When I seen the adorable skull hat flower thing that Beanie blogged about, I did a "OMG I want" and took off to buy it. :D So, I based my look on that. It was actually surprisingly simple, because I've been hoarding some things I've been wanting to wear, and it all finally fell into place. ^^


I should also mention that because I don't like long sleeved clothing without prim cuffs on the arms (and on the hands is even better!), I used the prims from a different top, and it seemed to work well on this one too. ^^

Wearing: Hair accessory by Wild O, hair by Deviant Kitties (tinted considerably darker by me), skull necklace by Deco, top (combined with prims from the Marie top) by PixelDolls, jeans by LeeZu Baxter, shoes by 69, ears by Illusions, facelight by CogNation. See the In-World Locations page for where to buy information.

When I went to the hair fair, I only ended up with one style. I think it might have been because things were not rezzing, and I missed a lot of things. Like, these styles from House Of Heart (or is it still Bewitched? @_@) and Curio.


Curio has some totally adorable styles. I love her ideas, but I only wish her black texture was more black, and less brown looking. It might just be my crap PeeCee though. xD But still, her hair is pure awesomeness, and I have no problems wearing them anyway :D BTW - I looooooove the Rabid (bottom left) style, its totally adorable. And the Honey Bun (top left) is super cute. Curio's hair is the most ear-friendly hair I have ever seen.


The next one is from House of Heart. I love feathery weird things, so this hair was actually really cool to see. Is it strange that I have the perfect outfit to go with this hair? XD Like Curio, I love the ideas that the HOH creators have - their styles are extremely photogenic. But they never fit meh fat head. I have no idea why either. I usually have to edit hairs, and move a few prims around, but no matter what I do, I can't get these hairs to fit. They look fantastic on other people, and this particular hair fits me okay - so I am happy :D I will probably be doing a LOTD post with this hair in the coming few days. :D

Gogogo to the Hair Fair!

Sorry, I'm actually having a total blast with LOTD posts lately! I still have tons of other things to blog about, I'm just waiting for this LOTD kick to wear off xD but, anyway - for today:


Wearing: Top by PixelDolls, jeans by Last Call (no longer available), belt by RedGrave (from a jeans package), hair by Deviant Kitties, shoes by Fuel, ears by Illusions, facelight by CogNation. See the In-World Locations page for where to buy information.

(And, shockingly, the ARC for this look is in the Green range.)

I got this dress from the Lucky Board at Hal*Hina a few weeks ago. The bottom lace was originally white, but I preferred black, so I tinted it a bit darker. ^^ But, here is my look for today:


Wearing: Dress by Hal*Hina, hair by Zero Style, ears by Illusions, prim nails by Pixel Mode, pedicure by Skin Within, necklace by Yabusaka, shoes by Periquita, and facelight by CogNation. See the In-World Locations page for where to buy information.

Now, everyone is talking about the Hair Fair - I however, picked up loads of demos, and only went back to purchase -one- hair. It was one of those amazingly beautiful hairs that I *HAD* to own. So, I made my look today around this hair. I call it: "The Vacation Look" :D


Wearing: Hair by Exile (only at their hair fair booth for now, I believe), ears by Illusions, necklace by Spica, top by Last Call (no longer available), shorts by Dragonfly Designs, shoes by Fuel, prim nails by Pixel Mode. See the In-World Locations page for where to buy information.

I have successfully completed organizing inventory! It made dressing for today soooooo much easier! xD Anyway, here is today's look, after I visited the hair fair.


Wearing: Hair by Deviant Kitties (tinted darker by me), ears by Illusions, necklace by Miam Miam, bracelet by Hi-Flo, top by Mischief, bottoms by Cubic Effect, shoes by Storm Schmooz, prim nails by Pixel Mode. See the In-World Locations page for where to buy information.

I was organizing my inventory (as you can see, its a royal mess), and came across an adorable dress that I camped for a while back. As soon as I put it on, inventory organizing time was over and it became my LOTD. xD


Wearing: Hair by Naughty, ears by Illusions, jewelry by Caithlin Carter Designs, dress by Hal*Hina, shoes by Kitties Lair, prim nails by Pixel Mode, pedicure by Skin Within. See the In-World Locations page for where to buy information.

