Yeah, ok. These don't look the best on my shape, but I hate changing my shape to anything else. But - I had to blog these skins. They are from the awesomeness that is called Another Shop. I've been hearing a lot about these skins, and I even picked up the demos and freebies in the store. However - I never really tried them on. But, when I heard that Another Shop was now offering tons of skins for only $100L! I logged into SL as soon as I could and TP'ed there right away.


I parted with my $100L and went straight home and tried them on. I am truly amazed at how amazing these skins are for the price. You get 8 different makeups in this package with several different options with them (different colored eyebrows, 2 styles of eyebrows and freckle options). I pictured two of my favorites from the 8. And remember: my pictures definitely do not do them justice. They look absolutely amazing. I think the rosy cheeks on these are totally cute. The makeup on the left is Gluttony and one the right is Envy.


The rest of the body. These seem like hand painted skins, and I love the incredible detail that is on them. The shading and highlights are amazing, and definitely a lot of time went into these. These have, without doubt, the best boob shading I've seen on a hand painted skin. Why the creator only charges $100L for all these skins, I will never understand.

What: Le - $100L
Where: Another Shop, Lippert (74, 176, 178)


Now is the time to get all those awesome things you've ever wanted from artilleri, because they are having a 50% off sale in celebration of their 2 year anniversary! I picked up tons of stuff, shown in the pictures are my some of my favorites. Above is the Kats Coat - I've been drooling over these for what seems like forever, and now I finally own some. At only $100L each, its easy to pick up quite a few of them!


I also picked up some bikinis. Yes, I know, its almost December. But, hey, it's always summer in SL! I absolutely love the little ruffles on the middle picture. They look so darn cute and girly. ^_^

The sale ends on Friday, so you must hurry to get what you want before its over! Happy shopping

SLURL: artilleri, artilleri (91, 123, 26)


I've had these for some time but was too lazy to take pictures of them. So - here they are, League's Grunge Festival Jeans. What I like most about this pair of jeans is that it makes my butt look kinda cute. I also really like the rips - they are very well done and make them look like a well used pair of jeans. And - these come with sculptie leg attachments, to give it more of a realistic feel. If you don't like prim leg attachments, you can wear them without as well.

Weird thing though - when I bought them they were called "Grunge Festival Jeans" but now, it seems like they are called "Woodstock Jeans". For only $145L, these jeans are an awesome deal though ^_^

What: Woodstock Jeans (Grunge Festival Jeans?) - $145L
Where: League, Choi (188, 78, 56)


Oh. My. Goodness. This was one of those items I knew I had to have at any cost. Made by Siyu Suen from Illusions, this Coque Feather Coat is truly a beautiful piece of art. Its gorgeous, and I was hunting for something exactly like this a few days ago. It was love at first sight for me with this coat, I'm never going to take it off, I know it. Its got an amazing flexi fur collar and cuffs, and even includes a low-prim version of the collar. You can either wear this as a really long coat, or short, which is nice, because sometimes my mood varies on what kind of coat I want to wear.

The tails took a bit of editing to fit my shape - they were a tad bit big, but I think I got a reasonably good fit. Sometimes these type of coats are difficult to fit me - but this one was surprisingly easy. Which would also be good when editing to fit a male shape - because this comes with a no-bewb-shaded version for them men out there.

To sum it up: I freaking love this coat. I think this was well worth every linden I spent on it. I wonder if a white version will be coming soon? This is absolutely amazing, and I would be in total clothing bliss if a white one was available. Siyu Suen - you did a fantastic job, I can't wait to see more clothing items from you!

What: Coque Feather Coat - $650L
Where: Illusions, Carnivale (208, 94, 33)


Hmm, ok, so I've had this hoodie for a while, I just never got around to blogging it. So, here it is: the Maitreya Jam Hoodie in Black. What I absolutely love is the hand attachments. They make the hoodie look so much more realistic by draping over the hands - I still wish more designers would do this kind of thing in their creations. Its such a nice effect to have. The arm, hand and hood attachments are all sculpted, and I kid you not - these sculpties are incredibly done. They look so awesome, and actually looks like one of my favorite real life hoodies. The folds are incredible on these as well. This hoodie is total love ^_^

You can wear this hood either up or down, but I chose to only picture the down hood for the reason that when I attached the hood up, it shared the same attachment point as my face light. I tried to attach and position it to another point, but it ended in utter failure. So after much rotations and positioning - I got frustrated. So, the down version is good for me.

Also, I seen that there is an add on for this hoodie. Next to the hoodie vendor sits various hair with the prim hood attached that you can wear in place of the hood up attachment. If you are interested in purchasing this awesome piece of clothing, you should also check out the add on.

