Bare Rose was one of the first places that I ventured to while I was new, and I still go there on occasion. There is just so much stuff there to look through, I get overwhelmed. I was checking out some things around the TP area, and found something I have always wanted to see in SL.

Fur coats. I could never wear one IRL because they are expensive, and the thought of the poor innocent animal... no thanks. So, I wanted one in SL where they are just prims. ^^ I searched for a while, but never found one, so I had given up the idea.

BareRose Furs

Until I seen them in BareRose. OMG, I almost fell out of my chair when I seen the ad vendor for these. They looked amazing in the picture, and was definitely no different when I put it on. I love, love, love this, and I didn't want to take it off - it looked so warm, cute and totally awesome. And, omigosh, it has adorable prim bows on the front! Though, I have no idea what I would wear this too, or even what to wear it with, but, omg. I HAD to own it. Just add this to one of the weird things that I want. :P

I originally bought the Panthere Noire set, which included the black coat, but once I started looking around some more, I found the Panthere Nieige set, which came with a white coat as well as a red one. The red looked a bit too Christmas-y, so I didn't picture it. Both packages also comes with an outfit, but since I only liked the fur, I decided to only show them. ^^

What: Panthere Noire and Panthere Nieige - $160L each
Where: BareRose HQ, Bare Rose (146, 10, 30)
What Else: Hair by ETD, gown by DG Innovations. See the In-World Locations page for SLURLs!

I tp'ed into Orchid Dreams the other night looking for an animated fan for a new kimono I bought. The owner was there, helping customers in her shop. I chatted with her for a little while, and omg, she is the sweetest and most adorable girl ever ^^ She spoke to her customers in very easy to understand polite Japanese (and also speaks English extremely well), which was very cute, and even had a bowing animation she used often.

Orchid Dreams - Kirei

But! I'm going to blog about her latest release - Kirei. From my Japanese class, I believe that means "clean" or even "pretty". What I love about this outfit is that it seems to blend traditional Japanese-wear with a more modern look. Orchid Dreams is known to me for its beautiful kimonos, and Japanese accessories. So, the face that she is branching out to everyday clothing is such great news for me. ^^ These have sculpted prim attachments, for the poofy sleeves on the shirt, the legs on the pants, as well as the little wrinkly things for the bottoms. OMG, cute. Oh, and the set also comes with a lighter version of the top, that I didn't picture. And at only $136L, its a total steal! ^^

What: Kirei - $136L
Where: Orchid Dreams, Asagao (53, 37, 22)
What Else: Hair by ETD, necklace by Miam Miam. See the In-World Locations page for SLURLs!

I've had these in my inventory for a while now, mulling over whether or not to blog them. I decided to, because I think the idea is a really awesome one, and I wish more designers would consider doing this idea, and build upon it to make it better.

Gracie's - Urban Chic Pants

These pants... They come with prim leg attachments, and look totally awesome. But - the leg attachments come attached to the upper leg, and as you can imagine, the lower part does not look the greatest while walking, or with some aos. They are great when taking pictures though. ^^ But putting that aside, the textures are very cute, it comes with a high waist on jacket layer, and they look very sophisticated. The pants also came with two sweaters, that I didn't picture here.

But with the prim attachment issue, why am I blogging them? Well, I really love the idea here. Idea being: flared legs that start at the upper leg and going all the way down. I understand that SL is wonky and the way things are now, its difficult to do. But! There are some amazing people out there that have done creative things with prims, so I think pants like this could, in theory, be entirely possible. ^^

What: the pants from the Urban Chic outfit - $225L
Where: Gracie's, Alhena (101, 174, 23)
What Else: Top from Last Call, shoes from Aphrodite Creations. See the In-World Locations page for SLURLs!

