Gah~ I apologize for my lack of blogging the past day and a half! Hana, my dog in real life went to get spayed yesterday, and she hasn't been feeling well. But, it seems she's doing better tonight, so I can sneak away to blog! ^^

Orchid Dreams - SaSa Wedge Shoes

Orchid Dreams - I love the name of the shop, the creator, and the products. Emeriselle Theas, the creator behind this little piece of Japanese creativity, has great sculptie skills, and these adorable shoes show it. Spring is coming up on me really soon, and these wedges are just perfect for many dresses I have tucked away in my inventory.

I really adore these wedges, especially the little bows. XD They come in 5 patterns, though I only pictured 4 of them. The fifth one that I didn't picture was a blue version of the pink wedge.

What: SaSa Wedge Shoes - $175L each, or $600L for the fatpack of all 5
Where: Orchid Dreams, Asagao (53, 37, 22)

Adam n Eve is best known to me for their skins, but they do sell a number of other products. I have yet to try on their gowns (omg, I sooooo need to do that soon!), but I do have a couple pairs of their shoes, and I love them.

Adam n Eve - Scamander Heels

Here is the new Scamander Heels in bronze and black. OMG - No pointy toe! :D For those who read my blog often, you know I have huge issues with pointy toed shoes, and I have made it my quest to find rounded sculptie heels. However, these are detailed (just look at that zipper!), awesomely textured, sculptie, inexpensive, and .... not pointy! The perfect shoe for me. XD They have demos in each color, which is great because I can't even count the times I spent $L on a color that didn't match the way I wanted to. These, you know exactly what you get before you buy. Pure awesomeness. ^^

They look fun to roam around the grid in - makes me want to buy that funky afro I seen the other day, and put on my super-flared jeans. ^^

What: Scamander Heels in bronze and black - $200L each
Where: Adam n Eve, Genesis (47, 153, 23)

Ok, I apologize in advance for my squee post that will happen here. I am totally in love with the jewelry that comes from Yabusaka, and I can't seem to get enough. I had seen this awesome post with pictures, but stoopid RL got in my way and I never made it to the shop to pick up a set for myself O.o . So, I was bouncing off the walls when Yabusaka Loon, the creator behind Yabusaka, dropped a set on me.

Yabusaka - 07 Set

This is an awesome set, I'm shocked that more people don't blog things from this place. This is almost entirely made of sculpted prims, and the sculpties are perfect, creative, and omg - totally squee worthy. XD Another thing that really makes this set look so great is the textures. Textures on jewelry are difficult to master (as I've learned by fighting with some jewelry I've been tinkering with), but I think Yabusaka Loon has gotten them down perfectly.

Yabusaka - 07 Set Closeup

Though, to truly see how great this piece is, you'd have to zoom in closer to it. It's beautiful and the more I look at it, the more tiny details I find. This set comes with earrings, a necklace, and bracelets for both arms. And! You can change the color of the pearls by clicking on them! They can change to 4 different textures - so they can go with anything you wish to wear ^^

So, if you haven't been to Yabusaka yet, omg, you *must* go! XD When I went to the shop to collect a SLURL for this post, I happened to run into the two creators behind Yabusaka and Kyccie's, which I have blogged before. And, I kid you not, these two are some of the sweetest people I've met in SL. While there, they showed me a new Collaboration set they have done together - so look for my post on that shortly! ^^

What: 07 Set, $500L
Where: Yabusaka, Honmoku (122, 200, 23)
What Else: Dress by Icing, hair by Truth (omg, my new most favoritest hair - Berri 2!!), poses by Imperial Elegance. See the In-World Locations page for SLURLs.

I am definitely no stranger to Edelweiss. I've previously blogged several school uniforms from there, and even participated in the CSR event because I wanted their pink maid outfit. O.o They are known to me as the cosplay heaven, and I love things like that. So, naturally, when I heard they released a new outfit called Emma, I *HAD* to get it.

Edelweiss - Emma

OMG, this looks totally just like the Emma's maid outfit from the anime/manga series, Victorian Romance Emma (which, omg, was one of the *best* shoujo animes ever created! XD). I love it to pieces. As with most Edelweiss products, this comes in a variety of options, which keeps a rabid fangirl like me as happy as a clam. ^^ Though, I have to say: I was a tad bit disappointed this outfit did not include glitch pants. I did make my own, and while that wasn't difficult, I think it would have been a little weird to walk around without them. O.o I had IM'ed the creator thinking it might have been a slight error, but well, it wasn't. So, be warned: this has no pants.

