Okay, I just KNEW when the new adorable cuteness from Tuli came out, I had to blog it. :D I have such a soft heart for adorable flowy dresses. XD

Tuli - Amy

Yus. The new Tuli "Amy" dresses. ^^ I admit though - I was a bit worried when I bought these. They appeared to attach to the dreaded pec attachment, which I hate. But, I bought them anyway and found they attach to pelvis! Yay, bonus! :D This prim skirt does so much better with my AO than most other dresses like this. It doesn't show any of my hip when I change poses. I liked it so much, I actually bought it in Cream, as well as Rose. Which, if you know me, is rare, because I only usually buy one color of things - black. XD

I love, love, love, love this dress - and I think everyone should have this in their fashionista closet. :D And, omg - it's a total steal at $175L each! Definitely makes a broke-from-Truth-sale Sai very happy. ^^

What: Amy in Cream and Rose - $175L Each
Where: This new Amicitia collection is only available at her Amicitia location: Tuli, Amicitia (122, 168, 28)
What Else: Ears by Illusions, hair by ETD, necklace by Caroline's. See the In-World Locations page for where to buy information.

I've blogged Yabusaka's gorgeous jewelry several times before, and every single time, the work just gets better and better. So, naturally, when Set 10 came out, I tried it on and did a face that looked similar to this: :O


Isn't it stunning? :D This did have some kind of background glow to it, but when I took my pictures, it didn't show up. (Stoopid graphics problems!) But even so, it still looks beautiful without the glow effect. It comes with a ring, necklace, bracelets, and earrings. Because of my ears, I didn't picture the earrings, but they are totally beautiful as well. :D And! These are touch scripted with 5 great looking gemstones, so they have more wardrobe possibilities available. ^^

Go go go go to Yabusaka!

What: 10 set in Gold and Combination - $550L Each
Where: Yabusaka, Yabu (98, 167, 24)
What Else: Gown by LVS & Co. Hair by Deviant Kitties, ears by Illusions. See the In-World Locations page for where to buy information.

My computer died on me a few days ago, right when I had soooo much to blog! TT_TT So, I've been stuck with a crappy spare computer that doesn't work well with SL. But, my PeeCee is fixed now, and I'm ready to go blog again! :D


First up on my to blog list is this adorable little "Racy" dress by Adam n Eve. I love, love, love little dresses like this, that show a bit of cleavage. And, sachi, the amazing designer behind this dress, really knows how to make one's bewbs look totally cute. :D

This did come with a micro-mini skirt option as well with a single crotch prim, but I much prefer the cute flexi dress, so I only pictured that one here ^^

What: Racy in Pink - $350L
Where: Adam n Eve, Genesis (183, 145, 38)
What Else: Hair by ETD, ears by Illusions, necklace by Beck's. See the In-World Locations page for where to buy information.

After my weeks of not having any fashion inspiration, I have to say that I seem to be hit with tons of it the past few days. I started the month with absolutely nothing to blog, now my review folder is one of the biggest in my inventory. But, I want to take a break from reviewing for a minute and post a Look of the Day (since people seem to enjoy them more). I built my look today around these amazing jeans from GearShift. ^^


Wearing: Hair by Aden, ears by Illusions, shirt by Armidi, jeans by GearShift, shoes by FKNY. See the In-World Locations page for where to buy information.

Wow, I've been doing a lot of fangirl squeeing these past few days, haven't I? O.o; Well, this post probably won't be any different. XD

So, as I said in my last post, the sim, Curio, is opening today! I was lucky enough to see it last night, and omg - its so amazing. I absolutely love the build, I can totally see myself coming back here, even just taking pictures around the area. Its a great sim to explore with beautiful staircases, a balcony, a tunnel that I have no idea where it leads to, and a maze. :D


But! Thats only 1/3 of the post I have planned! The second part, and my most favorite: more Gala Phoenix skins! *bounces off walls* I reviewed the amazing Gala & Rita Design Announcements group gifts in my previous post, but now I want to show the newness that Gala is releasing with this new sim opening. Ready?