I was lucky enough to go to the Second Mirage Fashion Show, showcasing Britneyj's newest pieces - The Grand Collection. I don't go to many fashion shows, just because I am really shy and don't do well in giant groups of people, but! I was so excited about this one, so I willed myself to go. And, I'm glad I did, because it was very fun, and I got to see tons of amazing jewelry. I took a few pictures of the show, which you can see here on my Flickr stream.

Second Mirage - The  Grand Collection

I pictured a few of my favorites here, and they are so beautiful! I did have a difficult time choosing which ones I wanted to picture for my blog entry on it, but I think I picked a few good ones. I don't think I need to say too much, because the jewelry pretty much speaks for itself. But - I am wondering: since most of these come only with silver chains/links, I wonder if gold versions will be coming soon as well?

What: Divine in black diamond - $600L, Fierce in citrine - $225L, Glittering in sapphire - $800L, Luxuriant in sapphire - $500L.
Where: Second Mirage, Second Mirage (71, 15, 23)
What Else: Hair by ETD, gown by Last Call. See the new In-World Locations page for SLURLs!

Time for my Another Fundraiser post! I got to the place a few hours early, hoping to sneak past the organizers to buy some skin-goodness. While I didn't get past them without being noticed, they still allowed me to skin shop. Yay!


I stood in the middle of the room, just completely in awe at the things people have done with Eloh Eliot's skins. Its amazing because everyone added their own special touches to make it unique to them. It just amazed me. I bought a few skins, and I love each one of them. I was utterly in shock when I saw Caliah Lyon's contribution to the fundraiser though, omg (pictured bottom left). Caliah, please start making skins... Please? ^^

I made a few contributions to the fundraiser as well, but mine looks like kindergarten macaroni art among a room full of Da Vinci paintings. Anyway, the skins will be up for 10 days, and each skin is only $50L! All proceeds will go to UNICEF.

SLURL: Another Fundraiser, Masterpiece Island (219, 190, 43)
What Else: Hair by Truth, necklace by Second Mirage, dress by LeeZu Baxter. See the new In-World Locations page for SLURLs!


I seem to have a obsession with finding giant eyes. I love my Glanz ones, but every other larger-than-normal eye set I find, I seem to buy it. So, while wandering around a Japanese sim, I came across these. I really like the bottom blue ones, and I think the multi-colored effect that the rest of these have is really interesting. I like these a lot, but I doubt I'll ever leave my Glanz eyes for good. ^^

What: Spark Eyes Blue Assortment - $64L
Where: SaltyCandy, Japan 04 (102, 28, 26)
What Else: Hair by Naughty Designs, neko ears by Skinpop. See the new In-World Locations page for SLURLs!

Side Note: Another Fundraiser skins are now set for sale! You can read about Another Fundraiser here, see the skins I contributed for it here, or go buy them here!

Am I the only one that dislikes pointy toed boots? It seems the most popular shoe makers, Armidi, Shiny Things, and Maitreya either are making shoes with pointed toes, or I have all the non-pointy ones already. I want more non-pointy sculpted boots, dammit! Even heels too, there are sooooo many adorable heels out there, but I have passed them up because they have points (Storm Schmooz being one of them). Well, I went on a mission to find some!


And I was quite disappointed, really. I came across these, that looked amazing in the vendor picture. I bought them, and tried them on... the small size leg part was way to small, and the large - way to big. And.... no mod. I think these would be cute with some high quality proper textures, and the ability to mod them. I'm not fond of the lower leg part at all, but the reason I am showing these, is because I think they are super cute with my prim pants!

These are cheaper than the typical sculptie shoe designer, ringing in at $220L, but even if they don't look great as boots, I like how they look with my pants. AND! OMG, no pointy toe! Sold.

What: Sculpted Long Boots 04 in Black - $220L
Where: Miyu Design, Japan Resort C2 (94, 16, 321)
What Else: Jeans from Last Call. See the new In-World Locations page for SLURLs!


