Tired of orange and black things yet? Well, I am. I have enough Halloween-inspired things to last me a lifetime. So, today I'll be showing the Harvest Faerie gown by Sparkle Skye. This post will also be slightly different than my normal style, because it is nearly impossible to get different views of a poofy ball gown in one picture. :D So, I guess this can be a LOTD/partial review blog post?


I was always the type of girl who never really liked Halloween, but loved dressing up in cute little outfits. I leaned more towards the cute gowns, rather than vampire, ghost or scary things. So, my choice of look today is definitely a gown!


I think this gown would also be fantastic after Halloween as well. It has pumpkins on it, but pumpkins are seasonal until at least Thanksgiving... right? It's also a very photogenic gown, which, I found that all Sparkle Skye's gowns are.


Oh, and I also hear.... that its on sale until tomorrow! So, if you want this beautiful gown (also comes with wings, wand, and matching accessories) at a fantastic price, gogogo now! ^^

Wearing: Gown by Sparkle Skye, hair by Detour, ears by Illusions. See the In-World Locations page for where to buy information.

Yet another outfit idea for you guys who are looking for something to wear for your Halloween parties ^^


Wearing: Outfit by Exile (comes in tons of options, and I think only available at Crimson Shadow for now), ears and wings by Illusions, boots by Shiny Things, hair by Deviant Kitties, facelight by CogNation. See the In-World Locations page for where to buy information.

Tonight was the first in a series of costume parties that I wanted to go to - so I will show off my costume for tonight, for those who are in need ideas for their own Halloween parties. :D


Wearing: Hair by Truth, ears by Illusions, costume (omg free!!!!) by Dernier Cri, boots by Shiny Things, facelight by CogNation. See the In-World Locations page for where to buy information.

OMG, the hunts just keep coming! I am in Halloween gift overload, srsly. My inventory is a total disaster, but I can't help myself from hunting every possible thing. :O So, the BareRose VIP group got word that there was a hunt going on, which will soon open to the public - but VIPs get first access! I did the hunt today, and looooooved the outfit. :D


Note: If you are in the BareRose update VIP group, check your notices for the notecard. If you are not a member - keep an eye out, because you'll be able to hunt them on October 29th through the 30th. And believe me - its a fun, cute hunt, and totally worth it! (And there are guys items in there too!)

Wearing: Outfit from BareRose hunt, boots by Yabusaka, hair by ETD, hair ornament from 69 (modified from the hair in the camp chair), ears by Illusions. See the In-World Locations page for where to buy information.

I felt like dressing up today and visiting some creepy haunted Halloween sims to scare the crap out of myself (I actually attempted Trepid Station last night and got so freaked out in the first 5 minutes that I came running home). :O But, I picked up some super adorable dresses from LVS & Co. for only $1L, and am determined to wear them! :D


Wearing: Dress by LVS & Co. (this particular dress can be found in the square, by the fishing spot), stockings by LeeZu Baxter, boots by Shiny Things, necklace by Alienbear, ears by Illusions, hair by Aden, facelight by CogNation.

I iz alive! OMG, with all the lucky chairs, lucky boards, and Halloween freebies, I've been frantically running around, trying to grab everything I can put in my arms before Halloween! As a result, my blog has been suffering. T_T But fear not! For the few days before Halloween, I will be showing you tons and tons of stuffs I've picked up! :D Until then, a little bundled up look that I've been sporting for the past few days:


Wearing: Cookie by Loco Poco's (from the adorable Halloween hunt), hair by Dernier Cri, sweater and undershirt by Armidi, jeans by Last Call (retired), boots by Shiny Things, ears by Illusions, muffler by DP* YumYum (in the lucky board), facelight by CogNation. See the In-World Locations page for where to buy information.

I blogged Hal*Hina's adorable camping set a while ago in a LOTD post, but I loved it so much, I decided to go back and buy another color! What is so great about them - is that they come in different versions, and you can wear them in various ways. :D


Wearing: Dress and fur muffler by Hal*Hina, hair by Truth, shoes by G Field, bracelets by Hi*Flo, pedicure by Skin Within, ears by Illusions, facelight by CogNation. See the In-World Locations page for where to buy information.

Also - I plan on bringing my man-alt out this weekend to do a LOTD on him. It appears the men out there only have a limited number of blogs to read, so I think I will be bringing him out more often. Perhaps I should do a Men's LOTD once a week or so?

So, at the Jewelry Expo, I did about 3 sweeps of it - first, to try to find the hunt items, second to look at the designs, third to go buy what caught my eye. And, I plan on going back for the fourth time to snatch up all the freebies I can get my paws on. :D

But, anyway - these are Sai's highlights of the jewelry expo this year. All of these do come with other varying pieces (earrings, and the like), but I chose to only picture the necklaces from them... because that is what I always tend to look at first.


From left to right: Cerrie Necklace by KessKreations, Diamond Set 01 by Yabusaka, The Red Queen by Genesis, and Amirah by Illusions.

OMG, each of these sets are so beautiful, and a new store has popped up on my list of favorite jewelry shops :D

Gogogogo to the Jewelry Expo!

So, a few nights ago, I waited half the night for Zaara's beautiful dress out of the lucky chair with a bunch of friends. Waiting for chairs with a group of fun people can be incredibly awesome :D After several hours, I finally snagged a wildcard and took off home to try it on - and I've been wearing it ever since. ^^


Wearing: Dress by Zaara Indian Couture, ears by Illusions, hair by 69 (OMG, I am sooooo in love with this hair), shoes by Maitreya, necklace by KessKreations (at her Jewelry Expo Booth), prim nails by Pixel Mode, facelight by CogNation. See the In-World Locations page for where to buy information.

And yes, I probably know what your thoughts are: ":O :O Sai is wearing something with color!" xD Well hey - this dress is worth it :D

I was feeling a bit in a strange mood the other day, and decided to go buy something I've had my eye on for a while. Only after I purchased it, I thought: "OMG, my boobs are viewable to the world!" I asked my friend Meara Deschanel what she wore with her faun avatar, and she pointed me to a place that had a great matching top. So, here is my look, completed with added help from Meara:


Note: The top didn't quite cover my nipples all the way, so after much trial and error with pasties, I ended up using Gianetti's nude ones, which worked fantastic, and were very easy to tint to my tone.

Wearing: Hair by Kin, horns, ears, legs and tail by Titania's Court, eyes by Miriel (was a previous group gift), pasties by Gianetti (found on XStreet), top by FireFlies, facelight by CogNation. See the In-World Locations page for where to buy information.