I love many things about these skins. I enjoy the variety of them the most, I think. I really love how she can make, fresh, clean, beautiful faces - but then also make more makeup heavy, daring makeups. Oh. And - notice the middle row of these skins.... has FRECKLES! But no, these are not just ordinary freckles that go over your nose. They actually go all over the skin. I seen them on the chest, arms, and even legs~ I don't typically wear freckled skins, nor seek them out, but, I really like these and I think they have a certain charming quality about them :D

Like the group gift I blogged yesterday, each of these makeups comes in 10 skin tone options. I really don't want to blog the tones two times in a row, so if you would like to see all the skin tone options side by side as well as full body picture (minus the bits), check out my previous post here. :D


Part 3 of my post is on the hair section of Curio, made by the totally cute Rita Groshomme. I think she has really great ideas for hair, and I really can't wait to see more from her. I pictured the Melinda style here, in black. I also loved the Anne style, but for some reason, I couldn't get it to set right on my fat head, so I'm going to have to try later to coax it to fit. These hairs come in packs of 3 colors, for only $200L :D

If you want to see the sim, and all the goodness in it, you can join the Gala & Rita Design Announcements, and get in when it opens at Noon today. If you are maxed out of your groups, like 95% of the SL population, you can see it tomorrow at noon, when it opens for everyone. :D

SLURL: Curio, Curio (166, 128, 35)
What Else: Hair by Minnu (first picture), Ears by Illusions, top by D!FF. See the In-World Locations page for where to buy information.

[Edit] Gah! Accidentally wrote down the wrong hair name - fixed now. Note to self: limit fangirling with writing a post. :P BTW - WTF is up with my images saing: This image is not available now? O.o;

OMG. OMG. Ok, I am a total Gala Phoenix fangirl, and have been obsessed with her skins ever since the Skin Fair. I've gotten so many questions about where I got my skin, and I always have to tell people to bake Gala Phoenix tasty cookies and ask for some demos. But now, omg - She's finally putting her beautiful skins in world.

But no. Thats not all. She gave out an amazing makeup in all 10 skin tones to her group! *dies of happiness* I *have* to blog these, because I am totally excited, and I love them :D


All 10 amazing skin tones. I love Gala's skins, I think they look the best on my shape with absolutely no modifying. There are several tones to choose from, to fit almost every preference out there as well. :D


The body, in my most favorite tone. This is what really screamed at me to buy my first Gala skin. It has cleavage! :D I don't really like my bewbs to have minimal shading to where they look saggy. Nope, Gala's skins do wonders for your bewbs, even without a bra. :P

So, why did she give these out? Well, Rita Groshomme and Gala Phoenix are opening up the Curio sim, which will hold Rita's cute hairs, and Gala's skins. :D The sim opens on Saturday at noon for their group members, and on Sunday at noon for everyone else. I'm excited, can't wait - and I know I'll be one of the many who will be stomping on that Teleport button at Noon sharp on Saturday. :D

To get this skin, and a first look at the new Curio sim when it opens, search for "Gala & Rita Design Announcements" in group search, join, and enjoy the awesomeness ^^

What Else: Bikini by Refuge, hair by Aden. See the In-World Locations page for where to buy information.

Yesterday, I blogged Novocaine's amazing clothing items in part 1 - and today is part 2, where I show you my favorite Hairs and Shoes! :D


Here are my 3 favorite hairs: Riko, Haruka and Edwina. I love, love, love, love, Riko. I wore it all throughout my post yesterday, and ever since then. The textures on these are really great, and I love the "Licorice" color. The price is up on the steeper scale at about $285L, but with the packs, you get 3 colors - so its worth it. :D


If there is only one thing you buy from there, get these shoes! I adore these shoes. Like, seriously. They come in several sizes so they will fit pretty much every avatar shape out there :D They have several shoes, but these are by far my favorite. Everyone should have a pair of these in their inventory. ^^

What: Riko in Darks pack - $285L, Haruka in Darks pack - $285L, Edwina in Darks pack - $285L, Dodgers in Soho - $425L
Where: Novocaine, Novocaine (103, 82, 24)
What Else: Dress by Novocaine, ears by Illusions. See the In-World Locations page for where to buy information.

When I was first introduced to this amazing store called Novocaine, I was in utter shock that I have never heard of them before. I first awed at the beauty of the sim and the build... but then when I took a look at their products, I was in a completely different state of shock.

I left with soooooo much stuff, and I really want to blog them all, so I think I will break this post up over two days, as I did with the Illusions Pirate posts. There really is just too much awesomeness here to list in one day. XD So, today, I'll show the clothing items I picked up, and tomorrow - the shoes and hair.