But still, it is easy to make your own pants, and its totally worth it. I adore this set... even if I will only wear it while picking up spare prims in my skybox XD. I wish I could find somewhere that has done Emma's hairstyle now. *pokes hair creators*

What: Emma - $600L
Where: Edelweiss, Zero Style (221, 71, 29)
What Else: Hair by Zero Style, shoes by Edelweiss, neko ears by SkinPop. See the In-World Locations page for SLURLs.

BareRose - Over The Rainbow

The quality of June Dion's clothing from BareRose amazes me. So, when I seen this cute "Over the Rainbow" set from her, I went and bought it. OMG, I love it. While wearing the backpack around the grid isn't really practical, I never want to take these pants off! I love the map, the oil cans, the sculpted pockets, the wrench, and omg.... the lantern! I'm not entirely sure that you can see in the image, but it has a little candle with particle effects in it.

BareRose - Over The Rainbow Backpack

I wanted to show a close up of the backpack, because it looks amazing. Since this is a BareRose product, you definitely get amazing quality at a really low price. This set comes with a brown version of the pants, as well as a green pair, a few more color variations of the shirt, gloves, the backpack, and the pictured necklace.

What: Over The Rainbow - $150L
Where: BareRose, Bare Rose (67, 33, 38)
What Else: Hair by ETD, boots by Shiny Things. See the In-World Locations page for SLURLs.

Aohara - Hakkaku

I went wandering around the Aoharu sim, and found this amazing Hakkaku. I love the white on this, and I found it totally awesome. This came with a white jacket as well as a red jacket, both shown in the picture. It came with three different hairs, 2 of which I didn't picture (omg, yes, the hair is included!). ^^

Aoharu Freebie

Also, I found this totally cute freebie on the wall. Free, quality kimonos are quite rare in SL, but this is one of them. I paired it with a hair I picked up for free some time ago from SoulFire. ^^

What: Kimono Hakkaku - $800L and Kimono Kohuku $0L
Where: Aoharu, Aoharu (112, 125, 23)
What Else: Hair by SoulFire, poses by Imperial Elegance. See the In-World Locations page for SLURLs.

Wow, blogger would not let me log in to post this entry today O.o But anyway, now that I'm able to, I will proceed with my post!

Canimal makes many of my favorite things. My most favorite outfit, Absinthe is made by her. I think I own half her store, and my alt even sported an older Canimal skin for a long time. So, when the Canimal sim opened back up from renovations, I was excited, and TP'ed away. Unfortunately, I didn't have much time to explore and see everything, so I only managed to purchase a few skirts... and I didn't even get a chance to look at her new Essence skin line. However, when I logged in this morning to see she had dropped me some review copies, omg, I think I died. :P

Canimal - Essence Skins Faces

The names of these skins are the most creative I've seen. Instead of being named after tones or people's names, the tones are named after a female quality and the makeups are derived from the phrase "The Essence of...." . I love the creativeness. Anyway, I did change my shape for these, because my normal shape doesn't really show them very well, so I used a shape I found randomly sitting my inventory. But, these are the five tones, grace, charm, lust, mystery, and charisma in the Simplicity makeup. I really like the faces, especially the lips. I should also point out - you can change the color, as well as the amount of gloss on the lips. ^^

Oh! And another awesome thing - these skins come with a variety of eyebrow bases! I am a total moron when it comes with working the eyebrow sliders, so these skins come with various types (pointy, thin, rounded), to suit just about any preference. ^^

Canimal - Essence Skins Body

I am totally in love with the bewb shading. When I seen them, I was like: "OMG! I have cleavage!" The rest of the body is well done as well, the seams are minimal, and the shading/highlighting is amazing. The skins do come with a set of eyes, which I have mixed feelings on (a tad bit too veiny and small for my taste), but I decided to show the blue colored eye, because I really love the color of it.

What: Essence Skins in Simplicity makeup - $800L each
Where: Canimal, Canimal (176, 85, 24)
What Else: Hair by Truth, bikini by artilleri. See the In-World Locations page for SLURLs.

Endeavor - Angel Eye

It seems one person can never have enough eyes. While wandering around a Japanese sim, I came across a shop called Endeavor. They had a giant selection of eyes, but I only picked up the Angel Eyes in Sapphire. These are very well made, I love them, and they even came with eye bling. Well.... "sparkle" attachments, I think they are called. :P

What: Angel Eyes in Sapphire - $120L
Where: Endeavor, Aventi Island (177, 176, 23)
What Else: Hair by Naughty Designs, shirt by Winter Moon. See the In-World Locations page for SLURLs.

