Halloween is coming, and I'll be dragging my boi around to Halloween themed sims tonight (mainly Octoberville, if we can get in this time), so I wanted to dress according to the holiday. Witch costumes and bloody outfits are a little too cliche for me, so I opted to go with something a little more normal. It's Halloween inspired and fun, but not over the top.


Details: Hat by Illusions (I modded this hat a bit to be smaller to sit just on top of the head), hair by Truth, scarf by Armidi (modded slightly to be smaller, purchased on the website ShopArmidi.com, unsure if its in the store), dress by Luck Inc., earrings by Alienbear (Halloween item from last year, I heard they are now in the ModVend in the store), stockings and shoes by Miel (stockings are a Halloween item on The Deck sim), prim nails by Pixel Mode, bracelets by Ducknipple, poses by [ImpEle].

It's been a couple months since I said my goodbyes to my precious blog, Fashion Labyrinth. During these months, so much has changed in both of my lives (RL and SL), and I am constantly reminded how much I miss my silly little fashion blogging. I really miss everything involved with it - from the shopping for things, snapping pictures, putting together the whole look, seeing what looks good and what doesn't... It was one of my favorite things in SL, and it wasn't until I stopped doing it that I realized how much I enjoyed it. Even if I didn't blog often, the opportunity for showing an outfit was always there.

So, I've decided to come back and start blogging here again! While I still won't be an "everyday" blogger, my goal is to have at least 2 blog posts a week. And, another change that I intend to do : I will not blog solely new releases. Occasionally, I'll slip a new pair of jeans or a new hair in, but I'm making it a personal goal to go back, deep into the bowels of my inventory to rediscover some favorite pieces; and recreate new, fun ways to wear them. (And hopefully do some cleaning in the process!)

So, to start my little return to fashion blogging, I've put together this outfit, perfect for the current California weather, where you don't know whether to go outside dressed warmly or not.


Details: Hair by Truth, Scarf by massimo, Tank by Atomic, Bracelets by Curious Kitties (previous group gift), prim nails by Pixel Mode, Skirt by Stellar, Socks by Fleur (originally gray, but tinted darker to match the outfit), Boots by Shiny Things.