Just a quick look I've been running around in lately. This dress is so pretty, I absolutely loooooove it.


Details: Hair * by Truth, hair and mouth feathers by Scribble, jewelry by Violet Voltaire, dress by Evie's Closet (hurry if you want this dress, I think it goes away in a couple days!), skin by Curio, prim feet by Slink, poses by [ImpEle].

Honestly, my looks lately are so relaxed-looking, I wonder if I should even blog them. But, it matches my moods, the holidays always gets me down.


Details: Hair* by Truth, scarf by Reek (from the Down the Chimney Hunt), sweater dress* by BOOM, jeans by Zaara Indian Couture, footwear by Surf Co., headpiece by Evie's Closet (from the lucky dip in store), skin by Atomic (previous group gift), poses by [ImpEle].

I've been meaning to post this for a while now, but I have RL family staying over for the month who doesn't seem to understand why I spend so much time in front of a computer. So between SL, Aion and email checking, my online time has been pretty limited. And, my looks are very relaxed looks lately, to make up for the RL stress that always comes during the holidays for me.


Details: Hair* by Truth, belt* and sweater dress* by Luck Inc., shoes by ETD, prim nails by Pixel Mode, jewelry by Illusions (I recently read somewhere that this set was retired?), jeans by Last Call (no longer available), skin by Belleza, poses* by Glitterati.

Items marked with * were received as review copies.

Simple once again, but definitely like how I've been feeling like dressing in RL lately.


Details: Hair * by Exile, sweater by Armidi, earrings by Curious Kitties, skin by Dutch Touch (a note: I slightly modified the photos a little because the area around the mouth was a little too dark for me - I just lightened it up a bit, check demos if you are interested in the skin), footwear by Maitreya, prims nails by Pixel Mode, belt * by Luck Inc.

Items marked with * were received as review copies.

Simple, but cute today. :D


Details: Hair * by Truth, skin by Rockberry (previous group gift), necklace by Miel (previous 50 Linden Friday item), Tank by VG, hoodie by fri.day, jeans by League, footwear by Maitreya, mouth thing by Urbanity, belt by Fancy Schmancy's.

Items marked with * were received as review copies.

More socks today! And, I love, love, love, LOVE this hair. :O


Details: Hair by Exile, dress by DeLa, socks by Maitreya, footwear by Shiny Things (non sculpty shoes can still be cute too!), muffler by G Field, skin by Belleza, poses from [ImpEle].

Items marked with a * were received as review copies.

I'm having a huge obsession with socks and stockings lately, so I apologize for all the sock posts! XD


Details: Hair by Truth, skin by Belleza, coat by Aoharu, dress by Luck Inc., necklace by Mandala, socks by Fleur, shoes by Fuel, prim nails by Pixel Mode.

Also, a blog note: I'll be doing some work later on the blog layout today and tomorrow, so if the blog says you don't have access to view it, all will be back to normal in a few hours. ^^

Today, something blue, to match my mood :D


Details: Hair by Truth, butterflies by Canimal, necklace by Alienbear, dress by Evie's Closet, socks by Maitreya, footwear by Shiny Things, skin by Belleza (previous group gift), prim nails by Pixel Mode.

Items marked with * were received as review copies.

I don't normally do major photo editing on my photos for Fashion Labyrinth. I just usually put my photos all together in one, smooth out a couple pointy avatar issues (knees, elbows, etc.), and resize them so they don't have such nasty pixeled edges. However, I really wanted to blog about this beautiful gown, and gowns don't fit in well to my normal way of blogging. So, I did edit these photos quite a bit. It's okay to edit once in a while, right? :D

Sparkle Skye - Harvest 01

Anyway, I blogged the first version of Sparkle Skye's Harvest Faerie gown last year around this time but, I couldn't pass up blogging version 2. It's still a very photogenic piece, but still great for Fall parties and such.

Sparkle Skye - Harvest 02

Details: Gown* by Sparkle Skye, hair by Truth, necklace by Alienbear, prim nails by Pixel Mode, skin by Belleza (previous group gift), location was on the Pixel Mode sim, edited in Picnik.

Items marked with * were received as review copies.

The outfit I've had on today, super cute, and ready to go visit some really great snowy sims. :D


Details: Hair by Truth, scarf by LeeZu, coat by Armidi (belt, skirt and clothing layer from the Francia coat, tinted a shade darker, and modded to be shorter, and the arm cuffs worn are from the Lima coat), jeans by Zaara, shoes by Shiny Things, prim nails by Pixel Mode, skin by Atomic.