I have to be honest, when Minnu Model Skins rolled out their new faces a while ago, I was totally disappointed. From people's preview pictures, they had looked so incredibly awesome, I was so excited to see them when they came out. But - after trying on a demo, they did not look good on my shape at all. But, now that I'm tweaking shapes a little more, I decided to try on a demo again, and see if I could make my shape work with these.

Minnu - NF Linda Face

I think - what was so terrifying to me about the new faces... is the eyelid crease. I wasn't entirely fond of it, and I can't find out how to lessen it, but I think the dark eye makeup in this skin helps with that. I do like the eyebrows a bit better on these, they are not so paper thin as the other ones from Minnu. So - while I wasn't fond of them before, they are growing on me as I get better at modifying my shape to suit them. I am beginning to like this skin very much, and I keep finding little things in my face to tweak to make it look better and such. ^^

Minnu - NF Linda

And, the body seems to be the same great quality that Minnu puts out, so no worries there. I don't really think anything changed with the body. But - once Linden Labs works out content theft, and Minnu starts releasing again, I would love to see this in new tones and new makeups to experiment with. Though, I hope these will not replace the original faces because those still remain my favorites from Minnu.

By the way, anyone notice the Glam World 3 sim on the map? Can't wait to see whats going on there ^^ And omg - I've been trying to hunt down that hair that Minnu Palen has on the cover of Glam SL magazine, I have no idea where to find it! TT_TT

What: NF Linda in Pale - $1200L
Where: Minnu Model Skins, Glam World (100, 176, 23)
What Else: Hair by Truth, bikini by Winter Moon, poses by Imperial Elegance. See the In-World Locations page for SLURLs.

After receiving a notice from FashCon about a $1L item from The Crystal Queendom, I went to check it out. I grabbed the $1L item and looked around a bit. I was amazed at some of the items here, and decided to purchase a couple things.

The Crystal Queendom - Shazen

This was the dress for $1L. Its only for a limited time though, so you'd better get it in the next few days. I think this is a great gown, and comes with a surprising number of options. You can wear a short skirt version, a long skirt, or you can combine the two to create another look, as I did in the pictures. I think the textures on this gown is just amazingly fantastic. ^^

The Crystal Queendom - Gentle Rain

This is Gentle Rain, and is available for a $100L for only a few more days as well. I loved the Asian feel to this, so I grabbed it. When I brought it home and tried it on, I did notice this had so major seam issues. Apparently, this is one of their older designs, so I can hope the seam issues are only a early design flaw. I mean, who DOESN'T have seam issues when they start designing? :P Though, I have to admit - when it goes back to original price at $600L.... that may be a bit too much to ask for something with such obvious seamage. But thats just my opinion.

The Crystal Queendom - Shawoman Glamour

I talked myself into buying this amazing gown called Shawoman Glamour. From the pictures, I didn't realize the dress was so.... poofy. But, its still pretty. I doubt I will wear this out and about, but I liked taking pictures of it! The most amusing part of this dress, however - was the shoulder cape attachment. It's cute, fancy, and totally flexi. ^^ This gown came with several options, including 2 types of gloves, as well as three different gown options. There are tons more mix/match options you can come up with, but with how giant the dress was, I didn't have any more room to show you them all. O.o

What: Shazen - $1L For a limited time, Gentle Rain - $100L For a limited time, Shawoman Glamour - $1000L
Where: The Crystal Queendom , Vigdorova (45, 51, 320)
What Else: Hair by Truth. Poses by Imperial Elegance. See the In-World Locations page for SLURLs.

Side Note: I am considering creating a blog with an alt account, specifically focused mainly on MALE freebies. There are awesome freebie blogs for females, but none that really only focuses on males. I am wondering if anyone would be interested in this idea?

I love anime, and I love SL anime eyes. It seems every time I step my pixelated toes onto a Japanese sim, I manage to come out of it with a new set of eyes.

Nekome Dou - HUM Eyes 01

In this trip, I came across these eyes made by Nekome Dou. They really are not big enough for my taste, but they are still really cute. This place had a lighter version of these colors, but I really loved the deep blue in this one, so I got this pack. For $60L, it was not a bad deal at all. ^^

What: HUM Eyes 01 - $60L
Where: Nekome Dou, Kauai (160, 184, 23)
What Else: Hair by ETD. See the In-World Locations page for SLURLs.

