for my taste. I went home, thought about it, and decided to get one. However - I teleported there, only to find them gone. I found out that they were a limited edition to raise money for a charity event, only available during the opening. I was bummed out that I didn't pick one up while I was there. So, you can imagine my glee when I received a notice saying that due to popular demand, they are setting them out again until Wednesday! Yay!


As soon as the grid came back online, I logged in a b-lined to Glam World. I picked up Tribal 1 and Tribal 4. I couldn't decide which one I wanted. Knowing that these will go away after Wednesday, and never come back, I allowed myself to pick up two instead of just one. I went home and tried them on. I was right - they were a little dark for me, but thats okay. While I probably won't wear these every day, they will most likely have their occasions.


These do have the amazing features that I like from Minnu skins, so I don't really think I need to go into detail there. I do love the makeups on these, however odd that may seem. Again, it isn't something I would wear all the time - but I enjoy having them in my collection.

If you want to get these skins - you need to do so by Wednesday. After that, they will be gone.

What: Tribal 1 - $1200L, Tribal 4 - $1200L
Where: Minnu Model Skins, Glam World (194. 182, 30)

My jewelry folder is getting surprisingly gigantic. It is the biggest folder in my inventory, and I swear - buying elaborate pieces is my addiction. I do have a few items from Second Mirage that I enjoy, so when she gave me a few review copies of her items, I really couldn't wait to try them on.


My favorite of the copies I received, is the Pamela set. You can choose from several different gem stones, though I only pictured my two favorites: diamond and sapphire. But all the others are really beautiful as well. These sets come with earrings as well as a necklace.


Also, for something a little different: the Kenichi set. While I rarely go for accessories with various shades of color, I find this to be one of my exceptions. What really stood out for me on this set - was the amazing amount of detail that can be found on it. From the textures, to the really tiny strings found on it. In my picture, you can't really see the detail, but I would suggest visiting the Second Mirage store to try on a demo.


Also, definitely check out the Advent Calendar that Second Mirage has up. Every day until Christmas, if you come into the shop, you can click on the ornament that corresponds with the current day, and you get a free piece of jewelry! I've been doing this, and have received some amazing gifts, as pictured above. Pictured: Adrienne, Karen, Khione and Tess. If you missed any of these items in the advent calendar, they are still available to purchace in the store.

What: Pamela in Diamond and Sapphire - $350L each set, Kenichi - $175L, Advent Calendar gifts - Free Daily, though still available afterwards for varying prices.
Where: Second Mirage, Second Mirage (51, 27, 23)

Wow. Ok, where do I begin? A few weeks ago, I wanted to purchase a Minnu skin. Unfortunately, the sim was closed, so I was forced to purchase it from one of their side shops. I quickly began to love the Minnu skin, so I have been eagerly waiting for the sim to open back up so I can do more shopping. As soon as 10am SLT hit, I was on the TP button right away. I got there, and OMG, lag was terrible! It literally took me 40 minutes to get to the skins room. People refused to rez for me too, so if I bumped into you, Sorry! But, I finally got there and gawked at all the goodness that was on the walls. I only seen the main things, because I got frustrated with lag, but I will without a doubt be back later on.


I purchased 2 skins, Earth in Pale skin tone, and Kevin in the Tan skin tone. I would have been in total heaven if the Kevin makeup was on the Pale tone, but its ok. The Kevin in tan is a bit dark for me, but I really like it. I love Minnu, so I'll make exceptions. OH! AND! The hair wore in all these pictures was completely free, and found in the hall near the shoes (you get all colors too!)! I love this hair, its definitely one of my favorites.


I also bought this adorable Sendal Dress from Maitreya, after walking through the lag for an additional 25 minutes (and a sim crossing that booted me out of the building!), but it was worth it. Its really cute and feminine. It comes with prim arm cuffs, and a super-cute scarf.


I can honestly say that before I went to Glam World, I have never owned a pair of boots. I have never found any I liked, and all of them seemed to have the dreaded pointy toe that just looks so uncomfortable. I found some incredible looking boots at Maitreya! And, of course... I went a little crazy. I purchased two of these awesome boots, as well as some beautiful heels. I love them all. How come I never bought boots before?! From left to right: Bloom, Boot-alicious, and Solace.

And OMG, sorry for the lack of posts lately! I recently bought a Fashionista Closet and am trying my hardest to get my inventory sorted and put away. Its just so time consuming!

