It's been almost a month since my last blog post here on Fashion Labyrinth. This little fashion blog has been my baby since September 2007, when I wrote my first blog post. I watched my style evolve through the months, switching from neko, normal human avatar, elf, back to human. I've also watched my blog style change within the months as well, from normal review blogger - to Look of the Day blogging. Writing about fashion, enjoying new releases, and putting together looks has been my passion in Second Life for as long as I can remember.

I've watched this blog grow as well. It's been so great to blog things from my favorite designers, and get all fangirly when I actually get to meet and talk to people I admire so much. Fashion Labyrinth has given me confidence in my style, pushed me to be more original, and to enjoy living a little life I love in Second Life.

My priorities and time have shifted to other things, I don't believe it is fair for my little blog to be left completely neglected. So, this will most likely be my final blog post here. The blog will remain, it will just be inactive. I love my readers - who inspired me to be better, and the SL designers - who creates such amazing things for my avatar to wear all the time.

However, I plan on continuing to write over on my other blog (with more personal SLife posts, and the occasional on location fashion-ish blog posts), at Sai's Random Bloggage.