Happy Halloween~ Today is the day I unveil my costume! I love this gown so much, I think I might wear it after Halloween is over.


Its the Last Call / Celestial Studios costume, Enchantress. I bought it a few weeks ago, but have been perfecting it with my own style and building on to it. This costume came with quite a few options, only one of which I pictured. It comes with a normal skirt option, as well as a tiered and slit option. All look stunning. This costume comes with wings (which I didn't wear - I am wearing the Reaper wings from Material Squirrel in this picture), a trident with particle effects, 2 pairs of shoes, a necklace (the one I am wearing in the picture came from Alienbear's pumpkin hunt), and much more!


The detail on this dress is stunning, as I would expect from any Last Call or Celestial Studios item. You can purchase this dress in two ways: with just the costume for $1200L, or the costume with the special Enchantress skins for $2500L. I am happy with my current skin, and didn't really want to spend that much lindens for a skin I'd only wear once, so I stuck with getting just the costume. Though - those skins were beautiful!

I don't think this costume will be sold after November 1st, so you may want to hurry and grab it while you still can!

What: The Halloween Enchantress - $1200L
Where: Last Call, Dazzle (128, 128, 0)

artilleri hunt

Another Halloween Hunt! This one is at artilleri, and you can hunt 20 skulls, each for $1L. Awesome goodies are in these skulls, I pictured the Kat coat (my favorite prize!), Lily skin, Jennae dress, and Rita hair, but there are tons more items that you can find. I spent over 2 hours hunting for these skulls, but it was a blast. These were hidden in random places, and some that made me go: O_o The prizes in these are all following the Halloween theme, by being orange in color. From the information she gave, she stated that this will go on until Saturday, so - happy hunting~ SLURL: artilleri, artilleri (91, 123, 26)

Two more Halloween Hunts! I tell you, with all the hidden goodies in the Second Life world, Halloween is almost becoming my favorite day! So, on to more hunt write-ups.

Hunt at Innovations

I visited the Innovations sim today, and seen they had a spider hunt! There are 21 spiders hidden throughout the building, all holding awesome prizes. Everything from amazing jewelry, hair and clothing were included in these spiders. Above, I pictured my favorite prizes - the Grand Opening Gown in Red, and Teal. I'm not entirely sure when this ends, so hurry~. SLURL: DG Innovations, Innovations (102, 155, 40)


And - the hunt I've been waiting for - Alienbear's. This one was really different than the ones I've previously attended. Alienbear sent the hunters to each of her mini locations, where a item was hiding. To help you along the way is little clever clues, that even had me stumped a few times. There are 20 items (not just pumpkins or spiders - actual items) hidden throughout her locations, and each item is $25L. It was fun, and I made off with some awesome stuffs! I love the pictured Arachine necklace and earring set that was one of the items. This hunt ends on November 1st. SLURL: Le'Bear Castle, Bratz (201, 210, 27)


Neko ears are my addiction. For most females, their addiction is shoes - mine is neko ears. I've been hunting down a good pair of pierced neko ears, and I think these pairs are reasonably good. The one on the left is the Wicked Neko in Black, and the one on the right is the Rope Neko in Black, both by SkinPop. When I first heard about SkinPop, all I could think about was: "Why would I go to a skin shop to get neko ears?" But - they sell all kinds of neko goodness there... and I can't even recall seeing a single skin sold.

Anyway, these ears are so adorable, with piercings, and cute little dangling goodness hanging from them. They are not scripted, and have no flexi, but they look good. They both come with tails, but my favorite items were definitely the ears. I haven't taken the Wicked Neko ones off since I put them on.

What: Wicked Neko in Black - $250L, and Rope Neko in Black - $150L
SLURL: SkinPop, Siam (24, 78, 27)

Lots of stuffs to do this weekend~! With Halloween quickly approaching, there are many shops doing pumpkin hunts, and having awesome sales. I have attended a few lately, and I'll continue to list some here for those of you readers who are interested.


