Am I the only one that dislikes pointy toed boots? It seems the most popular shoe makers, Armidi, Shiny Things, and Maitreya either are making shoes with pointed toes, or I have all the non-pointy ones already. I want more non-pointy sculpted boots, dammit! Even heels too, there are sooooo many adorable heels out there, but I have passed them up because they have points (Storm Schmooz being one of them). Well, I went on a mission to find some!


And I was quite disappointed, really. I came across these, that looked amazing in the vendor picture. I bought them, and tried them on... the small size leg part was way to small, and the large - way to big. And.... no mod. I think these would be cute with some high quality proper textures, and the ability to mod them. I'm not fond of the lower leg part at all, but the reason I am showing these, is because I think they are super cute with my prim pants!

These are cheaper than the typical sculptie shoe designer, ringing in at $220L, but even if they don't look great as boots, I like how they look with my pants. AND! OMG, no pointy toe! Sold.

What: Sculpted Long Boots 04 in Black - $220L
Where: Miyu Design, Japan Resort C2 (94, 16, 321)
What Else: Jeans from Last Call. See the new In-World Locations page for SLURLs!

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    I'm with ya. Round-toed is better. I'm willing to make do with a sort of rounded tapered toe if I can't get true round, though. Like Redgrave's boots.

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    BTW, have you checked out the sculpted boots at Sinistyle?

  3. oooo, I think I remember reading about a boot there that has tons of buckles and such. I'll have to check them out, thanks for the tip! ^^

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    Both long boots designs are looking perfect...