I was so excited when I heard about the Creators Stamp Rally (CSR). I was totally confused at how to do it at first, but it was very fun. And! Free gifts were at the end of the stamping! I was very happy. Through all my shopping, I had 7 stamp cards, so I attached 6 to HUD positions and carried one in my hand - no way was I going around the grid to 20 shops with cards attached to every part of my body. It was fun to see all the shops that participated, and check out their items. I did get all 7 cards stamped, and got 7 gifts... though I will only show two of my favorites.


The reason I participated in the CSR - the Curious Kitties Pretty Jinsei outfit. I love Curious Kitties, so I HAD to get this outfit no matter what the cost. I love it so much, and it came with almost all items I pictured. The only three things it didn't include was the hair, skin and shape. It did come with a necklace, bracelets, boots, stockings, hat, and outfit! OMG, awesome. However - I must warn you: you need to wear underwear with it. I'm not sure if it was just me, but when I was doing pictures, I found that the glitch pants allow... certain bits to be shown. So, wear some undies with them ^^


Now, I am a HUGE anime/manga fan, and really love anime-inspired things. So, when I seen this outfit, I immediately thought of the manga, Vampire Knight. Anyway. This was a complete avatar set. It came with hair, skin, shape, outfit, wings with particle effects, boots.... everything. However, I chose not to picture most of it. I used my own shape, skin and hair, and didn't wear the wings. Still looks pretty cool.

I also got a dress from Honey Kitty, a totally cute maid outfit from Edelweiss, and so much more. And - going around to these Japanese sims and exploring some of their shops in the process was very fun. Check out the Edelweiss site for more information!

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    I was wondering where you got the white outfit from as I've been looking all over for it please tell me more about it like what store it's from and can I find the owner.