The one I was totally excited about - the Deviant Kitties Pumpkin Hunt. If you know me in-world, or have been reading my blog often, you probably know that I fangirl over anything to do with Deviant Kitties. Well, when I heard that they were having a pumpkin hunt, that teleport button couldn't appear fast enough. I hurried down there, and started the hunt. There are 16 pumpkins hidden all over the sim - but none are underground. I have pictured several items found in the hunt: the skirt, the legwarmers, shoes, shirt, guitar, hair and even the skin. There were also more items that I didn't picture... several hairs, and even a couple stuffed bears! Totally cool. The pumpkins are tiny and can get extremely frustrating to find, but its worth it. Deviant Kitties is awesome. This hunt continues until October 31st. SLURL: Deviant Kitties, Deviant Kitties (36, 53, 25)


The next hunt was at Calla. Throughout this sim are boxes of hair in "Pumpkin Packs". These are hair in varying shades of pumpkin colors. The boxes are pretty large, but don't let that fool you - they are well hidden. Out of 24 boxes, I found 17. However - I did find quite a bit of duplicate hair packs in separate boxes. I wonder if that was intentional? SLURL: Calla, Callatropia (125, 194, 24)


Yay~ Aitui is having a sale~ I personally think Aitui has the best tattoos in SecondLife. So, I was thrilled when I heard they were having a sale to discontinue some items, so they can make room for new ones. The deals at Aitui are difficult to pass up. I believe this sale ends at the end of November, so you have time to take advantage of this sale. Also - some of the men's skins are included in this sale. SLURL: Aitui, Aitui (129, 129, 27)


Next: Diverity Hair's 50% Off Natural Hair Sale. I can honestly say that I've never had a hair from this shop prior to the sale. They have some amazing looking textures on their hair, almost as good as Armidi's. Their sale is on their natural hair packs and are as low as $150L~ SLURL: Diversity Hair, Dacham (94, 147, 46)

So, I guess thats all I have for you guys tonight. Have a sale you want me to check out? Feel free to send me an in-world IM, drop me a notecard, or simply comment on one of my entries. Good lucking hunting, and happy shopping~ ^_^

Curious Kitties Hair Sale

Curious Kitties is awesome. I can not get enough of them. I tried my hardest to avoid going into financial ruin by avoiding their $50L hair sale, but my will is not strong enough. Somehow, I found myself in the center of the Curious Kitties hair selection, surrounded by awesome things. I picked up a few hairs, two of which are pictured here. The hair sold at Curious Kitties is messy, some are weird, and all are just plain cool. A few styles even had neko ears built into the hair! So, I'm sure you guessed which was the first one I HAD to buy. Once I bought them, however, it took me a few hours to position them to fit my head. Simply stretching them did not work, either. I had to go in and manually edit prims. But - I now have awesome, perfectly fit hair. This sale ends on October 29th. SLURL: Curious Kitties, Curious Kitties (224, 63, 32)

Boing Fromage Sale

Boing Fromage is also having a big sale. %50 off most items. Awesome? Yes. I picked up several tees, a couple skirts, and a pair of shoes. I have to say though - the tees sold at !BF! are very cute. Not only do they have amazing shading, but most of them are amusing as well. I will definitely be back for more. I'm not really sure when this sale ends, but hurry on down there anyway~ SLURL: Boing Fromage, Nakama (55, 107, 22)

Okay, yes. I am odd. Last night, I fell in love with the little black fuzzy headband pictured here on Sherpa Davies blog entry. I hopped all over the grid to find it, but couldn't. Her description of where it came from was vague, and I couldn't find the update group she talked about. And me - being as shy as I am, feared IM'ing her or posting a comment. After an hour of hunting though, I decided it was time to ask Fashion Emergency where to find it. They pointed me to Chapeau Tres Mignon, which happened to be the first place I had checked - and didn't see it.

So, I went back and still couldn't find it. Then I had a sudden flashback from when I attended the Chapeau Tres Mignon opening a while ago. They had given out a gift there that I picked up, but never got the chance to look at. So - I hunted that down in my inventory and... yep, it was what I was searching for. I'd had it all along. I figured since I spent so much time hunting for this adorable piece of prim work, I'm going to blog it.