I went wandering around Setagayaku the other day, and came across a little shop selling the cutest (and smallest!) skirts I have ever seen. I picked one up in pink tartan, as well as grey. They are so adorable, I want to wear them all the time. But, considering its raining non-stop where I live IRL, the thought of seeing my avatar in something so tiny is a bit weird to me. But these will be perfect in a few months, when spring comes around. ^^

I do have a bit of a problem with the glitch pants though. I have a really gross black line that lines them. Not really sure how to fix it, but it will not go away. I could make it look less black, but it never goes away. *sigh* So, if you see me around the grid wearing these... don't laugh at me too much, I do know how geeky I look. :P

What: 008C White/Red Tartan Miniskirt - $30L, 008E Gray Tartan Miniskirt - $30L
Where: 21 +Plastic Ocean+, SetagayaKu (116, 211, 22)
What Else: Top by Last Call, neko tail by Atomic Kitty. See the new In-World Locations page for SLURLs!

OMG, Alienbear is selling the Miss SL Universe Finalist crown with scepter, necklace and earrings! I have been following the progress of these amazing pieces of work on the Alienbear blog, so when I received the group notice that she had set these up for sale, omg, I dropped the sculptie I was working on, and ran over to her shop.


Alienbear is one of my two most favorite jewelry designers in SL, and I think every piece of work she releases is a genuine piece of art. This set is definitely no different. I love every single thing about this, and I can not find one thing I would change on it. The set comes with the necklace, crown, earrings, and the scepter. And omg, its absolutely stunning!

The price was a little steep at $6000L, and I actually hesitated at buying it... but then I realized I had a unused gift card! So, after I noticed the vendor didn't accept gift cards, I sent a quick IM to Alienbear, and she came right away and fixed it for me~ Yay!

What: Miss SL Universe Set - $6000L
Where: Alienbear Design, Bratz (201, 209, 27)
What Else: Hair by ETD, dress by Nicky Ree. See the new In-World Locations page for SLURLs!

By the way, I am currently experimenting with the different ways to put my blog snapshots together, so if you readers have any ideas what style you like best, let me know ^^

Afew days before the Last Call sale started, I came across a post by Aradia Dielli, and fell in love with the pants she wore. I HAD to own them, but I forbid myself because I was trying to save for the LC sale. Now that I have bought out the store, I was totally ready for the pants! I spent 4 hours rummaging through my Google Reader feeds to find the post again. Of course I bookmarked the site right away so I could find it again easily, if I need to. And then, omg, I had the most difficult time finding the shop! *Dies* But, I was very determined to find them O.o


So here they are! OMG, I love them to pieces. They are just sooooo darn cute! I did come across a few problems with them, but its just me being nit-picky as always. Problem 1: The prim textures on the right leg are not even close to matching the seams on the clothing layer. Since they are mod, I probably could fix this myself, but I'm so terrible at lining up textures, it makes my brain hurt. Problem 2: The prims are not hollow at all. So, its just a triangled block. But who looks up my prims anyway? :P

But they make up for the few freakish problems I found by how cute the rest of it is. Its gave me a perfect reason to go shop to find blue clothing to fit with it, and the buttons are total love. I also really love the hand-painted look to these, I think thats what caught my eye about them. ^^

This also came with a handbag hold animation and script. .... Why? I have no idea. O.o *Pokes Toast Bard* Get rid of those vendors! ^^

What: Navy Pants - $125L
Where: Fashionably Dead, Tableau (166, 63, 22)
What Else: Hair by ETD, jewelry by Second Mirage, shirt by Armidi, shoes by Maitreya, poses by Imperial Elegance. See the new In-World-Locations page for SLURLs!

I was lucky enough to pick up the special preview of this skin as a freebie a few weeks ago from Digital Dragon Designs, but now the finished skin is available! When Zoey Pinkdot, the creator behind them dropped some review copies on me, I put them on as soon as I had a chance. I am quite picky about the skins I wear, but I was actually pleasantly surprised with these.


