ZOMG! More Yabusaka jewelry! I swear, I just can not get enough of it. Every time something from them is released, I turn into major squealing, rabid fangirl. Every single piece of jewelry it is just so well done and a total piece of art work, that it just calls to me.

Yabusaka - 08 Set

This definitely screamed at me. Its sculpted, and I drool at every single sculptie that Yabusaka has ever made. Ok, ok - focusing back to the jewelry set. This is the latest creation from Yabusaka, simply called "08". The 08 set has a necklace as well as bracelets for both arms, which is great, because many jewelry designers only make one bracelet, if at all. But, just look at the detail that this set has! Texturing is fantastic, and it's so beautifully done. ^.^

If you have not been to Yabusaka yet - omg. You *MUST* go!

What: 08 Pendant - $300L, 08 Bracelets - $200L
Where: Yabusaka, Honmoku (99, 200, 31)
What Else: Hair from Deviant Kitties, tank from TorridWear. See the In-World Locations page for SLURLs.

I've had these sitting in my inventory for a little while, and am finally getting around to posting about them. Sorry!

KessKreations - Victoria

When I originally seen pictures of this beautiful jewelry set called Victoria from KessKreations, it was one of those "OMG, I NEED that!" moments. I had no idea at the time that it would start a major shopping frenzy for me. I have a strange obsession with collecting jewelry, so I was in a bit of a paradise in her shop. :D

KessKreations - Dina Marie

What is great with this jewelry is most of it is gem, metal, or stone changing by menu. Kesseret keeps her prices are low for this type of feature as well, so its a bargain for all the different options and possibilities you may have. It's totally great ^.^

KessKreations - Wooden Bead

She gives incredible detail to her things as well. All her jewelry looks fantastic whether you are far away from it, or even zoomed in as close as you can get to it. Which is probably why I love this store so much ^.^

What: Victoria - $400L, Dina Marie $200L, Wooden Bead - $400L
Where: KessKreations, Hale kuai (92, 173, 22)
What Else: Dress by Evie's Closet, hair by Truth. See the In-World Locations page for SLURLs.

I have a huge list of things to get done today, but blogging seems much more appealing to me right now. :D

As many people know, I have a HUGE love for BareRose products, and I seem to run out and buy things right when they are released. (Though, I wonder how one is to go about getting into their update group?) I tell you.... my BareRose folders are the fastest growing ones in my inventory right now.

BareRose - Lost Kittens

It comes in various colors and an entire outfit, but I decided to only picture the items and colors I loved most. This came with two different colored pants, but I preferred my Last Call jeans with this. :D The set also came with a hat that I didn't picture either. But anyway - I love this set and its filled with all the fantastic things I love from BareRose. The incredible detail, the great price, and zomg - crazy, flowing, flexi prims!

It seems everything I buy from BareRose has the flowing flexi prims, and that's great because I totally love them! *pokes June Dion* I need more crazy flexi! :P

What: Lost Kittens for Girl - $140L
Where: BareRose, Bare Rose (146, 12, 30)
What Else: Hair by Truth, jeans by Last Call, shoes by Shiny Things. See the In-World Locations page for SLURLs.

Ok, I have to say that I hate Linden Lab's new TOS. Wait... am I allowed to say that? Anyway, I took this opportunity to update the header, and add a space between Second and Life (is that allowed too? -.-), as required by the new TOS. Annoying.

That done, Ill get on with my post. I was wandering around a Japanese sim again, and came across a little shop called Bukka. They have some sculpted boots, as well as some great looking belts. However, I only decided to grab these boots.

Bukka - Old Short Boots

And they are squee-worthy! They come with legwarmers that is touch activated - you can change the texture of the warmers through a blue menu, or even turn them off completely. Love it ^^ The boots are almost entirely sculpted, which makes them even better to me :D I love sculpted footwears!

Be warned though - these boots are quite big, but have modify rights. So, I suppose if you have the patience, you can edit them to be smaller. They don't have demos either - but they do look great :D

What: Old Short Boots in Black - $290L
Where: Bukka, Baleful (62, 73, 25)
What Else: Jeans by Last Call. See the In-World Locations page for SLURLs.

