I was lucky enough to pick up the special preview of this skin as a freebie a few weeks ago from Digital Dragon Designs, but now the finished skin is available! When Zoey Pinkdot, the creator behind them dropped some review copies on me, I put them on as soon as I had a chance. I am quite picky about the skins I wear, but I was actually pleasantly surprised with these.


But, I did find a couple things that I wasn't too sure about, so I'll start with those. I don't think I'm fond of the lips that much. It is not that I don't like their shape or anything, they are very cute in that respect - but the problem I have is how 'sharp' they look. I usually like soft lips, with a bit of blur to them, but these seem to be too pixelized or metallic even. Even the gloss seems a bit metallic-ish. Some makeups in this set appear to be more so than others, but it could just be me. Another thing I noticed - and this is just a minor thing, really - is that when zoomed out, the area around the mouth seems a little too light. The body picture below shows that.

I do really like the rest of the face shading though, and there are so many makeups that would please even the most picky people (like me!). I changed my shape to wear these, because my normal shape wasn't really the best choice for showing them.


What I think is the best part of this skin, is the body. Highlighting and shading is a huge thing for me, and this is where this skin excels. It looks very hand drawn, for those of you who like that that. I am also quite fond of the knees. I hear knees are difficult to do for skin makers, but these are probably among the best I've seen. ^^

These skins come in a ton of tones and makeup options (40 for each tone, I think I read somewhere), but I only pictured a few of my favorites here. For more pictures on the available options, you should check them out in world, or even on the Digital Dragon blog. Tons of options are available.

What: Seductive Skins - $750L for a single skin or $2500L for a pack of 4
Where: Digital Dragon Designs, Digital Dragon (113, 113, 23)
What Else: Bikini by Last Call, hair by ETD, poses by Imperial Elegance. See the new In-World-Locations page for SLURLs!

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    It's funny how certain aspects of skins, or anything created really, can annoy one and excite another. I personally really like the crispyness of the lips! I think you look gorgeous that way, haha! Makes me want to go try them now. But I feel you on the pale stuff around the mouth... Makes you want to say "Got Milk?" LOL! By the way, you forgot to mention where the eyes are from :O Gasp! I know they are Japanese, but I cannot remember and it drives me bonkers, been looking everywheeeere???

  2. Ah, hehe, the eyes... I actually blogged them a while ago, and you can find them at Glanz, Higashiosaka (90, 101, 22). Its so tiny in that shop, if you turn around, you'll find yourself out the door! :P

    I think I'm just extremely picky with skins... Like, its almost to the point of freakishness. Haha~ but I'm glad someone agrees with me pn the lighter mouth ^^

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    I see the light around the mouth too and the oddness of the nose reallllly bothers me to a point of it being disturbing.

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    Oh, believe me, I am a skin freak too! I actually ONLY strictly wear Toast and Nylon skins. I love love love manyyyy other skins like Karamia, etc... But never succeeded into incorporating them :( *pout* So I totally know how it feels. But I was saying like, it's funny how 2 freak-skinners like us actually freak out on different skins. What makes you go eeeew might actually make all the difference to me, and vice versa, haha! And to that anon: I don't see what's wrong with the nose. Maybe it's just the way Sai is shaped, don't you think?
    And and FANKOO on the SLurl. Gone shoppiiiing now, after I finish my dayum Another Hundraiser skins, that is! *sigh*

  5. Very true on the skins, elka... thats why its so great there are tons of skins on the market now ^^ gives us tons of options for the various styles. Though, I almost wish there wasn't so many options because I can never find time to wear them all! *cries* And omg, you are participating in the Another Fundraiser? Yay~ I can't wait to see what you make ^^

    Hmm... the nose. *squints eyes* I don't really see anything too funky about it. This isn't my normal shape, but as elka said, that could be the problem you see. Not too sure though.

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    @ the anon: I dont like the nose either and its not the shape Sai is wearing because it was as wierd shaped on the DDD website. It almost looks bat shaped lol how can you not see it? Its the first thing i noticed too besides the white mouth stuff

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    Thanks so much for the review sai! Its funny how skins are so very specefic for each person. I have actually sent a couple of notecards out to people who have purchased and people who have tried demos and not purchased these skins to find out what people like and what people dont like. And the conclusion? Mass confusion and most certainly not the difinitive answers I was hoping for. lol. There is no way you can possibly please even a mass majority of people. With skins it really is just a hit and miss. Some people hate the mouth highlights and some have loved them. Some adore the lips and some can't stand them. Some say more shine and some say less. Some love the fact that they aren't exceptionally photorealistic and others want them to be more photorealistic. I like them...especially on my shape. But anyone who knows me knows that I will bore of them soon and move onto another designers' skins. haha. I'm just going to continue making skins and combining different factors. Hopefully one day I'll have something for nearly everyone. :D

    As far as anon and paige go, thanks so much for the 'constructive' criticism. Its good to know people know how to critique others artistry with tact. Oh..wait...*rolls eyes*

  8. Yeah, it is difficult to make something that caters to every person's taste, really. The most a person can do is try their best and keep checking out different styles and find a medium in between all of them.

    As for the nose... I've done so much squinting at it to see what Paige and Anonymous are seeing, I think I'm at the point where I'm going blind. *Shrugs*

    I did the most honest review that I could... If I have given you any ideas for future versions, my job is complete. ^^

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    You did fantastic sai and thank you so much for that. When I was surveying the customers I was pretty much begging them to be honest and tell me what they liked and didn't like. I can't change anything or adapt unless someone lets me know. You did just that. :)