I'm going to spare you all the V-day stuff because frankly - I'm not fond of it. Instead, I'll ramble along about my favorite hair shop while I watch horror movies all day. ^^ On to the post: I love Zero Style, and I love their textures the most. I recently wandered in there and came across the most adorable hair style I have ever seen.


As soon as my eyes hit it, I hit the buy button. ^^ Its just soooo cute, girly and totally filled with Zero Style goodness. I love everything about this hairstyle, especially the bangs. They are, in my opinion, the best bangs I've ever seen. I wish I could get my RL bangs to look this way TT_TT I picked this style up in the Darks pack, that came with the colors Chestnut, Dark Chocolate, and Raven.

What: Candi in Darks - $300L
Where: Zero Style, Zero Style (122, 134, 38)
What Else: Hoodie by Pushbutton Industries, shirt by Boing Fromage. See the In-World Locations page for SLURLs.

There are few things that make me go: "OMFG, I *must* have that!" when I see them on the feed. This beautiful jewelry set was one of them. As soon as I saw it, I wanted it sooo bad.


I bought it and tried it on when I got home, and I really love it. It is made up of several sculpted pieces (man, I wish I could make sculpties like these TT_TT), and they look very amazing. It comes with 4 gem colors, which you can flip through by touching it. I pictured 3 of them, the fourth is a light green-ish color.


I couldn't decide is I wanted silver or gold, so I bought both. There is only one thing that I dislike about it: the necklace is shaped weird, and doesn't fall naturally on the body like many other jewelry pieces do. But, that is perfectly okay, because its pretty-ness makes up for it ^^

What: Kyccie's and Yabusaka Collaborated Accessories 01 in Silver and Gold - $560L Each
Where: Kyccie's, Honmoku (40, 137, 22)
What Else: Hair by Naughty Designs, dress by Evie's Closet. See the In-World Locations page for SLURLs.

I took a break from playing with tiny prims today (omg, my eyes are screaming at me!) to take pictures of these amazing skins from Dutch Touch. I looooved the Amy line, but the tone was too light for me. I can't even begin to count how many times I tried on the demo, thinking I could deal with how light it was. But - I just couldn't, so I never bought it. So! When I read about the new darker toned skins of the Amy line, OMG, I was in total squeeing fangirl mode. So, squeeing will continue in this post, my apologies. :P


What I love most about these skins, and all of Iki's skins, for that matter, is the shading. Its very dark, and gives an amazing hand-drawn look. I am also quite fond of the lips - they look very soft and glossy.


The body is just as good. I really love the new tones for the Amy skins, although I think the Tan is my most favorite. If you haven't tried on the demos for these, omg, you really should!

I tried joining the Iki's Dutch Touch group, but it seems to be closed now? When I sent a notecard requesting to be added to the person listed in the Group Charter, I never heard back, nor recieved an invite. -_- Ah well. I tried.

What: Skin 5 Tanned Lola and Skin 7 Almond Smokey Smooth - $950L Each
Where: Dutch Touch, Willow Beach (30, 216, 32)
What Else: Hair by ETD, Bikini by Winter Moon. See the In-World Locations page for SLURLs.

The blog feeds seem to be ALL over the new items by GHOST, so I'm going to contribute my thoughts as well. I attended the amazing Glam SL Fashion Show, and ever since I seen them there, I *HAD* to get a few items from there. So, I went on a shopping spree there, purchasing a few new items, as well as an older release.


First - this is my favorite Ghost outfit, Valle Dark. OMG, its so huge and flow-y, and omg - BLACK! I love love love black, and these are amazing. This has great textures, and incredible details.


Next is 7AM. This is great with both a long skirt, and a shorter one. Very, very, cute. I wore the short version for half a day, and the longer for the remaining half XD I could not decide which I wanted to wear, so I wore them both!


Zero Shadow, was released a while ago, and I wanted it then, but finally decided to purchase it today. And - I'm totally glad I did. I definitely did not realize that this came with three different skirt options, all shown in the above picture.

What: Valle Dark - $450L, Zero Shadow - $300L, 7AM - $220L
Where: GHOST!, Sensual Productions (32, 106, 25)
What Else: Hair by ETD, shoes by 69. See the In-World Locations page for SLURLs.