Hi :D So, I lengthened my arms quite a bit the other day, because I had a sudden paranoia episode and thought I looked like a T-Rex, and I'm still deciding if I look like a monkey now. xD But, anyway, my latest look (and yes, I know the headband is super bright):


Details: Headband by Chapeau tres Mignon, hair by Zero Style, necklace and bracelet by Muse, dress by Hucci, legwarmers by Cubic Effect (tinted slightly darker), footwear by Maitreya, prim nails by Pixel Mode.

Halloween is coming, and I'll be dragging my boi around to Halloween themed sims tonight (mainly Octoberville, if we can get in this time), so I wanted to dress according to the holiday. Witch costumes and bloody outfits are a little too cliche for me, so I opted to go with something a little more normal. It's Halloween inspired and fun, but not over the top.


Details: Hat by Illusions (I modded this hat a bit to be smaller to sit just on top of the head), hair by Truth, scarf by Armidi (modded slightly to be smaller, purchased on the website ShopArmidi.com, unsure if its in the store), dress by Luck Inc., earrings by Alienbear (Halloween item from last year, I heard they are now in the ModVend in the store), stockings and shoes by Miel (stockings are a Halloween item on The Deck sim), prim nails by Pixel Mode, bracelets by Ducknipple, poses by [ImpEle].

It's been a couple months since I said my goodbyes to my precious blog, Fashion Labyrinth. During these months, so much has changed in both of my lives (RL and SL), and I am constantly reminded how much I miss my silly little fashion blogging. I really miss everything involved with it - from the shopping for things, snapping pictures, putting together the whole look, seeing what looks good and what doesn't... It was one of my favorite things in SL, and it wasn't until I stopped doing it that I realized how much I enjoyed it. Even if I didn't blog often, the opportunity for showing an outfit was always there.

So, I've decided to come back and start blogging here again! While I still won't be an "everyday" blogger, my goal is to have at least 2 blog posts a week. And, another change that I intend to do : I will not blog solely new releases. Occasionally, I'll slip a new pair of jeans or a new hair in, but I'm making it a personal goal to go back, deep into the bowels of my inventory to rediscover some favorite pieces; and recreate new, fun ways to wear them. (And hopefully do some cleaning in the process!)

So, to start my little return to fashion blogging, I've put together this outfit, perfect for the current California weather, where you don't know whether to go outside dressed warmly or not.


Details: Hair by Truth, Scarf by massimo, Tank by Atomic, Bracelets by Curious Kitties (previous group gift), prim nails by Pixel Mode, Skirt by Stellar, Socks by Fleur (originally gray, but tinted darker to match the outfit), Boots by Shiny Things.

It's been almost a month since my last blog post here on Fashion Labyrinth. This little fashion blog has been my baby since September 2007, when I wrote my first blog post. I watched my style evolve through the months, switching from neko, normal human avatar, elf, back to human. I've also watched my blog style change within the months as well, from normal review blogger - to Look of the Day blogging. Writing about fashion, enjoying new releases, and putting together looks has been my passion in Second Life for as long as I can remember.

I've watched this blog grow as well. It's been so great to blog things from my favorite designers, and get all fangirly when I actually get to meet and talk to people I admire so much. Fashion Labyrinth has given me confidence in my style, pushed me to be more original, and to enjoy living a little life I love in Second Life.

My priorities and time have shifted to other things, I don't believe it is fair for my little blog to be left completely neglected. So, this will most likely be my final blog post here. The blog will remain, it will just be inactive. I love my readers - who inspired me to be better, and the SL designers - who creates such amazing things for my avatar to wear all the time.

However, I plan on continuing to write over on my other blog (with more personal SLife posts, and the occasional on location fashion-ish blog posts), at Sai's Random Bloggage.

I'm trying out a new skin, which I am so in love with right now. But, I wanted to show off this super cute top I came across in the Kunglers booth while I browsed the Fashion Expo this year. It screamed to me, and... it has a bow. You can never go wrong with a bow. :D


Wearing: Top by Kunglers, jeans by Last Call (no longer available), shoes and prim nails by Pixel Mode, hair by Truth, jewelry by Exodi.