I suggested shoes to Yabusaka a short time ago, because he has such amazing sculpted prim talent, but he was hesitant - considering there are several shoe creators on the grid already. But - I say.... We need more shoes!! :D


I begged and begged and begged him not to make these pointy-toed, and I am soooooo glad he didn't. They are absolutely adorable, and omg - the BOWS! /me dies from the cuteness. :D These are his first shoes, and I think they are totally awesome.

My only suggestion: Make more shoes! My favorite things in SL are sculpted prims, shoes and beautiful jewelry. So, its probably easy to see why I blog Yabusaka so much xD

What: Shoes 01 in black, grey, brown, blue, green, purple and pink - $250L Each
Where: Yabusaka, Yabu (98, 167, 24)

Ok, ok, this has been everywhere, but seriously - do not miss this!


If you are a member of the Tuli group and SL eats your notices like me, you should go back in the notices and get this Elizabeth skin. Its beautiful, and I actually didn't need to change my shape for this one. The fantastic group gift came in all tones and even came with shaped pubic hair underwear/pants layers. (OMG, the heart shapes!! XD)

Note, if you are not a member, her group now is following the $250L group enrollment fee trend, so be warned - its not free for new members. Though, it's very fair, with the fantastic quality of gifts she sends out every so often. ^^

Also don't forget to go grab demos from her new Elizabeth line. I'm still trying to decide which makeup I want - they all look so beautiful that it's totally difficult to decide! XD

What Else: Hair by Armidi, necklace by Yabusaka, ears by Illusions. See the In-World Locations page for where to buy information.

I love the mini skirts from Stellar Designs, I just wish that they came as separates. (Pleeeeeease, Lexi Morgan - Make a mini-skirt separates section! :P) But anyway, I was extremely excited to see a few of the skirts I love so much in her clearance area! I picked up a few, and centered my look today around one of them. :D


Wearing: Skirt by Stellar Designs, hair and boots by ETD, ears by Illusions, top by VG Republic, prim nails by Pixel Mode, bracelets by Last Call (no longer available), necklace by Yabusaka, facelight by CogNation. See the In-World Locations page for where to buy information.

I've wanted this dress for as long as I can remember, but finally decided to buy it last night xD I've been wearing it since, so this will be today's LOTD post. (I promise, I'll get back to review blogging this weekend, I have tons of stuff that needs to be reviewed - I just need to organize my inventory so I can find it!)


Wearing: Dress, stockings and bracelet by Redgrave, shoes by Maitreya, prim nails by Pixel Mode (omg, I love these nails), hair by Armidi, ears by Illusions. See the In-World Locations page for where to buy information.

I really am a simple type of girl, so I wear simple clothes all the time. Can't really go wrong with a good pair of pants, and a cute top :D


Wearing: Facelight by CogNation, hair by Aden, top by Zaara Indian Couture, pants by Last Call (no longer available), shoes by Adam n Eve, ears by Illusions, necklace and bracelet by Beck's. See the In-World Locations page for where to buy information.

I am actually liking Look of the Day posts, so this is kind of a mix between a review post and a LOTD post. :D But anyway...

During the CSR card stamping, I kept seeing girls with the most ADORABLE school uniform on, and if you read my blog often - you probably know I *love* school uniforms. :D So, I HAD to have this outfit. I inspected one of their skirts to see it was made by Sweetest Goodbye. Off I went. XD


I had so much trouble deciding which color I wanted - I probably stood there in front of the vendors for 45 minutes before finally deciding on the Khaki and Beige. I am glad I chose this color though, its sooooo cute. :D It needed a bit of editing to fit the way I wanted it, but it wasn't too bad. I also picked up the free tote bag by the door to go with this, because it looked somewhat strange without a bag. They also have matching men's uniforms too, which I think I might have to go get for my man alt, Nuai :D

What: School Girl in Khaki & Beige - $350L, Tote Bag - $0L
Where: Sweetest Goodbye, Korea Mirinae (69, 128, 22)
What Else: Hair by Aden, necklace by Yabusaka (soon to be released - I think), legwarmers by Reaction, shoes by Edelweiss, ears by Illusions. See the In-World Locations page for where to buy information.