Lagerfeld Headband

I can not even describe in words how cute this headband is. Its fuzzy, has ribbons, and its total love. It definitely made my hour of useless hunting worth every minute. I am unsure how you can get it now, because I happened to find it only at the opening of Chapeau Tres Mignon. I never want to take this headband off!

What: Lagerfeld Headband
Where: Unknown, but the creator's shop is Chapeau Tres Mignon, Dreamworld East (184,194, 21).

Review Policy

I suppose it is time for me to write out my review policy. In short: Yes, I will accept review copies, but I will blog the items I like. I shop for things that I like, so its only natural to blog what I like.

Also note: I am not a review blogger anymore! If I am sent something, I will wear it in a post, and you will get credits at the bottom of the post.

Stuffs I should mention:

  1. I'll accept objects as well as folders, even though folders are definitely easier to manage.
  2. If possible, please include a landmark to your shop, I would love to see your store. ^^
  3. Please don't be offended if I don't get to it right away - my inventory is a bottomless pit lately, and it usually takes me a few weeks to find anything again.
And.. yeah, I think that's pretty much it. Right now, my policy is really loose, but I don't like to have really tight restrictions. I enjoy finding out about new shops I've never heard of, and blogging about nice clothes, so that's really all that matters to me.

So, feel ready to send me a review copy? Go on and drop me a copy in-world, I really don't bite.

Empty Hoodie

Recently, I discovered Pushbutton Industries. I went there to check it out, and WOW! So much awesomeness in one building! I picked up the Empty Hoodie in Blackout. Its very cute, and is one of the few hoodies I've found with a hood that actually looks like it might fit my head. Many hoodies have super-small hoods that just look weird. This one is cute, and comes with three options: normal, low zipper, and unzipped. I only pictured the normal and the low zipper options, but unzipped is cute as well. I love flexi, and this feeds my flexi addiction with adorable flexi strings.

What: Empty Hoodie in Blackout - $200L
Where: Pushbutton Industries, Envy (185, 96, 23)


Its always sad when a person leaves SecondLife. Especially when the person is an awesome creator at whatever it is they create. Thats why I was very depressed when Dove Swanson of Long Awkward Pose decided to leave SL. However - she is going out with a bang, and marked everything in her shop down! All single poses are $25L, and nothing else is over $250L. I'm not entirely sure how long this sale will last, but this is too much of an incredible deal to miss.

I purchased quite a few poses from here in this sale, and I have to say... they are incredible poses! Very realistic, some are sexy, others are classy. Theres poses for anyone here, definitely worth checking out!

SLURL: Long Awkward Pose, Southern Paradise (125, 15, 22)


I think ZayZay is really on to something here. This is such an awesome idea, I spent all night last night thinking about waking up and purchasing them this morning. I love the toenails built in to heels. I went out and bought these, and couldn't wait to come home and put them on. They are menu-driven, and you have to chose a skin tone, so the toes will match and look normal. I wish their were more skin tone colors, because unfortunately... the toe color pictured was the best match to my skin.

But! The prim nails are absolutely awesome. I would love to see more of these heels. The nails are color changeable as the toes are, and can change to a wide variety of interesting colors. They even come with a Blue option. O.o

I love the simple design of the heel as well. Its cute and will work with several outfits. Ah, another thing I wanted to point out with these shoes is the walking sound. It has an adjustable volume, menu driven high heel walking sound. Its great for people who enjoy listening to them. I personally usually have my computer speakers off, so I don't hear anything.

What: Tootsie Dancers - $275L
Where: ZayZay, Asim Zahra (213, 184, 31)

I've waited for what seems like years for the new Deviant Kitties sim to open. Once they opened it a couple days ago, the sim was full. I kept trying and eventually got in! Yay~ So, I toured around, admiring the sim, which had me utterly confused at one point. Inside a tree is the skins, accessories are in buildings, and the hair is in an underground cavern under a labyrinth. It was... interesting. So, I made my way to the hair, and picked up tons of stuff. In each pack you get two colors, it seems. The Black pack came with Black and Coal (coal seemed a tiny bit lighter than black) and the punks came with two colors as well.