I've had this outfit photographed for a while, and am just now putting it up. I got these adorable shoes as a rezday gift from someone that I totally admire, and they ware so awesome and easy to tint to my skin tone, I wore them for like a whole week :O


Wearing: Dress by Blaze, hair by Truth, necklace by Chuculet, shoes by L+R+W, prim nails by Pixel Mode.

Showing off a few of my favorite things I picked up this week, and a beautiful new release from Malt. :D


Wearing: Skirt and jacket by Malt, tank by Maitreya, shoes by SLink, hair by Novocaine, necklace by Scarlia Inc., prim nails by Pixel Mode.

Today is Paint SL Purple Day, it seemed fun, but purple has never been one of my favorite colors. So, purple items in my inventory is pretty rare to be found. But, I searched and searched - and I think I found a couple items that might resemble a purple shade. xD


Wearing: Dress by Malt (currently at 50% off!), hair by Truth, jewelry by Alienbear, shoes and prim nails by Pixel Mode.

A kind of a simple look this time around, but I wanted to show these adorable flats and this awesome Truth hair. :D


Wearing: hair by Truth, top by Mischief, necklace and earrings by Petit Ange, flats by Miel, skirt by Tuli, prim nails by Pixel Mode.

I've been meaning to blog this look for like, forever. This outfit is from Haven designs (which is one of my most recent favorite stores), but because it normally shows quite a lot of my bits, I kind of covered myself up a bit using parts of a bikini from RunoRuno. I do love these camisk type pieces of clothing, and I think Haven Designs makes several of them that can go fantastic with normal clothes. I don't think they are just for gor RP'ers anymore. :D


Wearing: hair by Truth, feet by SLink, outfit by Haven Designs, extra bits coverage by RunoRuno.

I found some really neat items in the discount section of Baiastice. So, this look was based around the top that I found there. And yes, those shoes - are Stiletto Moody, and I'll probably be wearing them often, because I seriously need to get my money's worth on those shoes. XD


Wearing: Top by Baiastice, pants by Last Call (no longer available, unless you can grab them from another resident), scarf by Cubic Effect, shoes by Stiletto Moody, hair by Truth.

BareRose is probably my most favorite store on the grid. No matter what I'm looking for, I can always find it there. However, I always end up leaving the store with at least 2 other things as well. XD


Wearing: Top, belt and scarf from BareRose, jeans by Last Call (no longer available, unless resold by another resident), hair by Novocaine, wedges by Shiny Things, poses by Imperial Elegance, belly ring by Solange.

If there is one store that I think does not get enough blog coverage, I think it would be Edelweiss. The stuff there is so adorable, I can't see why more people are blogging them. I recently went on a shopping spree there while I sat and waited for the lucky board to change to an S. :D


Wearing: Outfit, socks, and hair ribbon by Edelweiss, hair by Zero Style, shoes by Shiny Things, poses by Imperial Elegance.

I based this look on these adorable jeans, which my friends absolutely hate - but I love them anyways. xD


Wearing: Hair by Truth, necklace by Alienbear, top by Mischief, jeans by Coco, shoes by Maitreya (unsure if they are available anymore), bracelet from the Nokko outfit at BareRose.

I've had pictures of this look for a few days now, and am finally blogging it. As soon as I seen this boa, I was like "OMG, must buy nao!", its so amazing and well done - I love it. I still have tons more stuffs to blog, so look for more posts soon!


Wearing: Dress by Elate, shoes by Stiletto Moody, hair by Novocaine, necklace by Alienbear, boa by Schadenfreude.

I've been trying to get my inventory organized a bit, to the point where I am actually able to find things (once things get put in my inventory, I almost never, ever see them again), but its been total fail, and decided to give up for a while and get back to blogging. I have so much stuff to blog now though, I'm probably going to go on a little blogging spree for the next couple weeks :P

But, this simple look was to show off these adorable jeans, which I love love love.


Wearing: Shirt by Atomic, jeans by League, shoes by Soreal, hair by Aden (retired, I think), bracelet by Low Prim High Style.

This was my look a couple days ago, I've been hoarding this picture for a few days now xD


Wearing: Dress by Redgrave, shoes by SLink (be sure to check out this fantastic feet tinting tutorial as well), and hair by Novocaine.