But, I did find a couple things that I wasn't too sure about, so I'll start with those. I don't think I'm fond of the lips that much. It is not that I don't like their shape or anything, they are very cute in that respect - but the problem I have is how 'sharp' they look. I usually like soft lips, with a bit of blur to them, but these seem to be too pixelized or metallic even. Even the gloss seems a bit metallic-ish. Some makeups in this set appear to be more so than others, but it could just be me. Another thing I noticed - and this is just a minor thing, really - is that when zoomed out, the area around the mouth seems a little too light. The body picture below shows that.

I do really like the rest of the face shading though, and there are so many makeups that would please even the most picky people (like me!). I changed my shape to wear these, because my normal shape wasn't really the best choice for showing them.


What I think is the best part of this skin, is the body. Highlighting and shading is a huge thing for me, and this is where this skin excels. It looks very hand drawn, for those of you who like that that. I am also quite fond of the knees. I hear knees are difficult to do for skin makers, but these are probably among the best I've seen. ^^

These skins come in a ton of tones and makeup options (40 for each tone, I think I read somewhere), but I only pictured a few of my favorites here. For more pictures on the available options, you should check them out in world, or even on the Digital Dragon blog. Tons of options are available.

What: Seductive Skins - $750L for a single skin or $2500L for a pack of 4
Where: Digital Dragon Designs, Digital Dragon (113, 113, 23)
What Else: Bikini by Last Call, hair by ETD, poses by Imperial Elegance. See the new In-World-Locations page for SLURLs!

Yesterday, when I read about some new jeans from Encore, I really wanted to go check them out. I tell you, the instant I tped into the shop, I was in awe. The build there is so amazing! I was like, looking around at the walls, textures, and brilliant goodness while wondering if she does custom build work. O.O Seriously, the shop here is beautiful, complete with a little waterfall.


And! The clothing items are just as cute! I originally wanted these solely because of the capris (that have been glued to my butt ever since I put them on), but the others in the pack are equally cute. The pack includes cropped shorts, capris, pants, and regular shorts. The cropped shorts, jeans and capris come with prim leg attachments, which is a big thing for me. I love jeans with prims. If you like ripped jeans, you also get additional pants and capris with rips! I think these are very cute ^^

What: Denim Pack - Black, $150L
Where: Encore, Austin Island (193, 193, 23)
What Else: Tank by TorridWear, shoes by Reaction, bracelets by Curious Kitties, poses by Imperial Elegance. See the new In-World-Locations page for SLURLs!


When I bought the boleros I have previously blogged, I needed a gown to go with it. I wandered into Callie Cline, and found this really pretty Black and White Persephone Gown. I knew it would be perfect with the boleros. I try it on and find: system skirts. I have huge issues with system skirts... I very rarely wear them because I don't like the way they fit, and now SL has problems with them. But for this gown, I was willing to wear this skirt... until I wore the long skirt, and it turned invisible! When I rebaked my textures, a snapshot of my screen was on my bum! *dies* Luckily, The included shorter skirt worked well enough for me to get some pictures for this post.

I really, really, really, love this gown... but I wish there was an option to wear the glitch pants alone. When I tried only the pants, the seams did not match up with the top at all. *Sigh* I'll have to wait until the lindens fix the system skirts until I can wear this out of the house. But thats just me, and definitely not a problem with the gown! I posted this entry because it really is beautiful, and I know not everyone has the same problems as I do. ^^

What: Black and White Persephone Gown - $555L
Where: Callie Cline, caLLiefornia (225, 178, 22)
What Else: Hair by Naughty Designs, Necklace by Muse, Bracelets by Hi-Flo, The Hidden Jewel. See the new In-World-Locations page for SLURLs!


A while ago, I bought these adorable coats from Dragonic Kiss. I loved the look of them (and... omg, the bow in the back is adorable!), so I bought 3 of them. I bought one in black, white, and pink. They are all very cute, though my favorite is the pink. ^^ I love love love pink.