Happy Easter everyone! This will be a different style of blog post because I've been doing massive amounts of egg hunting throughout the grid, getting such wonderful free items from various designers. I love holidays in SL because I adore all the great freebies that come out. Especially this Easter - I've been on so many hunts, its kept me busy! I'm going to show you my outfit I'm wearing today - filled with all kinds of Easter freebie goodness!

Sai's Easter Outfit

If there was only 2 hunts I would recommend you complete, it would be the LIX Designs hunt as well as the Vain Inc. one. LIX has such great jewelry items (I am wearing the bunny necklace and matching earrings) in their hunt, as well as some cute clothing items you can wear for every day. :D Vain Inc. is a grid wide hunt, and the eggs are not difficult to find either. The shirt I am wearing came from the Canimal egg.

Don't forget the normal freebies too! Hi-Flo gifted her Subscribe-o-Matic members with an adorable bracelet that I haven't taken off since I received it. And Truth has some beautiful hair fatpacks for $1L for a limited time (Danny 2 in sable is pictured here).

I had a blast this Easter gathering freebies and hunting - Thank you, to each designer who was kind enough to offer such great freebies to us :D *huggles* Now, I am off to find a pretty sim to do some inventory organizing....

You can find the SLURLs on the In-World Locations page :D

This will be like, two posts in one, so be warned :D

Hexed Alt - Attitude Skirt

First - this adorable skirt. I love this, and I love almost everything that comes out of the amazing store called Hexed. I wish I had the lindens to buy everything there! XD The texturing is great, easily moddable to my smaller shape, and totally cute. ^^

What: Attitude Skirt in black -$200L
Where: Hexed Alt, Hex (154, 52, 39)
What Else: Shoes by 69 (see information below!), top by Wrong, and bracelets by Last Call. See the In-World Locations page for SLURLs.

69 - Ring Hunt

Now, no doubt you've heard about the hunt at 69 by now. If you haven't gotten your 6 shoes yet - HURRY NOW! I so love the shoes by 69, and this is one hunt that you just CAN NOT miss! You look for rings scattered about the new main shop, and they are filled with shoe awesomeness. They are not real tiny, nor really big - but just the right size to find. They are not all that difficult to find - and even if they were, the prizes are totally worth it! Hurry and go! :D

SLURL: 69, Miyabi (31, 237, 502)

Ami Style - Eyes

My name is Sai Pennell..... and I.... am an eye addict. Yes. I said it. So, of course when I seen these beautiful eyes from Ami Style, I could not resist. I picked up only the Azurite and the Grey, but they do come in a large variety of colors ranging from purple to brown. While these eyes are a bit too small for my preference, they do make a beautiful addition to anyone's eye collection. :D

What: Azurite and Grey eyes - $60L each.
Where: Ami Style, Vari (141, 247, 67)
What Else: Hair by ETD, clothing by Tuli, necklace by Muse. See the In-World Locations page for SLURLs.

This will be a slightly long post filled with squee-ing rabid fangirl content. My apologies. I went to the RFL Clothing Fair yesterday at 10AM, right when it opened. I braved the lag and got some really amazing things. I will show you my favorites here, and things you absolutely must not miss.

RFL - Nicky Ree

When I first TP'ed to the fair, I made a straight bee-line to Nicky Ree, who had a limited edition Mara gown in red. There are only 75 copies of this gown, so I wanted to be sure I'd get one. Naturally, that was the first place I hit. Comes in several options, with 4 different skirts to wear. :D

RFL - Icing

Next, I hit Icing. I had previously bought the Hathaway gown in red, so naturally - I had to get the limited pink edition. So, I got that as well as Azalea Sunset, the other RFL item. ^^

RFL - Sparkle Skye

Still excited from Sparkle Skye's hunt, as soon as I seen this Mon Cherie gown, I had to have it. I just wish that this RFL one came with a ball gown. *sigh* Ah well.

RFL - Solange

Solange's Devotion. This dress is absolutely adorable, I had so much fun taking pictures of it. This came with the matching shoes (which are totally cute!) as well. I just love this outfit - I don't think I ever want to take it off XD

RFL - Tuli

This is another outfit I couldn't stop taking pictures of. Tuli's RFL 2008. This also came with many pieces I was not expecting. The shoes, headband, and even the necklace (made by Muse) were included in the package! O_O Pretty amazing.