They have some really great dresses there. Here, I am wearing the Natsuki Obi Dress, and I love it to pieces. OMG, the detail! It looks fantastic with sculpted prim parts, and even.... a zipper! Its really great to see little things getting noticed - I don't think I've ever seen a zipper like this on anything else I've put on. And! The bow! How can I resist something as cute as that? :D


This one is the Torino Wrap Dress, which is a bit longer and more dressy. This one also has some great looking sculpted parts to it. I think what really sets all of these clothes off, is the sculpties. The sculpties all look fantastic, and really makes the clothing stand out.


I combined both the Vintage Coats and City Slacks in this picture, because they go so well together. And, this is a perfect example of how the sculpties stand out - the coat has a sculpted collar, cuffs, and belt, and the coat just looks amazing with them. I also love the slacks, but I wish there was a black pair *hint hint* :P


These tops are my favorite clothing items I picked up. I could not decide which color I wanted, so I just bought them all! XD And, its quite rare for me to ever buy a fat-pack. :D They are adorable, and pretty much goes with almost anything. I also picked up these super cute Shimmer Shorts. ^^

This place is absolutely amazing, and to me - its starting to really climb up to my favorite places to sit right beside Armidi. I really can't wait to see more items from these people - they really have talent. :D

What: Natsuki Obi Dress in Portwine - $300L, Torino Wrap Dress in Espresso - $300L, Vintage Coat in Pewter and Midnight - $290L each, City Slacks in Espresso - $135L, Shimmer Mini-Shorts in Gunmetal - $100L, Frayed Tops - $125L each or $410L for the fat pack.
Where: Novocaine, Novocaine (103, 82, 24)
What Else: Ears by Illusions, jewelry by Caroline's, shirt by VG Republic, footwear by Maitreya. See the In-World Locations page for where to buy information.

Tomorrow: Hair and shoes! :D

I've been waiting for the 2008 Footwear Expo for what seems like an eternity. And - omg. It opened to the public yesterday morning, and I TP'ed there last night as soon as I got a chance. I was excited, bouncing off the walls and in total shoe heaven. I seen and fangirled over many designers, bloggers, and famous SL people as well - it was so much fun :D

So, I am posting about it today, and showing you my personal favorites from it. I seen a few vendors new to me, and several old favorites that put out fantastic new stuff.


OMG. Ok, from left to right, top to bottom: Fuel's Bambee Wedges, Fuel's adorable little Chibs, Truth's Huntress Boots, Illusions' Lilac Sheath Boots, Shiny Things Belles (in both black and red - I couldn't decide which color I wanted most :D), Periquita's Beda Sandals, Perquita's Sueshoo Sandals, and my personal favorite - Maitreya's sexy Virtues.

OMG. 4 sims of pure shoe goodness. *Dies* If you haven't been there yet - you really should go :D It lasts until July 27th, so make sure you get there before it closes to pick up some awesome stuff! (And don't forget to pick up the amazing freebie stockings from Shiny Things while you are there!) ^^

SLURL: 2008 SL Footwear Expo!, Rezzable Create (250, 87, 22)

I mulled over this post for a few days, trying to think of the best way to write this, without seeming confusing. Siyu has made a collection of pirate boots, and created so many with many different options, that it took me a while to really find out how I want to go about picturing them. I decided to group them into the heel style, with all the various cuffs pictured. I hope this post makes sence, but if it doesn't, just comment and I'll try to explain. :D


Now, shown here are the Beau style of heel, with all the different cuff versions and straps. The heel is quite low, and would probably be the best choice for the men out there. I don't think they would like walking around the grid in the other styles (which will be pictured below). XD You can choose which cuff style you want (straight, pointed, divided or flared), and you can also pick between plain versions, or strapped.


This is the Dandy style of heel - it is slightly higher than the Beau style, but comes with the same cuff/strapped/plain options. I love the texturing on each of these, they look amazing, well done - and you can almost feel the time and effort that Siyu spent on them. She definitely is a woman of many talents, and I can only beg for more shoe goodness, because I love these soooooo much. :D


Here are the Fop style - which is my personal favorite. I actually ran around the grid doing my normal shopping in complete pirate gear (eyepatch, hat, belt, boots, gloves XD) while wearing the Flared style of cuff - they are just so cute :D If you wear pants with prim cuffs, you can also wear the shoes with cuffs, and they look fantastic when you don't want to go around as a pirate (I don't understand why you wouldn't want to though :P). :D


Next: Gloves! These match the boots sooooo perfectly. These, like the boots, are beautifully textured - and the clothing layer to sculptie seam is very nicely done. ^^ They look beautiful, and is a great addition to any pirate gear.