These come with prim cuffs, and a sculptie collar, two of which is my most loved features on coats. All of prim attachments needed editing to fit my shape, as usual, but it wasn't too bad. My bum was a little to big for this, so every time I put it on, I have to remember my dress shape. Anyway. In addition to these 3 colors, there is a really nice looking blue one too. Dragonic Kiss seems to be known for its lolita dresses and accessories, but there is really more than that there. Its worth checking out ^^

What: Snow Angel in Black, Pink and White - $200L each
Where: Dragonic Kiss, Koreshan (193, 93, 25)
What Else: Hair by ETD, jeans by Armidi, boots by Shiny Things. See the new In-World-Locations page for SLURLs!

Yeah, these are not new anymore, and has been blogged several times before... but I'm doing something different! I'm only blogging the sweater! XD


So, anyway. I've been hearing a lot about MG Fashion lately on the blogs, so I decided to check them out. I liked the Hunting Season Sweaters, so I bought one in charcoal. I do like it, but I am not too sure about how I feel about the poofy sleeves. I really love the shading and the sculptie cowl though. The neck prim needed a lot of editing to fit my shape, but I think it was worth it. It looks very cute. ^^

What: Hunting Season Sweater in Charcoal- $150L
Where: MG Fashion, Bali Loa (44, 72, 29)

What Else: Hair by ETD, Neko Ears by SkinPop, Neko Tail by Atomic Kitty, Jeans by Moderno

There was this one boa in this month's SecondStyle magazine that I loved. I was in a hurry, and didn't take note of who made it, so I had no idea where to start looking. And I didn't really want to search through 100-something pages to find it again.

So, I found myself at Liberte Fashions picking up a lingerie freebie a few days later. I decided to look around at their gowns a bit, and I was shocked when I seen the boa I wanted... in even more colors! OMG, I just about died right there.


I love it. I got it in black as well as white, and they are just as beautiful as the pictures in the magazine. I have absolutely no idea what I would wear with these, but they were definitely one of the weird things I *had* to have. They are fun, poofy, flexi, and totally one of my favorite things right now.

What: Bolero in black and white - $99L each
Where: Liberte Fashions, LOL Island (45, 93, 26)

I usually don't blog freebies because I think the wonderful freebie bloggers do such a great job of it as it is, but occasionally I come across an amazing thing that I need to talk about. Thats exactly how I felt when I seen these awesome tintable tights from G.L.A.M.


They come in two versions: solid and sheer, with three tintable shades. A dark shade, medium and light. I pictured the sheer versions here.


And, they are tintable to match whatever it is you need them for! I quickly put a few random colors for the tint, and I tell you, I love these things. I think these probably could be sold for quite a bit of money, so I am grateful the creator is offering to us for only $1L.

What: Tintable Metallic Lycra Tights - $1L
Where: G.L.A.M, Viva La Glam (124, 117, 23)

I hate going to Armidi. I rarely go because of the lag (something there just slows my computer down), and I always find tons of stuff that I HAVE to have. *sigh* Seems I can't help myself in there. But, when the group notice came out about some new things, my fingers acted on their own, and I soon found myself standing in the middle of the Armidi sim.


First thing I found in my Armidi quest, is this amazing Cowl Lurex Sweater. And of course, since this is Armidi, I found myself buying it not only in black (as I usually buy in everything), but white and teal as well. The good thing about clothes from Armidi is that I don't have to edit them very much to fit my shape. Usually with things like this from other shops, I get so frustrated with editing, I want to rip my hair off. This was perfect on me. ^^


Next, I came across the Off Shoulder Boucle Sweater. Again, I purchased them in both white and black. I love the textures on both these and the Cowl Lurex Sweaters. They just look so warm and comfortable.