I'll start with the normal looking things. Hehe~ this is Binx in black, and Devo in black, both totally cute. They are definitely original, and look great. The Devo doesn't have flexi though, which I would have loved to see in this hair.


Now, the bizzare punky styles. On the left is Cyberlocks in punks, and on the right is Squeak in black. Now, as weird as it may sound, I love the Cyberlocks style. Its not really something I would wear all the time (and I'm sure my partner would kill me if I did!), but its totally weird, punky, and adorable in its own way.

I also picked up some awesome prim lashes while I was roaming around the skin section in the tree. I love the lashes, they are thick, long and totally amazing.

What: Binx in Black - $175L, Devo in Black - $175L, Cyberlocks in Punks - $175L, and Squeak in Black - $175L
Where: Deviant Kitties, Deviant Kitties (36, 52, 26)

Curious Kitties - Flower Necklace

I love Curious Kitties. I have so much stuff from them, that it is almost scary. So, I rushed to the sim when I seen the blog post about their new Flower Necklace. I stood in front of the ad and drooled for a good 10 minutes before I finally purchased it. Saying I love this necklace isn't even close to how much I like it. It seems to be almost entirely made from sculpted prims, which is really cool. Its got cute little flowers throughout the length of the chain, and accented with awesome looking vines and leaves. I love it. They also come in a wide rainbow of colors to choose from!

What: Flower Necklace in black, $110L
Where: Curious Kitties, Curious Kitties (188, 223, 22)

Miabella - Zhao Shoes

Ok, Zhao Shoes is the best place to get shoes in SL. I am not kidding. Whenever I go into the shop, I just stand and drool at the awesomeness. Sorry for constantly turning you shop into a lake, Melanie! ^_~ Anyway, when she sent me a copy of the Miabella, I was excited to put them on and check them out. They do not disappoint. They are just as I expect from a Zhao Shoe. Amazing detail is put into each shoe, from the textures to the primwork. Though, my favorite part of this shoe - is without a doubt, the bow. Its totally adorable and I just love things with bows.

Zhao Shoes - Color Change

The most unique thing about these, that I noticed, is it comes with a HUD. When I first opened the folder, I was like, "Huh? Why would you need a HUD for shoes?" Of course, I quickly realized why. This HUD is pretty much the control unit of the shoes. You can change the color of the detail on the shoe (creating thousands of outfit possibilities!), control the bling, decide on which type of walking sound you want, and even change the volume in 10% increments. I have to say - this is definitely the most advanced shoe I have ever tried on. O_o Its totally awesome.

Though, I have to admit... on left side of the red left shoe, was one texture that refused to load for me. I logged out, cleared the cache, and rebooted, but it was not working. Must be time for a new PC. *Throws PC out the window*

What: Miabella Shoes
Where: Zhao Shoes, Kasba (15, 188, 640)

[EDIT] By the way... does anyone know how to get a blog feed onto Fashion World of SL?


Lots going on this weekend! First, I'll blog about the one I was most excited about: Calla's One Year Anniversary. Back in my newbie days, Calla was the first place I visited after the whole Orientation Island thing. Thats where I got the "Jill in a Box" thing, the newbie starter kit. While there in my newbie days, I drooled at the hair, wondering how people can afford $200L for a wig. Now, I pay at least that whenever I need new hair. O_o They have a giant box of free goodness at the entrance of the store with items from famous designers (such as Nicky Ree, Truth Hawks and even items from Calla as well) to celebrate. In addition to that, they have tons of activities planned throughout the weekend, and select hair styles on sale at 50% off! I couldn't leave without purchasing 4 styles. Callatropia (118, 193, 24)

Nicky Ree

Next, I visited Nicky Ree's new island, Tropical Orchid, where her new main store is. Here, everything is on sale, and some of her amazing gowns up to 50% off! Also be sure to check out some of the freebies at the entrance. I think this only goes on for the weekend, so hurry up and check it out. Tropical Orchid (230, 98, 24)


After a tip from a certain person, I heard about the opening of Innovations. I went to check this one out, and seen they had two gorgeous gowns for free! I think they will only be available this weekend only though, so you must hurry~ Their store is huge, and tons of stuff to drool over. Innovations (108, 129, 24)


I've had these for a while, I just now got around to posting about them. When I visited Amerie's Naughty, I immediately picked up this adorable sweater. I just couldn't pass it up. It comes with prim arm attachments as well as an attachment around your neck. Totally adorable. It can also be worn as a short dress, but I happened to like the jeans with it better.