And oh! Yesterday, I had forgotten to mention the eye patch! I wore it in the photos (and it can be found in the glove picture above), but I never really talked about it. I will go ahead and do a little write up here (since I'm a tad bit late on mentioning it - don't kill me! :D). Anyway, its cute, and you can choose which eye you want it to cover - either your left or right. It fits the eye really well, and only needed a tiny bit of editing to fit my shape perfectly. The straps doesn't span your full head (though, I doubt anyone will be going bald soon), but it does cover your face, and should go past your prim hair line. ^^

Illusions offers demos for most of the products sold - so go TP there and try some on. Oh, and if you see Siyu hanging around - be sure to give her extra glomps for making such awesomeness. :P

What: Pirate Boots in various styles and cuff options - $275L each, or $750L for them all, Pirate Gloves, $95L or $210L for them all, Brigand's Eyepatch - $75L
Where: Illusions, Carnivale (208, 91, 33)
What Else: Pants by Last Call, ears by Illusions, top by VG Republic, hair by Armidi. See the In-World Locations page for where to buy information.

Who doesn't love piratey things?! OMG, I adore them! When Siyu from Illusions released her fantastic elf ears a while ago, she dominated the ear market (for me, at least). I refuse to look at other ears, because to me, hers are pure perfection. Now, with the release of her massive pirate collection, I can't look at another place for pirate goodness, because Siyu has come up with great looking things. (I swear, she has more imagination and creativity than I will ever have in a lifetime XD)

Her new pirate collection is massive, and definitely to much to put in this one post. So, I will be dividing my fangirling pirate post into two - spanning today and tomorrow. Today, I will focus on the fantastic variety of hats and a super cute pirate belt. :D


OMG. The hats! There are just sooooo many, and most of them are totally elaborate. I'm not entirely sure if each different type of hat stands for different pirate ranks, or if they are from different time periods... or what - but! I did immediately recognize Captain Jack Sparrow's hat from Pirates of the Caribbean. I believe all of these hats are fabric change - so you can change them to different colors, or textures. Some hats even have feathers or separate parts that can be color change as well... omg. XD The amount of detail work in these are like: @_@. ^^


And this belt! OMG. XD There are two versions - a plain one (on the left) and the regular one, which is pictured on the right. The plain one is fantastic for an everyday use - while the regular one is filled with weapony goodness. On the side of it is an extremely detailed pirate gun - and on the back are two amazing looking daggers (I think they are called daggers?). It was quite difficult to get the detail of them in these pictures, but I tried the best I can. Its also good to note that I didn't have to do *any* editing at all to get these to fit me :D woot!

Remember that Illusions does have demos for pretty much every product that is sold, and these items are no different. So, if you see something here you might like or want to see something in more detail - go grab a demo to see it in full - they really do look so much better in-world than in my pictures. ^^

What: Napoleonic Bicorn Hat - $125L, Cap'n Jack Hat - $195, Bard's Hat - $195, Tricorn Hat - $125, Cavalier Hat - $125, Captain Hat - $275L, Chapeau De Bras Hat - $125L, Regular Pirate Belt - $215L, Plain Pirate Belt - $115L, Brigand's Eyepatch - $75L
Where: Illusions, Carnivale (208, 91, 33)
What Else: Top by VG Republic, pants by Last Call, hair by Armidi, ears by Illusions. See the In-World Locations page for where to buy information.

Tomorrow: Gloves and Boooooooooooooottts! :D

I love Independence Day, but don't worry - I won't wear weird flag printed skirts or a flag latex suit or something normally XD Instead, I kept my look today quite simple :D


I am wearing: Subscribe-o-Matic gift from Refuge, necklace by Spica, ears by Illusions, hair by Deviant Kitties, jeans by Last Call, shoes by Shiny Things, manicure by Skin Within. See the In-World Locations page for where to buy information.

Ok, I *really* haven't seen much of anything that motivates me to blog something - I am not sure what my problem is lately. It seems everyone is blogging the same thing, and I kind of don't want to be that way - I want to be different and free to blog many different things. :D That said, I do plan on still doing reviews and such - but while I am in my 'fashion slump', I think I will be doing my Look of the Day posts here. I miss blogging fashion, and I think sometimes, LotD posts can be better than actual review posts. If anyone doesn't like this idea, please let me know ^^


Today, I am wearing: tee by Random Fashions, jeans by League (omg - I loooooove these jeans), shoes by Truth, hair by ETD, ears by Illusions. See the In-World Locations page for where to buy information.