I don't think this is new and its probably been out for months, but I had to have it anyway. The Au Fraize Boucle Sweater. I got home and started trying on my new sweaters, when I realized.... I didn't buy this in black! Eep! I guess I was so excited to get home and see how these looked, I totally forgot! I'll have to pay another visit and pick up the black one.

Also, the hair pictured in all these shots is new as well! I love Armidi hair, and that one is total love. Its called The Rainy Day, and I picked it up in the Midnight Collection.

What: Cowl Lurex Sweater in black, white and teal - $165L each, Off Shoulder Boucie Sweater in black and white - $165L each, Au Fraize Boucle Sweater in creme and white - $165L each, and The Rainy Day in Midnight - $295L
Where: Armidi, Armidi (134, 128, 25)

Back in October, I wanted the cutest thing I ever seen, as I blogged all about it here. I found it at Chapeau tres Mignon, and ever since, that little Lagerfield Headband has been among the most favorite things in my inventory (I'm even wearing it in the header pictures of this blog!). Anyway, I woke up this morning to see that Megg Demina, the creative genius behind Chapeau tres Mignon had dropped the 1920's Antique Headress on me~


Seriously, the things Megg Demina makes are so creative and jaw-dropping, I can't even begin to wonder where her inspiration comes from. While I love the entire headress, omg, I adore the cute little flexi bows the most. Its well textured as well, which plays a huge role in pieces like this. It is also very simple, yet elegant. It really makes me ask the question to myself: Why don't I have more things from Chapeau tres Mignon? *Goes to buy more pretties*

What: 1920's Antique Headress - $300L
Where: Chapeau tres Mignon, Dreamworld East (184, 194, 21)

Wow, okay. I have no idea where to start this entry. I've been so excited this past week for one huge event: the final Last Call sale. If you ask my partner, he would probably tell you how exhausting it was to constantly listen to me say "OMG Last Call Sale on Friday!!" every five minutes. So, I logged on at 3am this morning, and headed to the Canimal sim to impatiently wait for the Dazzle sim to open. I was one of the lucky ones who got in right at 9am, I was just beaming with glee as I shoved through the lag (omg, the lag was TERRIBLE... even worse than ETD, and people refused to take off their scripted things! -_-)


What I beelined to first was the Catwalk collection. I have been wanting a few of these for months, and now that they were reduced to $300L, I thought it was the perfect time to buy some. I purchased 11 outfits from the Catwalk collection, 5 of my favorites is pictured here. I've specifically wanted the Arachne the most (pictured far left), so I was totally grinning ear to ear when I seen it in my inventory after I bought it.


All other clothing items made by Ginny and Devyn were marked down to $100L. I bought 63 of these, but only pictured 4. If I pictured all 63, omg, blogger would hate me! There was a few more items I wanted, but they were either not set for sale (Frida Autumnal) or priced at regular price (Dressage Expansion pack and Gabrielle). I think I'll go back later this month after the lag lessens, and check on them again.


I also picked up a few gowns. I think Last Call makes the some of the best gowns in SL, so I picked up a few of them in various colors. Oh, and I managed to pick up every wedding dress in the place... because I have an odd soft spot for wedding dresses.

So, go check out the awesomeness at Last Call! Don't forget that Devyn's items in Moderno is on sale for $100L as well, so you can pick some up for your partner, or even yourself *guilty of buying a few pants from Moderno for herself*. And before you go, please respect the other shoppers who are trying to walk by removing all your scripted things before you hit the teleport button. Happy Shopping! ^^

SLURL: Last Call, Dazzle (68, 13, 28)

Whoa, where has Sai been?! Its been a while since I last posted. Because Last Call's mega sale full of awesomeness is coming up, I've been refraining from shopping... in my pathetic attempt to save money. I'm sure I'll have buckets full of things to blog about after tomorrow though O.o Anyway, onto the entry...

