I seem to have a obsession with finding giant eyes. I love my Glanz ones, but every other larger-than-normal eye set I find, I seem to buy it. So, while wandering around a Japanese sim, I came across these. I really like the bottom blue ones, and I think the multi-colored effect that the rest of these have is really interesting. I like these a lot, but I doubt I'll ever leave my Glanz eyes for good. ^^

What: Spark Eyes Blue Assortment - $64L
Where: SaltyCandy, Japan 04 (102, 28, 26)
What Else: Hair by Naughty Designs, neko ears by Skinpop. See the new In-World Locations page for SLURLs!

Side Note: Another Fundraiser skins are now set for sale! You can read about Another Fundraiser here, see the skins I contributed for it here, or go buy them here!

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    Oooh.. pretty and sparkly and multi-colored! Yay! And, off topic, I love your blog! ^^

  2. Aww~ Thank you!

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    Hi!dear,Thanks for introduing my items.
    I found your blog from google search engine. And I was so glad to find this blog.
    The spark blue eyes set is most populer item in my shop.

    I am so happy, if you love it.
    Thank you again!
    Saltycandy Voom

  4. Hey there saltycandy!

    I purchased these eyes from a smaller shop of yours, and when I went to your main shop, I was in awe at how many other sets of eyes you had!

    I really love your eyes, and will keep checking back to see more ^_^

    And - omg, I did not know you had a blog either. *runs to add blog to daily feed*