I am quite fond of this look - I think it's really, really cute. I've been wearing it for a few days now. xD


Wearing: hair by Aden (omg $50L hair sale!), tank by LaLa FooFoo (slightly tinted by me), shirt by RunoRuno, jeans by Deviance, footwear by Haysuriza.

I've had this look put together for a couple of days now, but just now finally got around to showing it. :D


Wearing: Jacket by Zaara, hat by Maitreya, jeans by Celestial Studios, shoes with sculpted feet by SLink, hair by Aden (currently on a $50L sale!), necklace by Chloe, and tank by VG Republic (no longer available, I think).

This gift from Deviance is absolutely adorable, I just *had* to blog about it. To get it, just go to the store and look for a little yellow star. ^^


Wearing: Outfit by Deviance, hair by Maeva (previous group gift), feets by SLink, jewelry by Violet Voltaire. See the In-World Locations page for where to buy information.

Day 6 of my Sai's Favorites from RFL Clothing Fair 2009 - is the last I have, and happens to be my favorite of all. Alienbear's Kielo, and her RFL $5L gifts, Zivanit.

I am total suck at taking pictures of jewelry, so please bear with my bad pictures xD


Shown above is the Keilo set, and comes with both necklace, and earrings. Totally pretty!


If there was one item I suggest -everyone- pick up, is this Zivanit set. I believe the necklace was $5L, and the earrings were to be bought separately, but the same price. So, you would pay $10L total for this fantastic necklace/earring set. Definitely don't leave the fair without grabbing it.

Alienbear's booth can be found on sim 2, The Caspian Sea (127, 131, 23).

And that concludes my Favorites from the Clothing Fair. I hope it helped some people decide what to buy. If not, I tried. :D My normal LOTD posts will continue shortly!

Day 5 of my favorites from the RFL Clothing Fair series - Evie's Closet. I blogged the group gift outfit a few days ago - but I couldn't resist grabbing the purple RFL version as well.

Also, the hair pin is included in the Clothing Fair hunt - so be sure to grab it while you are there! I believe there are 19 treasure chests on all 9 sims. And, before you panic, this color change hair pin makes it very worth it. :D


Evie's Closet booth is located on sim 2, The Caspian Sea (127, 131, 23).

Day 4 of my RFL Clothing Fair favorites brings Nyte'N'Day's Hike. This wasn't set up when I went the first time, so I went back today and picked it up while I was there :D


Nyte'N'Day's booth is located on sim 2, The Caspian Sea (127, 131, 23).

Day 3 of my favorites from the 2009 RFL Clothing fair brings this adorable Pashmina Scarf from Adam n Eve.


Adam n Eve's booth is located on sim 5, Gift Of Life (130, 135, 23).

Day two of my favorites from this year's RFL Clothing Fair is League's Winged Hope. And, the stockings were included with the dress. :D


The RFL event is up and running, and League's booth can be found on sim 3, The Persian Gulf (128, 130, 23).

I got a extremely lucky chance to check out the RFL sims today, and I ran around and swiped up everything I could, as fast as I could. I am currently extremely happy, equipped with fantastic limited edition items from a good portion of my favorite designers, and a boatload of freebies. So, I want to spend this week highlighting some of my favorites from this year's Relay For Life Clothing Fair.

Day one - is Analise's Marishka. I secretly love these "harem" type outfits (I think that's the right word?), they are so beautiful, so I bee-lined to Analise to pick this up when I got to the clothing fair.


The RFL Clothing Fair event opens its doors tomorrow morning at 10am SLT. So when it opens, remember that Analise is located on the 3rd sim: The Persian Gulf (128, 130, 23). Also remember to take off attachments and scripted items before you go to cut down on some of the lag. ^^

My look for the past day. I also used this look for my blog header, as my updated look without elf ears and with my new skin.


Wearing: Hat found free on XStreetSL here, hair by Aden (heavily modified), top by Mischief, shorts by League, stockings by LeeZu Baxter, boots by Shiny Things, necklace by Cailyn's. See the In-World Locations page for where to buy information.

Another look I wore around the grid, based around the new awesome shoes by Redgrave. I tried many accessories with this look, but couldn't really find anything that I liked together.


Wearing: Dress by Aoharu, hair by Zero Style, shoes by Redgrave. See the In-World Locations page for where to buy information.

I couldn't help myself when this adorable dress came out from the new Evie's Closet group. Its so cute!