What: Jam Hoodie in Black - $275L
Where: Maitreya, Superieure (99, 47, 451)


I haven't seen anyone blog these amazing dresses by Frangipani yet, and I am shocked. These dresses are so darn cute, and stunning, they definitely need to be blogged. What stood out to me with these dresses - is the rich colors and textures. I love the darker blue and red, and the gold is just amazing with those colors. I couldn't decide which color I wanted, so I picked up both the ruby and sapphire O_o

I didn't take a picture of it, but these dresses also come with a separate shirt, that you can wear without the dress. It even has that amazing gold trim along the bottom seam on the shirt, I love it to pieces. Really, I think these dresses speak for themselves - it only took one look at the picture for me. I didn't need to think about purchasing. Its clear to see why my finger clicked the buy button without me knowing. ^_^

What: Aradhana Dress in Ruby and Sapphire - $200L each
Where: Frangipani, Iladil (155, 114, 351)

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! I decided to post here while I hide from the RL family. O_o So~ I came across these really beautiful eyes a few days ago, and thought I'd share them with you all. I am not a giant fan of realistic-like eyes, and it is surprisingly difficult to find really good, fantasy eyes. So, I went into Dreamin'g Alice when I heard about a Christmas freebie, and stopped in my tracks when I seen these eyes on the wall.

Real Glass Eyes

It seems to be more of a skin shop, than anything else, but the eyes are incredible. These are the "Real Glass Eyes" package, which includes 7 eye colors (red, violet, green, blue, brown, gray and black) for only $70L. Awesome price for these beautiful eyes.

Nights Eyes

While I was there - I also picked up these "Nights Eyes", which was on the wall next to the glass ones for only $20L! These have two colors - blue and violet. The pictures here don't do them very much justice, but believe me - they are amazing. They have little stars in them, that I am absolutely in love with. However - I really like bright blue shades of eyes - and these are not bright enough for my taste. I would love for the creator to make like, an electric blue shade of this eye.

What: Real Glass Eyes - $70L and Nights Eyes - $20L
Where: Dreamin'g Alice, Honmoku (109, 166, 26)


Ok. So, I think Tami McCoy's shop is my new favorite place to get hair. I purchased several hairs (though, they are a pain to fit - I attempted to fit a few, but the others ended in complete editing failure), but... they are just so darn cute! The ones pictured are Babycakes (left) and Cupcake (right), both in the Midnight shade. The Babycakes style came with a really cute ribbon to wrap around one of the buns, but I didn't put it on - none of the colors matched the look I was going for.

I really like the textures on these - the black looks very glossy and shiny, which I really like. I would really love to try out the blonde colors, because they look awesome as well, from what I have seen in the pictures. Perhaps the next Tami McCoy style I grab, I'll make sure to pick up a copy in blonde. But, these styles are very cute. They also look awesome with my neko ears, a definite must for my hair!

The prices ($250L for one shade) are a little higher than the average hair - but they are worth it. I'll definitely be visiting Hair Styles by Tami McCoy again! ^_^

What: Babycakes and Cupcake both in Midnight - $250L each
Where: Hair Styles by Tami McCoy, Dixie (87, 90, 22)

Simone! Is having a sale~ I was debating blogging about it, because I was quite disappointed with some of my purchases. Main reason being - some items pictured appeared to have full prim skirts, when in reality they were a prim skirt/system skirt mix. I hate any type of system skirt, so these were a major let down for me. Oh well. I did buy some interesting wedding gowns though.

wedding dress 01

Yes - I know what you might be saying - Wedding gowns?! Despite me being a punky neko, I do have a girlie side that likes to dress up in elaborate wedding dresses. My criteria for gowns is simple: first - its an absolute must that a dress completely covers my feet with heels on, second - detail. Despite how simple those things are - it is quite difficult to find good dresses like that in SL. From the three gowns I purchased at Simone, I will be back there - considering they meet my criteria ^_^

wedding dress 02

Anyway. These gowns are really beautiful, and very detailed. Since I'm already happily 'married' to my partner, Bats, I doubt I would wear these again. But - it was fun and worth the money to have a good dress up session. Which girl doesn't like to dress up?

wedding dress 03

This sale has several (actually, TONS) of Simone items for only $100L! Incredible deals on some of this stuff, like these gowns. I think I read that this sale will continue until the end of November.