What: Loelle - FatPack - $0L, Minnu Earth Makeup Pale Tone - $1200L, Minnu Kevin Makeup Tan Tone - $1200L, Sendal Dress - $275L, Bloom - $350L, Boot-alicious - $250L, Solace - $300L
Where: Minnu and Maitreya, Glam World (208, 122, 23)

While I was roaming around the Koenji sim looking for transferable male clothing (so difficult to find - anyone have any good places with transferable male clothing?!), I came across a little shop called UnTone. This place was visually appealing, and definitely caught my eye. I went in, and was pleased with the products I seen.


I picked up the Hana Belt in both black and white, and the matching Hana bracelets for both belts.I think these are so cute. I do think the prim work on the flowers look great - They actually look like flowers! Almost like opened lotus blossoms, which happens to be my favorite flower. I am particularly fond of the chain and the little flexi ribbons. All in all, a very girlie, adorable belt with super-cute matching bracelets. Oh, and a note on the bracelets, they are not the same on each arm. Yay~ these gives a little more variety with my sets.

What: Hana Belt in both Black and White $130L Each, and Hana Bracelets $120L Each set
Where: UnTone Accessories, Koenji (116, 139, 39)

I was tagged by Whimsy! I've been secretly stalking the blogs, enjoying reading things about the people behind the avatars. Now... on to the hard part. I always have trouble with these because I can never think of anything interesting to say about myself. But, here I go.


  1. You have to post (on your own blog) 8 random facts about yourself.
  2. You have to tag 8 more people to post, so post their names at the end of your blog post.
  3. Be sure to leave a comment in your taggee’s blogs so they know they’re tagged.
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My Randomness:
  1. I have never seen real snow. Or fake snow, for that matter. I live in a part of California that never gets any snow, and its an all day trip to go up to the mountains.
  2. I was once in a movie. Ok, so its not the type of movie everyone has seen, but instead its a movie where I played an out of control teenager. It is shown by a children's home to parents who want to learn how to better manage their kids. Or, thats at least how I understood it.
  3. I have never broken a bone, but I do get sick often. Seems every virus that goes around, I manage to catch it twice before it dies down. *Sigh*
  4. I dislike the smell of gum, mints, and other candies. I have a sensitive nose, and can smell these things from a distance, which makes it worse. Oddly though, I do have a strange enjoyment for the smell of white out. O_o
  5. Aside from a yearly visit to Reno, I've never been outside of California. I go to Reno once a year for a car show in August, but have never been farther than that.
  6. I am very shy. I am always quiet in a room filled with people, and will never approach someone to talk to them. However - once I get to talking with someone and get to know them, I never shut up. O_o
  7. I am incredibly clumsy. Even in a room with seemingly nothing to bump into, or trip over, I will always find something. Usually, it is my own feet.
  8. I am very determined with some things. If I want to do something or get something, I will not stop until I finish or get it. This usually happens when I see something I want, I will drive all over town going to every store I can think of to find it (this is also true for SL).
So, yeah... now you know more than you probably ever wanted to know about me. I think everyone has already done this... except for one person! He's going to hate me, but I tag my partner, Bats Mertel - now is the time to put something on that blog of yours :P

OMG. Siyu Suen, you are awesome. Please don't stop making these awesome coats! When I read the blog entry about these coats, I said to my partner "I MUST have these!" I stopped what I was doing, teleported there, and forced him to come along with me. I originally went there to pick up the Merry Jingly set, but seemed to have picked up what I went for, the Snowflake Coat, and the adorable Holly Jewelry.


The Merry Jingly set has the Christmas-y feel to it, and its totally cute. While I can't really see myself wearing this so early in December, I will, without a doubt, be wearing this later on in December. I decided to grab the Snowflake version as well while I was there, and I'm very glad I did.


I love the sculpties on these, as with everything else I've ever purchased from Illusions. And - the most exciting thing I seen when I put the hat on, it doesn't take off my lashes, nor my face light! *bounces off walls* I dislike having to reattach things to a different point on my face - so having something work with no repositioning was an amazing feeling. :P However - the coat tails were a different story. I did have some editing to do. I had to shrink my butt to make it fit just right, but it was worth it.

Holly Jewelry

OMG, the Holly Jewelry. Very festive, and looks amazing with the coat. They are super cute, and comes with a necklace and earrings.

What: Merry Jingly Coat and Snowflake Coat - $375L each, Holly Jewelry - $150L
Where: Illusions, Carnivale (208, 94, 33)