RFL - Evie's Closet

Also, don't forget to pick up this amazing Evie's Closet freebie - a recolor of the Romany Kiss gown. It is beautiful - and free :D Can't beat that at all.

RFL - The Crystal Queendom

I saved the best for last though! I've blogged The Crystal Queendom several times before, and its no secret that it is one of my most favorite shops. They are participating in RFL, and have put out the amazing yellow gown as their RFL item. I ran out of picture room for it, so I only took one - but trust me - its gorgeous. The purple one, pictured to the left, is their oddly cute Gypsy Princess during the Clothing Fair. For $2L, its totally awesome. :D

So, that said, this years RFL is an awesome event, and everyone should go to check it out. PLEASE make the sims better for everyone and detach all your prims as well as your scripted objects before you TP!! Lag there is terrible - so please be respectful to your fellow shoppers and take off your prims.

Careful with buying things with the way SL is lately though - I purchased some silks from a Dark Eden RFL vendor, and didn't receive the product. After contacting 2 people about it - I still have not received it. TT_TT *Annoyed* Ah well, I'll have to go buy it a second time, it looks like. Good thing my lindens are going to a good cause over this.

SLURL: RFL CLothing Fair 2008, Rezzable Design, (251, 251, 20)

Just got done roaming 4 sims of the RFL Clothing Fair, and omg - its incredible! So many designers with great limited edition items for sale - with proceeds going to charity. Can it get any better? Nope, I don't think so! Detach all your prims and scripted things before you go, and enjoy the awesomeness.

However, my post on that will be tomorrow - today is St. Patrick's Day, and I must do my obligatory post on it. So, I'll post my favorite outfits from this week. :D

Sparkle Skye - St. Patrick's Day

First: The Sparkle Skye gown and Alienbear jewelry set. Many of you know about this already, but if you don't, join their groups and read their past notices for information. There is also a hunt going all week spanning Sparkle's 2 sims, with additional pieces to this gown. Go get them! :D

Mojo - St. Patrick's Day

Second: Mojo's freebie! Two different types of dresses, for only $1L each until midnight. Hurry and grab!

Alchemy - St. Patrick's Day

Third: Alchemy's freebie. Adorable, without a doubt. Limited time offer, tp away and get it before its gone!

Nicky Ree - St. Patrick's Day

Fourth: This is a $100L gown for Nicky Ree's group members (only until today!) Join her group, then go grab this gown for $100L, its a total steal. :D

SLURLS: Sparkle Skye, Alienbear, Mojo, Alchemy, Nicky Ree.

If there is one place that I love, but hate to go to - its BareRose. I really love their products, but the constant lag isn't all that appealing to me. However, I still find myself there several times a week - hoping to find some great new awesomeness by June Dion. :D

BareRose - Ameterasu

This time, I bring to you - Amaterasu, a wedding dress with tons of options. I've always loved wedding dresses, even if I will probably never wear one. So, my inventory has tons of wedding dresses hidden within its depths. Anyway, one thing I love about BareRose, is the nice, flowing, crazy flexi prims that poke out of many of their creations. So, naturally, I'd love the "wind" effect that this dress gives. I think it would look great in a forest with Aden's "Windblown" hair that every one blogged about not too long ago. XD

BareRose - Amaterasu

If you don't like the big, poofy wedding dress, you can still enjoy this set! It also comes with 2 additional skirt options, for whichever purpose you may have. And of course, you can take layers and prim attachments off for many more wardrobe options. :D

What: Amaterasu - $150L
Where: BareRose, Bare Rose (146, 12, 30)
What Else: Hair by ETD, shoes by Maitreya. See the In-World Locations page for SLURLs.

I don't usually wear anything other than sculptie footwears anymore, but there does come a time that I come across non-sculptie shoes that are really cool.


Here they are. I had purchased these a few weeks ago at the creator's pavilion sale, and they have been sititing in my inventory ever since. I decided to blog them, and had the most difficult time locating their shop! While I didn't find it, I did find a place that sells these boots - seems to be a random assortment off all kinds of different designers there.

Anyway! These were only $10L! OMG, I think they are great, and for the price - you can't beat them. ^^

What: Garnet Boots in brown and black - $10L each
Where: Select Shop, Yamashita (99, 77, 23)

Ok, my shop's move is finally complete, so now I can get back to blogging regularly again! Yay!