I also happened to find a few skirts. I love them to pieces. There is lace and fur all over these, which is really awesome. I've never seen skirts like these before in SL... they have style with a little punkish feel to them. Ah, and they are not expensive at all. I spent about $90 a piece - a total steal ^_^

What: High-Necked Long Sweater - $100L, Night Goes On - $90L, Punk Skirt in Black - $90L, and Sesami - $90L
Where: Amerie's NAUGHTY, Yamate (85, 32, 23)

So, I had never heard of Armidi until I read about it on Second Style Fashionista. After seeing the build and the preview pictures, I knew this place was going to be awesome. I joined their update group so I can know exactly when they opened. So, I dragged my partner with me to check out the new sim. After braving the lag and being shoved several times, we finally reached the hair.

Bats' New Hair

Bats purchased two styles, The Individual, and The Emo One. Both of which look incredibly hot. I forced him into the photosphere to take some pictures of his new hairs. They both needed to be resized to fit his head, but I think they were worth it. They look really nice.

New Hair

Thanks to Bats, I was able to leave with goodies of my own. I picked up The Future Pony in Light Blonde. Originally what caught my attention to this hair was the texturing. I loved the highlights and darker shades in them. It has sculpted bangs which are really cute. I originally wanted this hair for a cheerleader outfit I have, but I think I might find myself wearing it much more often.

I didn't get a chance to look at the clothing at Armidi, but after all the hype/lag dies down, I do plan on going back to look a little more.

What: The Individual and The Emo One in Midnight $295L, and The Future Pony in Light Blonde $295L
Where: Armidi, Armidi (135, 127, 26)


While I was roaming around Koreshan the other day, I found a stall with some really gnarly clothes and interesting items. I looked around a bit, and halted when I saw a poster of 4 shirts, 2 of which I wanted. So, I teleported to the main location and found the shirts. I love them to pieces. What exactly drew me to them? Simple answer: the shading around the.... chest area.... as well as the wrinkles. I loved the combination of the two. The designs are adorable and I love them as well. ^_^

What: Barbs Tee, $75L and Decomposed Tee, $75L
Where: SiniStyle Design, SiniStyle (63, 91, 31)

Neko Ears

As someone requested, I'm writing another review of neko ears. These ears from ElectroCatz were my favorite for a while, until I found the Wynx ones. They are scripted in each ear, which means you have to change positions on them one at a time. They have three positions: Hunt (straight up), Relax (pictured on left), and Lazy (pictured on right). My personal favorite was always lazy, because it looks so darn cute~

It doesn't seem like they have twitching capabilites, but they have a 'Random' movement, that moves your ears in random positions. Another thing that is interesting about these ears, is they have a option that allows others to touch your ears. If someone (or yourself) touches them, it says something. Interesting? Yes, I think so. ^_^

I just wish that the creator of these ears would make a matching tail. I loved these ears, but I wished to have a tail that matched.

What: Black Neko Ears, $350L
Where: ElectroCatz, Avaron (181, 184, 25)

Kitty Hoodie

I love hoodies. It seems every time I see one, I have to buy it. Curious Kitties (one of my favorite shops) recently came out with this adorable Kitty Hoodie, and I scrambled to go buy it. The ears are totally cute, and its come to my attention that Curious Kitties now sells just the ears, if you don't want the hoodie. It comes with prim sleeves, as well as a prim to bunch up around your stomach. Very cute. Also, it has the option to wear the hood down, or up.

If you don't like the kitty ears, they also sell the same hoodie but with bear ears or rabbit ears, both equally cute.

What: Kitty Hoodie, $250L
Where: Curious Kitties, Curious Kitties (200, 213, 21)