OMG, Alienbear is selling the Miss SL Universe Finalist crown with scepter, necklace and earrings! I have been following the progress of these amazing pieces of work on the Alienbear blog, so when I received the group notice that she had set these up for sale, omg, I dropped the sculptie I was working on, and ran over to her shop.


Alienbear is one of my two most favorite jewelry designers in SL, and I think every piece of work she releases is a genuine piece of art. This set is definitely no different. I love every single thing about this, and I can not find one thing I would change on it. The set comes with the necklace, crown, earrings, and the scepter. And omg, its absolutely stunning!

The price was a little steep at $6000L, and I actually hesitated at buying it... but then I realized I had a unused gift card! So, after I noticed the vendor didn't accept gift cards, I sent a quick IM to Alienbear, and she came right away and fixed it for me~ Yay!

What: Miss SL Universe Set - $6000L
Where: Alienbear Design, Bratz (201, 209, 27)
What Else: Hair by ETD, dress by Nicky Ree. See the new In-World Locations page for SLURLs!

By the way, I am currently experimenting with the different ways to put my blog snapshots together, so if you readers have any ideas what style you like best, let me know ^^

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    I think i'll have to live vicariously through you on this one Sai :o) L$6000 is WAY too heavy for my Linden wallet. But I agree, it's a great set. Nicely done on the pics too.

  2. Yeah, the price would normally be too steep for me, but I am totally grateful to that wonderful gift card I got around Christmas time! Without that, there is absolutely no way I could have afforded it. O.o