SLURL: Simone! Designs, Simone (123, 154, 36)


Ok, this is my favorite piece of clothing right now. I love, love, love this sweater. Even when it is stormy and cold here in RL, looking at this sweater makes me feel a little warmer. I absolutely love the prims that go on the hand - it looks so much more realistic than the average sweater. I wish more designers offered a hand prim option on their sweaters. I also love the loose sculpted sleeves - they look so comfortable.

I was a little skeptical on the price though - $190L for something I wasn't sure I would like... seemed a little steep for me. But - I'm glad I splurged and bought it, because this is truly worth it. This is just so adorable, I probably would have even spent more on it. O_o

What: WoolPulli in Black - $190L
Where: LeeZu Baxter Designs, centro italia (166, 163, 22)


OMG, Caliente Express is having a giant $100L sale! Everything in the shop is only $100L! The creator is going off of SL for a while, and decided to have a sale for us! I picked up some awesome things while I went to check it out. I bought tons of stuff, but my favorite were these Tartaruga Sweaters - I picked up one in black, as well as light pink. I think I will go back and pick up a few more colors. I love these so much. I love clothing with clearly defined bewb and belly shading/highlighting... these are definitely perfect for me. ^_^

SLURL: Caliente Express, Caliente City (134, 117, 30)

When the quad was closed, it was obvious something happened. A post now explains.

Ginny, you will be missed.

Color Me Couture - Hair

As soon as I tried on the review copies I was sent from Color Me Couture, I knew I had to blog them. Why? Because one of them were just so unlike any other hair I've seen in SL. I am talking about the one on the left, Elise. I have never seen a hairstyle like this that completely covers the avatar's eyes. Definitely creative. The texture on this hair is incredible, it has great highlights, shadows, and really rich red tones. Ah - and I can't forget that this hair has tons of my favorite thing: flexi.

The one on the right, Carolyna, is a bit more girly. While this one doesn't have any flexi, it is still very cute. I found this style of hair to go perfect with a sweater. ^_^ And again, the textures on this hair are really great.

What: Elise in Auburn and Carolyna in Brown, $99L each
Where: Color Me Couture, Unilink (211, 185, 24)

Nicky Ree's Mara

OMG, when I read that Nicky Ree released this gorgeous pink limited edition Mara gown, I tped over before I could even finish reading the blog post. With one look at the pictures, I had nearly fallen out of my chair with particle hearts emitting out of my eyes. As expected from Nicky Ree, these gowns are spectacular. Detail is amazing, the beads are absolutely adorable, and highlighting is phenomenal.

Nicky Ree's Mara 2

There will be only 100 of these gowns to be sold, and they come at the price of $1500L, which will all go to the SHINE charity. You get 4 prim skirt options, as well as the system skirt. Such a beautiful dress, plenty of options for different occasions, and you support a charity! All awesome reasons to go buy this. When I went there right before posting this, there were still several available. Hurry and get one, they won't last long!

What: Mara Limited Edition in Pink - $1500L
Where: Nicky Ree, Tropical Orchid (230, 129, 31)

While SecondLife is being wonky, what is there to do? Blog! So - I've had these sitting in my inventory for a while, and now I decided to finally blog them. I visited Savvy Avvy a while ago, and fell in love with all the awesome goodness there. They have such awesome clothing items there, I was shocked I hadn't heard of them before.


I can never resist a cute hoodie. This was just too cute, and I boggled for 10 minutes wondering which color I wanted. Because I couldn't take all of them home with me, I decided on the Baby Pink. I love the shading, highlights and creases in it, they look the closest to realistic I've seen yet - which is awesome. And the pocket - omg. Its just too cute.


This is the reason I stopped by there. For this awesome black Leather Trench Coat. It was love at first sight for me. It comes with prim cuffs for your arms, a prim collar, and several options. You can wear it open, closed, or open with the included bra. And the texture on this is incredible. No picture would do it justice. Its just - really awesome. It was super long on me, so I had to edit it a bit to fit the way I like... but it was so worth it. I love this coat to pieces.

What: Leather Trench Coat - $450L (but is $400L on the other side of the shop O.O), Velor Hoody in Baby Pink - $150L
Where: Savvy Avvy, Hake (68, 90, 21)


This skirt is super cute. It came with an outfit - corset, 2 different colored fishnets, glitch pants, and three sizes of skirt. I pictured the corset on the left side of the picture, but it wasn't exactly my style, so I wore a plain black shirt with this, as seen on the right.

This is totally adorable, and I love to wear it around. Pink and black is my favorite color, and punk is my favorite color, so this skirt is total love. I like that it came with 3 sizes of skirt, it definitely made fitting so much easier. ^_^

What: Shredded Punk - $175L
Where: Sexy In Pink, Athlone (47, 229, 77)

When someone mentioned how awesome TheAbyss is in a fashion group, I wanted to go check it out. So, I did, and I was completely shocked at why I haven't heard of this place before. The first thing I noticed was the build. It was absolutely incredible! If you don't want to shop, you should at least check out the amazing city they have going on there.