Wearing: hair by Truth, dress and hair piece by Evie's Closet, necklace and earrings by Ume Mode, poses by Imperial Elegance. See the In-World Locations page for where to buy information.

Kind of a plain look today, but I thought it was really cute, and possibly great for some laid back shopping.


Wearing: Hair by Truth, necklace by Scarlia Inc., top by PixelDolls (part of the $50L sale happening now), pants by Last Call (no longer available), shoes by Periquita. See the In-World Locations page for where to buy information.

Hai guys! I could not resist the call of the new Truth hair and new Gala skins. My look using them is this:


Wearing: Coat by Cubic Effect, shirt by Armidi, jeans by Aleri Darkes, boots by J's, hair with hat by Truth, belt by Maitreya. See the In-World Locations page for where to buy information.

Hai guys! I'm back to show today's look to you all :D


Wearing: Hair by Truth, top by Mischief (I think this top was part of a sale, but should still be available on Janie Marlowe's XStreet account here), jeans by Algernon, shoes and bracelet by G*Field, necklace by Yabusaka (from the 7Seas Fishing custom prizes), bra by Armidi, ears by Illusions, prim nails by Pixel Mode. See the In-World Locations page for where to buy information.

I call look for today: "Show the Luff for Maitreya"! XD I went on a shopping spree at Maitreya last night (omg, the lag! ;_;), and put together this look for today.


Wearing: Socks, top and skirt by Maitreya, bracelet and boots by Shiny Things, necklace by Genesis, hair by Aden, prim nails by Pixel Mode, ears by Illusions. See the In-World Locations page for where to buy information.

Also, for the past 3 months or so, I've been having major computer issues, and the past 2 months have been with a computer that only barely let me shop and walk around. On Saturday, my new Dell arrived, which will let me resume shopping, creating, hunting, and walking - so I do plan to start blogging more often, now that I have a reliable computer again. ^^

Ok, ok, I know the new Zaara top is something that will be blogged non stop for the next coming weeks, but I had to share my take on it. I started with the top, then it kinda went from there, adding something, adding something else, until I got to this.


Wearing: Hair by Aden (was a group gift), mouth razor by Nomine, ears by Illusions, scarf by massimo, top by Zaara Indian Couture, jeans by Last Call (no longer available), shoes by Pixel Mode, armwarmers by Maitreya, tattoos by Aitui. See the In-World Locations page for where to buy information.

And a special thanks to the super adorable Aisuru, who did a tribute challenge, and included Fashion Labyrinth in it. It gave me motivation to blog again, knowing people still stick around my blog even though I am somewhat M.I.A. due to my stupid computer issues. :D

Hai! I've been wanting a fedora hat for a while, but could never find a good outfit to go with one. So, I poked around my inventory and came up with something I am quite pleased with. ^^


Wearing: Fedora by League, hair by ETD, muffler by Docomo (was a freebie a while ago, I'm unsure if its still there), necklace by luc, bracelet by Bebe (not sure if this store is still around - I couldn't find it in search), prim nails by Pixel Mode, ears by Discord, top by Nyte'N'Day, pants by Hilarious, shoes by Shiny Things. See the In-World Locations page for where to buy information.

Also: these pictures are slightly darker, because I've realized my windlight setting looks totally washed out and light on the new RC candidate client, so I've been experimenting with new settings lately ^^

I went shopping at Discord again! Today though, something slightly different than last time, but still equally as awesome.


Wearing: Hat, dress and ears by Discord, hair by Zero Style, necklace by Muse, bra and shoes by Armidi, prim nails by Pixel Mode, pedicure by Skin Within. See the In-World Locations page for where to buy information.

Some notes: In my last post, people had trouble with finding things around Discord, so this time I'll try to make it a bit easier. :D The hat and dress are from two separate sets, both can be found in the New Release section (as of this posting). The hat is also slightly modified to fit my look. Just check for the New Release sign at the TP point and follow the arrows. The ears are located right outside the New section. I hope this helps!

I've been having an obsession with scarves right now. And, it just so happens that these new scarves from Armidi are full of awesome. :D


Wearing: Hair and shoes by ETD, ears by Illusions, hoodie by Dutch Touch, scarf by Armidi, tank by VG Republic (no longer available now, I believe), jeans by Muism, bracelet by Shiny Things, prim nails by Pixel Mode. See the In-World Locations page for where to buy information.