Gah~ Sorry for my lack of posting! I've been having some serious insomnia, and trust me - my sleepy posts are totally not good. But! I have been feeling better, so I'm ready to start blogging again. This post will be a little different than usual, because I want to show off the costume I wore to the Illusions Marti Gras Masque 2008 last night. I spent A LOT of time on this, making sure I was under the 200 prim limit, and putting everything together. I am very, very, proud of it, and want to show it off a bit more ^^


Here it is! OMG, I really love it. I started with the Ageha Wedding dress from BareRose, but it had too many prims, so I only used the top layer of the skirt (the lacey/ribbony part). I loved it, and was determined to use it as some sort of addition to a normal gown. I modified Last Call's Moderna by taking off a big bow in the back, to use it it as the base. That part turned out reasonably well.


The Ageha BareRose gown came with some wings, but they really were not what I was looking for. So, I headed off to Material Squirrel to find some wings. I checked out the demos (of every single one) several times, before deciding on the Winter Fairy wings. OMG, they were a great choice, and look amazing with the dress.


I hunted in my inventory for a mask, and found the perfect Valkyrie mask from Illusions. Perfect. Hair - I have an expansive selection of hair all in black. I knew I wanted white hair, but... well, I had no white hair that would fit perfectly over the mask I chose. I headed to Truth (since ETD was closed), and picked up the Berri dollarbie hair (with all shades!). OMG, perfect x2. My neck looked bare, so I used Muse's Christmas Group Gift, considering it was only 22 prims. ^^

My original planned shoes was a Stiletto Moody pair, but considering they were 20 prims each, they were not an option. I found Maitreya's Enchant that were only 7 prims each! Even if you can't see them in the pictures, they really are there ^^

Where to Find: Ageha Wedding - BareRose, Moderna Gown - Last Call, Valkyrie Mask - Illusions, Winter Fairy Wings - Material Squirrel, Berri - Truth, Bells and Ribbons - Muse, Enchant - Maitreya. See the In-World Locations page for SLURLs.

Side Note: More pictures of the Illusions Marti Gras Masque 2008 can be seen on my Flickr stream here. And, OMFG - I was invited to the amazing Glam SL Magazine opening! I arrived and seen some of the biggest names in SL fashion. It was such an honor to be invited and sit in the same room as these amazing talents. My PC was freaking out, I crashed twice, and models wouldn't rez properly for pictures for me, but - it was amazing. I had such a great time, and spent 99,9% of it in total fangirl-mode. It took everything I had not to IM each person there and ask for an autograph. :P The pictures I was able to grab at this show can also be found at my flickr stream here.

There are certain things I see, that I HAVE to own, and will go to extreme lengths to find it. I had seen this specific kimono on several pictures, and I loved it to pieces. I eventually asked the Fashion Emergency group to help me out on finding it. I linked a picture, and omg, they instructed me to go to BareRose.

I love BareRose very much, and how this outfit escaped me, I have no idea. But, sure enough, it was there. I found it right away among the hundreds of items, which was surprising. I had made myself a cup of coffee, and expected to be hunting for a few hours. O.o

BareRose - Uchikake

OMG, I bought it, took it home, and tried it on. I LOVE it! While its definitely not something I will wear often, I think it will be perfect for pictures on some of the amazing Japanese sims out there. And since this is a BareRose outfit, it comes with a ton of stuff. The outfit, the shoes, as well as the fan came with it. I love the rich colors of this outfit as well, they pop out, and the textures make it look super soft and silky. I had actually purchased a set of animated fans (that matched amazingly perfect) from Orchid Dreams to go with this, but totally forgot to picture them. TT_TT

What: Uchikake - $140L
Where: BareRose, Bare Rose (146, 12, 30)
What Else: Hair and ornaments by Zero Style. See the In-World Locations page for SLURLs!

Lycee - PonPon Cape

I'm obsessed with fuzzy things with bows. So, when I seen these in my Japanese sim wanderings, I *HAD* to get them. I love these, and they are totally cute, however - they are too small for me, and non modifiable. Its probably not such a big deal, but if I can't get an attachment to fit just right on my shape, I will not wear it. My shoulders pop out of the sides of these, but omg, its just so cute!

I will most likely end up modifying my shape to wear these, because I like them so much. They are great for smaller avatars though ^^

What: PonPon Cape in white as well as black - $100L each
Where: Lycee, Honmoku (148, 29, 36)
What Else: Hair by Zero Style, dresses by Armidi. See the In-World Locations page for SLURLs!