Blooberry - Portland Fancy 01

Anyway, when I first saw these on the feed, omg, I had to run out and get them. They have a retro feel to them, but I adore the stripe things on the back of them the most. They are something I haven't seen too much of in SL, and I wish more designers would experiment with this sort of thing. ^^

Blooberry - Portland Fancy 02

The stripes did take a TON of editing to get somewhat right though - Resizing was not enough for my shape... I had to actually dig in the prims and edit individual ones to get them to look similar to how they are supposed to look. But, in the end, I think they turned out great. ^^

What: Portland Fancy in Aubergine and Black - $250L each.
Where: Blooberry, Blooberry (98, 183, 32)
What Else: Hair by Truth, jewelry by Illusions, shoes by Maitreya and Armidi. See the In-World Locations page for SLURLs.

Adam n Eve came out with a new collection! I checked out the pictures of each one of the new pieces, and fell in love with two.

Adam n Eve - Decollage

First, the Decollage in black and yellow. If there was ever an Academy Awards ceremony in SL, and I was invited to it - there is no doubt that I would wear this gown. Its almost perfect for that sort of occasion. I think its totally beautiful, and definitely makes me want to go find a party to show it off at. :D

Adam n Eve - Ocelot

Next - Ocelot. Normally, I don't really go for animal printed things, but for some reason - I loved this dress. I suppose it may be the magic of Adam n Eve. ^^ This has two different styles of skirts - short and long, and is in a variety of colors to choose from.

What: Decollage in black and yellow - $500L each, Ocelot in blue, yellow and natural - $500L each.
Where: Adam n Eve, Genesis (208, 129, 34)
What Else: Hair by Truth, shoes by Armidi, jewelry by Muse.

Happy Monday, all! I had one busy weekend, so I apologize if this post may be a little rambled and difficult to understand - I need some coffee!

Anyway, I've had this beautiful jewelry set sitting in my inventory for like, forever - and I was inspired to dig it out and take pictures of it when I heard our local Cherry Blossom Festival is coming up next month. :D

Sakura Set

This is the Sakura Set in silver - a collaboration between Petit Ange and one of my most favorite shops, Yabusaka (as I've blogged them soooo many times before! ^^). It features an adorable sakura pattern, that I just love to pieces. The gems are texture change, but I only pictured 6 of the 7 of them. So, its like, several necklaces in one! XD

This set comes with a necklace, earrings, bracelet and a ring. I didn't picture the bracelet and ring, because my image would have been really huge - but, you can be assured they are just as beautiful as the shown pieces. ^^

What: Sakura Set in Silver - $560L
Where: Petit Ange, Honmoku (80, 230, 22)
What Else: Hair by Truth, top by Tuli. See the In-World Locations page for SLURLs.

I've blogged The Crystal Queendom before, and I love their stuff. Its creative, and totally awesome looking. So, I recently went back and checked them out again. I was lucky enough to catch one of their sales after they released new stuff, so I got these at a pretty good price.

The Crystal Queendom - The Royal Pearl

I just *love* the cape thingie on this one! You can wear this with or without the bustle for the dress (I pictured the front without the bustle, and the back with it). It required some serious repositioning on my part, mainly because my avatar is so funky shaped, but it was worth it. ^^

The Crystal Queendom - Cleopatra

This one .... I can't really think of a time I would need a Cleopatra inspired dress, but when I seen this, I knew I had to have it. This one comes in several options, but honestly, I couldn't figure half of them out. I couldn't really figure out how you were supposed to wear the others (and the ad image didn't really help), so I only pictured this one. ^^

If you like their products, you should probably consider joining their group. They send out notices when they release, and sometimes - the new releases go on a great price for a few days after they come out. :D

What: The Royal Pearl - $600L, Cleopatra - $600L
Where: The Crystal Queendom, Vigdorova (61, 49, 320)
What Else: Hair by Truth. See the In-World Locations page for SLURLs.

Something a bit different in this post, but I was totally excited about them! Sparkle Skye and Alienbear is giving away gorgeous gifts to their group members! They both are setting out a new piece of a complete set each week leading up until St. Patrick's Day.