I really love the Chai skins. Because my favorite shape doesn't do these skins much justice, I haven't purchased any yet. So, when I heard that this month's issue of Second Style was going to include a special makeup from Chai, I was very happy. After reading the magazine (which I love just as much as the Chai skin), I tried the skin on.


As expected, it didn't look right on my shape. But! I took this opportunity to play with the sliders and I think I came up with something that looks semi-worthy of this skin. Though, I'm pretty sure it looks like a shape-makers worst nightmare, to the trained eye. Hey, its my first try! I love the face on these skins, and omg... the eyebrows! I wish I had these eyebrows IRL. -.-


The body is great, I really like the shading and highlights. Looks like it might be time to buy myself a Chai skin this weekend (after I recover from the Last Call sale, of course). ^^ Anyway... this comes with the Vedette makeup in the normal Chai tones: Cinnamon, cream, ginger, honey, nutmeg, and sugar as well as freckles options.


ZOMG. Sale at ETD. ETD makes some of my most favorite hairstyles, and I just love each piece of hair that comes out of that place. So, when I heard that there was a sale going on, I began trying to teleport right when the sim opened back up. Of course, the sim was already full, so I was forced to go to the neighboring sim and bump into the border until it let me in.


For this entry, I pictured my favorite 4 from the tons that I bought. O_o All the hair I bought was purchased in the Ebony color pack, which was priced at only $25L! OMG. Some of the bigger packs range in price from $50L to $350, depending on the size of the pack. The lag there is HORRIBLE, and the sim has been full ever since the sale started. So, if you are lucky enough to get it, and patient enough to swim through the lag - its very worth it. The sale ends on January 26th, so there is still time. Happy shopping ^^

SLURL: ETD, ETD Isle (194, 192, 31)

Back when I was a newbie, one of the first things I ever purchased was a Japanese school uniform. I love the uniforms that students in Japan wear, so I wanted to own one in SL. I pick up uniforms when I see them, but never found one that is just jaw dropping. That is - until I stumbled upon Edelweiss. I was in awe at how great these looked, definitely the best I have ever seen.


This one is Lily. It comes with different versions for the various seasons. And - this was a complete set. You get an animated standing pose, animated sitting pose, shoes, socks, and a few versions of this uniform. Anyone ever see the anime, Maria-sama ga Miteru? Yep, this is strikingly similar.


This next one is Ferris. This one did not come with the shoes, though they are available to purchase at the shop for $300L. These are amazing and very well made. They took quite a bit of editing and stretching to get them to fit my shape, but it was worth it. While this didn't come with the animated poses like Lily did, its definitely beautiful.


Next up: Meijiro. Similar to Ferris, this doesn't come with the shoes or poses. These are not exactly cheap uniforms, priced at $600L each, but they the quality is superb. Ah~ an awesome thing about these - they come with a "Guarantee" object, that if something happens to your uniform, or you lose it, you wear the guarantee and click the guy at the counter in the shop... and he will give you a new one! Pretty cool, eh?


I love the short, anime style of school uniforms. So, naturally, I wished these to be shorter. That means one thing: make them tiny! Yep, I shortened each one and paired them with a great pair of legwarmers I picked up from Reaction Girl.

What: Mejiro, Lily, and Ferris -$600L each. Loafers - $300L
Where: Edelweiss, Zero Style (233, 57, 31)

I was so excited when I heard about the Creators Stamp Rally (CSR). I was totally confused at how to do it at first, but it was very fun. And! Free gifts were at the end of the stamping! I was very happy. Through all my shopping, I had 7 stamp cards, so I attached 6 to HUD positions and carried one in my hand - no way was I going around the grid to 20 shops with cards attached to every part of my body. It was fun to see all the shops that participated, and check out their items. I did get all 7 cards stamped, and got 7 gifts... though I will only show two of my favorites.