Side Note: Congrats to the Another Fundraiser team for the awesome fundraiser they did! You can see the few pictures of the closing party that I took on my flickr stream here.

ZOMG, I've just been in shoe overload these past few days. I recently found the Shiny Things reduced price section, then Stiletto Moody's sale... and now, I found a new place for sculpted boots! I have a few issues with the most popular boot makers, so I am trying to venture to lesser-known places. And omg, I'm shocked I don't see more people blogging about this place called J's. When I saw it on this blog post, I had to go check them out.

LooseFit Boots

I was not disappointed at all, either. This place has loads of stuff, and their boots even come with several different options to wear them! I immediately picked up these fantastic LooseFit Boots in black. They were a tad small, so for the first time in my SLife, I had to create a boot shape. Thats ok though, because these are awesome. They come with both styles shown, one with buckles, one without. So, its like... two boots in one! ^^ They come with 2 sizes as well. OMG, I love these.

Goth BeltBoots

Another boot I picked up is these really cute Goth BeltBoots. They come in options with and without buckles, and you can even mix up the options for more possibilities. The quality, and the options your receive with these boots is just amazing.

K3 Sandals

Boots not your thing? They also have some sandals and pointed toe heels. I picked up a pair of K3 Sandals in white. OMG, cute. They do have more shoes, and is definitely worth checking out. The prices are great, considering the quality of the sculpties. The have demos available for most of their boots as well. ^^ A real bummer though - they don't allow landmarks to be made on their land. Whats up with that?

What: LooseFit Boots in Black - $250L, Goth BeltBoots - $300L, K3 Sandals in White - $150L
Where: J's, Tsukishima (207, 232, 22)

Now, back to the RL family tradition of making tamales for the Superbowl. ^^

I'm sure people are going to scream at me over this, but I have no idea why Stiletto Moody's shoes are so darn expensive. It clicks, blings, its sculptie, but... doesn't most of the shoes out there do the same for half of the price? I never considered buying any of Stiletto Moody's shoes, just because they are totally out of my price range. So, when I heard they were having a sale for their group members, I wanted to see what all the fuss was about with these shoes.

Stiletto Moody Shoes

I dislike pointy toes, so I picked up a few of the non-pointed, non-platform ones. I'll give Stiletto credit, these are really pretty, detailed, and a lot of work went into these. But... Other shoe makers probably put out the same quality for the less the price. I thought everything was on sale, and purchased the wedge shoe - only find that it was full price. *sigh* -Note to self- READ group notice next time. But, with the exception of that one, I think I'll wait until she has her occasional sale to buy from her - just because I can't bring myself to pay over $750L for a heel that will get lost in my inventory. Perhaps I'm just not a shoe person? *shrugs*

So - the reason I'm blogging this is to let you guys know Stiletto Moody is having a 40% off sale on her winter collection (items on the pink floor are not on sale, as I found out the hard way), for her group members. So, join the group and check out the sale ^^ It lasts until Sunday.

SLURL: Stiletto Moody Shoes, Deauville (45, 29, 22)

Ok, sorry guys, I'm going to do yet another review of Tuli's upcoming S5 skins. You can all hate me now. I'm just so darn excited about them! ^^ I've been stalking Tuli's blog for weeks, waiting for new information on them. Zomg, I was just bouncing off the walls when she gave a release date, February 7th.


So, I slightly modified a shape I made for a Chai skin, and - its not perfect, but it definitely looks tons better with this skin than my normal shape. Sorry for all the pictures, I was having a little too much fun and got a little carried away -.-;; I love the body, it is very well highlighted and shaded... and the various moles spread about the body gives it the Tuli personality that I have seen common on her skins.


I have to admit that I love this face better than any other versions. The eyebrows look so much better to me, and omg, I ADORE the lips. S4's seemed a bit ... chapped to me, these look amazing. The makeups - omg, I love them all. However, I do have a suggestion for a future makeup! Really dark smoky eyes with slightly pink-ish lips. Every time I put these on, I'm just squealing with insane amounts of fangirl glee ^^

What: Tuli S5 Skins
Where: To be Released on Feb, 7th, 2008 at Tuli, Le Zoo (61, 166, 21)
What Else: Hair by Truth, Bikini by Mischief. See the In-World Locations page for SLURLs!

Don't forget to grab the S3 and S4 skins while you can! They will be retired once S5 comes out!