Sparkle Skye Dress

This week's Sparkle Skye dress is this amazing Shamrock SweetHeart mini dress, and next week, (starting March 7th) the "Tea Dress" will be available. Its the same amazing quality of her other works, and the perfect outfit to roam around the grid on St. Patty's day. ^^ BTW, I meant to go get green shoes, but was a bit lazy - so don't mind my silver ones for now :P

Alienbear Pattys Day Set 01

I am Alienbear's number one fan, so I just *have* to get a closeup of this. It is made to match the Sparkle Skye set, and she is doing the same concept. This week, this set will be available, next week, another set will come out. And so on. Its amazing, and Alienbear is so kind to her group members. I don't think I'll ever leave her group. ^^

If you are group members of Sparkle Skye's or Alienbear, and missed the notice (omg, I've been missing soooooo many lately!), check your past notice history and get the information on how you can grab them!


Okay, I am seriously loving this outfit. The textures on the sweater are awesome, it has the bewb shading that I love, well done wrinkles, and omg - its cute! But, what I'm loving the most - is the pants.

I've previously blogged a pair of pants where the leg prims were super long, and attached to the upper leg. I had a problem with that, but couldn't think of a better way to make the prims work better and bend with the leg. Well, these pants by Ki-Squared has conquered that. They are split into two prims on each leg, upper and lower. And - they worked with any of my AO stands, as well as any sit I tried.

The jeans look adorable, and I love the fact that the pockets are actually on my butt, instead of halfway down my leg, like most SL pockets are. O_O I think having pockets on the butt is possibly what makes a great pair of jeans. ^^

The sweater comes in various colors to choose from, and the jeans come in either black or blue.... both with various sized, modifiable leg prims.

What: Dark Red Argyle Sweater - $75L, Wide Leg Jeans in black - $100L .... and I hear there is also a half off sale that ends today! Hurry! ^^
Where: Ki-Squared, Sensual Productions (16, 94, 25)
What Else: Hair by Truth, jewelry by Second Mirage, shoes by Armidi. See the In-World Locations page for SLURLs.

Skin Fair 2008

I've been waiting for the Skin Fair to come! The Skin Expo last year was not very impressive, so I honestly wasn't expecting much from this year's Skin Fair (this is apparently put on by a different group of people). I spent Saturday braving the lag, and picking up some demos (I think I have officially picked up the PXL Creations demos for the 100th time) and a few freebies.

I do plan on going back later when its not so laggy and picking up some skin goodness, once I've tried on every demo I managed to grab. But for now, I'll show you my favorite freebies you definitely should not miss at the skin fair.

Skin Fair 2008 Freebies

From left to right: Tuli, Wax Poetic, and La Sylphide. Such amazing skins available for free! *huggles skin designers* Anyway, I have seen a few new-to-me designers at the fair, but really - not much new stuff. Fleur and BlowPop debuted new skins, but I think thats really it. But still, the skin fair was fun to hang out at, meet a few new people, fangirl over the big fashion names walking around (omg, my fangirling did not stop all day!), and check out some new skin designers.

SLURL: Skin Fair 2008, Vanity Universe (172, 131, 602)

The first formal gown I ever purchased was from Ivalde. I went on several dates with my partner, with that dress, so Ivalde has always held a place in my heart. I recently seen the Arielle dress, and did a giant squee.

Ivalde - Arielle Black

I kid you not, these are amazing dresses. I love them, and want to wear them for all of SL eternity. XD I think it was originally the beautiful empire style and textures that drew me to this dress, but once I started really looking at it, the more I loved it.

Ivalde - Arielle White

Seriously, this dress is beautiful. It comes in black, white, pink, blue (and a beautiful maroon color for group members only for this weekend!). It fit my shape really well straight out of the folder - I did not need to do any editing at all for this to fit. Bonus. ^^

Ivalde - Millie Red

Ivalde is definitely known to me as a retro paradise, and this, Millie, is one of her more recent releases. I'm not entirely sure which era this came from, but I do know its a wonderful gown. I love the use of sculpties and the amazing detail on the back.

What: Arielle in black and white - $400L each, Millie in Red - $400L
Where: Ivalde, Ivalde (92, 183, 37)
What Else: Hair by ETD, jewelry by Alienbear and Second Mirage. See the In-World Locations page for SLURLs.