Once I finished marveling at the building, I had to go inside and do some shopping... what I do best. O.o I picked up only one hair, though I wish I could have grabbed some more. This hair is adorable, I'm totally in love with it!


Browsing around, I also spotted this combat belt I couldn't leave without. This is probably the most amazingly detailed thing I've ever purchased. It has incredible texturing, with shadows, highlights and awesome use of sculpted prims. AND - It fit me without any modifications~ which is a first!

What: Oxygen in Full Moon - $250L, and NAU Combat Belt - $200L
Where: TheAbyss, The Abyss (96, 136, 237)

Maya Dresses

I heard that Fantasies, Ink in the new Lame Mall was having a 1 day sale, so I hurried over there. (That was like 2 days ago though, and the sale seems to be still on - perhaps she prolonged it until Monday?) I picked up a fat pack of these adorable Maya dresses, but I only pictured the white version. In the fat pack, you get the following colors: cotton candy, lavender, mint, peaches, sky and white. Also - you get the skirt, glitch pants, sweater, and the stockings~ a total steal at only $50L a piece! I originally went out to find an outfit for the scarf in the second picture, and when I saw this outfit - I knew I had to have it. It looks so cute~ I love the amount of detail on this dress - especially on the buttons. They actually look like buttons! O_o

Fantasies, Ink Skins

I also picked up two skins while this sale was going on. I am a huge fan of hand drawn skins, so these really caught my eye. The one on the left is the Ana Tone in Black, and the one on the right is the Ana tone in Black Bandit. Both of these were on sale for $99L each.

I'm not really sure when this sale ends, so you should really hurry there!

SLURL: Fantasies Ink, Fuzzy (140, 10, 35)

Second Wave Apparel - Tux Dress

Sioxie Legend gave me some review copies of her latest creation: the Tuxedo Cocktail Dress. I've been to her shop on several occasions, and bought many awesome items there - so I was really excited to get a good look at the Tuxedo Dress. The first thing I noticed was that this comes in a variety of colors. 9, to be exact. I only pictured 6 (pink, emerald, crimson, gold, white and black), but there are also baby blue, blue and peuce colors.

It also came with many different ways to wear it. You can wear it with an full lace undershirt, with or without gloves, with lace cami, or - no lace at all. I chose my favorite combination, which was with gloves, the full lace undershirt, the bow tie (omg, that little sculpted bow tie is the cutest thing I've seen all day!), the top, and the glitch pants/skirt.

Tuxedo Dress Detail

The detail on these are stunning. I absolutely love the obvious satin presence in the dress, and the folds look adorable. The lace is beautiful, and well done as well. However - my favorite part of the dress really isn't something you can see in the pictures. I really like how the flexi moves. It doesn't take a long time to fall to the ground, like most dresses do. When my partner and I go dancing, we always avoid the faster dances, because they seem to make all my dresses spaz (panels are so slow to move with the body, they end up going in all different directions). This one doesn't seem to be that way. I even started dancing while taking these pictures in the photosphere to test this out. I'm sure I looked pretty weird. O_o

Ah - And I also want to mention that Sioxie Legend is also having a big sale in celebration of her rez day! All her items are 30-50% off, including this Tuxedo Cocktail Dress. So, if you want to get this dress, it will only be $200L during this awesome sale. After that, it will go back to normal price at $300L.

What: Tuxedo Cocktail Dress - $300L per color
Where: Second Wave Apparel, Plush Gamma (96, 205, 21)

I think Icing is the folder in my inventory that is growing the quickest. Miko Omegamu's dresses are just so darn cute, they fuel the girly side of me. (I don't always go around the grid as a neko!) So, hurried over to her location at Lame when I read she was having a discontinuation sale on 3 items. There are a total of 4 adorable dresses out on tables in the front of the shop for $75L.

Icing Sales

I picked up the Garden Party dress, as well as the Pink Peonies dress. They are so cute, I love them to pieces. And - for $75L, it can't get any better than that! If you want to pick up one of these dresses, they will be $75L until Monday - after that, they will be gone forever!

A note about the Pink Peonies - I don't think this is one of the items to be discontinued. They are on a separate table from the three listed on the blog, but its still $75L. O_o

What: Pink Peonies - $75L, Garden Party - $75L
Where: Icing, Fuzzy (220, 50, 34)