The reason I participated in the CSR - the Curious Kitties Pretty Jinsei outfit. I love Curious Kitties, so I HAD to get this outfit no matter what the cost. I love it so much, and it came with almost all items I pictured. The only three things it didn't include was the hair, skin and shape. It did come with a necklace, bracelets, boots, stockings, hat, and outfit! OMG, awesome. However - I must warn you: you need to wear underwear with it. I'm not sure if it was just me, but when I was doing pictures, I found that the glitch pants allow... certain bits to be shown. So, wear some undies with them ^^


Now, I am a HUGE anime/manga fan, and really love anime-inspired things. So, when I seen this outfit, I immediately thought of the manga, Vampire Knight. Anyway. This was a complete avatar set. It came with hair, skin, shape, outfit, wings with particle effects, boots.... everything. However, I chose not to picture most of it. I used my own shape, skin and hair, and didn't wear the wings. Still looks pretty cool.

I also got a dress from Honey Kitty, a totally cute maid outfit from Edelweiss, and so much more. And - going around to these Japanese sims and exploring some of their shops in the process was very fun. Check out the Edelweiss site for more information!

Today, I'll be reviewing some shapes. I love my shape, and it has the most sentimental value to me, because it was one of the first things I purchased back when I was a newbie. So, while it it unlikely that I'll change my shape for good, its nice to have shapes for different skins, for pictures. So, when Dakota Lubitsch dropped some shapes on me, and I tried them out right away. I'm always excited to try out new shapes, though I always go back to my original one.


This is Daisy. And something that needs to be said - these are definitely not your perfect virtual Barbie. I think this is great though. Seems only a handful are making more "realistic" shapes, and it always makes me happy to see people wearing shapes with a few flaws. Flaws are beautiful.


I think in showing shapes, it is important to show a few different skins with them. I have an embarrassing amount of skins in my inventory, so I grabbed a few of them and put them on this Daisy shape, so you can see how it looks with the more popular skin lines.


Next: Lily. Again, this shape has its flaws, but they are great. It really takes a brave shape maker to create shapes like these. There are so many shapes out there that are so unrealistic, its past the point of faces like this: O_o . So, I am glad to see these shapes that have qualities I can relate to in real life.


The same skins as before, this time on Lily. In the ads at the shop, 3 different skins are pictured with each shape, which I think is great. Though - what I would love to see is: demo shapes. I love demo shapes, and think they are the best thing to offer in selling shapes. I have bought so many that looks good in pictures, but doesn't look good after I shell out the lindens for it. So, it gets stuffed into a folder forever. So, if there was one thing I'd suggest for Dakota (or any other shape maker, for that matter): put out some demo shapes. ^_^

I did nothing to these skins, except change eyelash length to 0, so I could put my prim lashes on them. These are priced very well at only $250L a shape. They are Mod/Copy/No Trans, which would allow you to make a few changes to them, make a dress shape, and personalize it to your own style, if you like.

What: Daisy and Lily - $250L each
Where: Dakota's Shapes, Pearly (82, 93, 23)

Little different post today, but I was inspired by this great dress by Triangle Caudron. Now, it doesn't look all that great on me because I refused to wear the system skirt that came with it. But~ I still wanted to wear this and go take pictures. Also, I downloaded the Another Skin's PSDs the other day, and have wanted to play with them. This skin is the result. For this dress, and the skin I did, there was only one appropriate sim to take pictures at. Silent.


I really love the Silent sim, and I think its a wonderful, stunning work of art. I wanted to make a look with minimal color, which I think I did pretty well.


The skin, omg. I really loved playing with this in Photoshop. It really made me realize just how much work goes into creating a skin, and I think Eloh Eliot is really amazing for offering us her PSDs. This was really fun to edit, and make it just how I wanted it.


I took so many pictures during my visit to Silent, it was difficult to choose which ones I wanted to put on here. To conclude this entry, I just want to say: thank you, Eloh Eliot, for making your PSDs available to the SL community.