Today's look was inspired by my weekend hunting! I went to Nicky Ree and participated in her Singapore National Day hunt, and came out with some awesome cheap goodness. :D And, keeping on the hunting theme, I also paired the dress with an amazing hunting gift (Item #5, I believe this was) from the Miriel sim. So, here was my look today:


Wearing: Hair by Waka & Yuki, hair accessories by Crystal Line, flip flops (even though you can't see them) by 0N from CSR, dress by Nicky Ree, necklace by Miriel, ears by Illusions. See the In-World Locations page for where to buy information.

BTW - If you have trouble finding AOs that work well with these type of dresses, the AO that I made seems to work well with this one. No hips jutting out of the side, or butt poking out from the back. You can grab it for free at my store - Imperial Elegance. Usually I run away from these type of dresses for that exact reason, but now I have an AO that works with them. Yay :D

I've been doing treasure hunts of ALL kinds the past couple days, but now I'm going to take a little break and blog about something I've been meaning to blog about for a while now. The new Miriel sim, and her amazing eyes!


The sim itself is soooooo gorgeous. She definitely spent a TON of time working on this. It shows in every detail, and there is no rock out of place. :D


But, I have been waiting forever and ever for these eyes! They are the Anime Eyes which I had loved ever since I seen them on the poster of Fleur's Shoujo line. I've waited very patiently for a long time, and now I can finally have a pair of my own! :D They are sooooo wonderfully priced as well, at only $50L a piece. And! the gold pair on the right.... is a total freebie! :D


And speaking of freebies - check out all the eyes she has out as demos/freebies! OMG. They are stunning, and I think Miriel makes some of the best eyes in SL. I am seriously considering tossing out my Glanz eyes and moving on to Miriel's Anime Eyes.

If that isn't enough awesomeness for one trip - make sure you try the jewelry hunt she has going on! I will warn you though - its a bit difficult, and took me about 4 days to finally complete. But, the prizes are amazing, and the story is great. :D

SLURL: Miriel, Miriel (135, 64, 33)

Someone was kind enough to remind me of the fantastic store - Cubic Effect this morning. :D I've visited Cubic Effect several times in the past, and even picked up a few items, but I never blogged any of them! :O So, thanks to the person who told me about them again (I won't say her name, because I don't know if she wants me to), I hopped over there to see what's new :D

I picked up some adorable things, and - I found a new favorite pair of pants. Sorry GearShift, these cotton pants have totally stolen my heart! :D So, because I have been wearing the stuff I picked out from Cubic Effect since I bought it, and can't really focus on one piece of the outfit to blog - I've decided to just make it a LotD post (since many of you prefer these anyway).


Wearing: Top and pants by Cubic Effect, flip flops by Detour, hair by ETD, ears by Illusions, manicure/pedicure by Skin Within. See the In-World Locations page for where to buy information.

However, it is probably important to note: these prim parts are no copy, and required a crapload of editing to fit. The chest prim piece was linked with the wrap prim on the shirt, which was attached to spine. It did -not- work with my AO (and several poses) at all. So, I had to unlink the wrap from the collar and attach it separately to left pec. Just a warning. :D

Also: Fuel is having a 50% off sale! Everything (other than the already discounted items) is 50% - including the shoes! zomg. It ends on the 9th, so hurry hurry!

I swear, I'm completely obsessed with these adorable jeans from GearShift. I've been wearing them for days, and I have no plans to take them off anytime soon. XD But, I made up another look for today's LotD. ^^


Wearing: Jeans by GearShift, tank by VG Republic, necklace by Curious Kitties, bracelets by Last Call/Vamp (no longer available), shoes by Reaction, ears by Illusions, hair by Deviant Kitties (tinted reasonably darker by myself). See the In-World Locations page for where to buy information.

By now, you should have heard about the fantastic Truth Discontinue Sale. It appears like Truth is retiring all his clothing, as well as his current hair textures. Which, is fantastic, because he is holding a massive sale! And, sales make a broke elf Sai very happy~ :D


This is some of the stuff I grabbed. All normal hair packs are only $50L, tipped packs are $150L, and fatpacks are only $350L! Also, be sure to check the clothing as well, because I even happened to come across some cute tees for only $10L. ^^ The lag when I went was horrible, so remember to detach any scripted objects you don't need. Not sure when this sale ends, so hurry hurry! :D

In-World Location: Truth, Truth Island (125, 99, 25)