When I bought the boleros I have previously blogged, I needed a gown to go with it. I wandered into Callie Cline, and found this really pretty Black and White Persephone Gown. I knew it would be perfect with the boleros. I try it on and find: system skirts. I have huge issues with system skirts... I very rarely wear them because I don't like the way they fit, and now SL has problems with them. But for this gown, I was willing to wear this skirt... until I wore the long skirt, and it turned invisible! When I rebaked my textures, a snapshot of my screen was on my bum! *dies* Luckily, The included shorter skirt worked well enough for me to get some pictures for this post.

I really, really, really, love this gown... but I wish there was an option to wear the glitch pants alone. When I tried only the pants, the seams did not match up with the top at all. *Sigh* I'll have to wait until the lindens fix the system skirts until I can wear this out of the house. But thats just me, and definitely not a problem with the gown! I posted this entry because it really is beautiful, and I know not everyone has the same problems as I do. ^^

What: Black and White Persephone Gown - $555L
Where: Callie Cline, caLLiefornia (225, 178, 22)
What Else: Hair by Naughty Designs, Necklace by Muse, Bracelets by Hi-Flo, The Hidden Jewel. See the new In-World-Locations page for SLURLs!

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    glad you like the dress, if i can help with the skirt in anyway let me know!

    the pants were supposed to just be glitch pants, not used w/o the system skirt.

    thanks for the review and you look very pretty.



  2. Ooooh, Callie Cline herself ^^ Hiya!

    Hehe, the skirt problem is probably just an issue with Windlight, considering other people with different skirts have experienced the same thing. *Kicks SL* I'll have to be patient and wait it out ^^

    Ah yeah. The glitch pants. I tried everything I could think of to go around the system skirt, and that was one..... and I think the only. Hehe, it was worth a try ^^

    I still love this gown though, I'll be wearing it often whenever I'm not in windlight ^^

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    system skirts disappear in windlight

    if the system skirt is mod try this
    go into the edit appereance menu go to the skirt menu now change somethin in the skirt (lenght or something else) press save press close ...go into edit menu again go to skirt again change the numbers back to the original numbers (the one you changed) hit save again and hit close again (close not the x) the system skirt should stay visible now hope it helps

  4. Awww, just checked, the skirt is no mod. *Cries* However, thats a great tip! I don't normally wear system skirts, so I really had no clue things like that existed O.o

    *writes down tip for future use*

    Thanks for telling me about that ^^

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    oh no haha
    im sure callie can help you with that
    sometimes you have to change settings in the skirt a few times and then always close and reopen the window it really works for me and my system skirts its a bug in the client

    i have one of callies bella dresses and i created new underwear and changed it a couple of times then saved then closed the window and took the underwear off again (the one i created) and the system skirt stayed there ...try that with no mod versions or ask the designer for a mod one

    hope that helps