There was this one boa in this month's SecondStyle magazine that I loved. I was in a hurry, and didn't take note of who made it, so I had no idea where to start looking. And I didn't really want to search through 100-something pages to find it again.

So, I found myself at Liberte Fashions picking up a lingerie freebie a few days later. I decided to look around at their gowns a bit, and I was shocked when I seen the boa I wanted... in even more colors! OMG, I just about died right there.


I love it. I got it in black as well as white, and they are just as beautiful as the pictures in the magazine. I have absolutely no idea what I would wear with these, but they were definitely one of the weird things I *had* to have. They are fun, poofy, flexi, and totally one of my favorite things right now.

What: Bolero in black and white - $99L each
Where: Liberte Fashions, LOL Island (45, 93, 26)

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    That is such a cute outfit!!! I must have those boleros. LOL! TY for blogging them and this new shop!

  2. Yay~ glad I'm not the only one that *must* have them! The outfit is Kasbah from Digit Darkes, and is definitely one of my I-don't-know-where-to-wear-this outfits. ^^

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    i was going to ask where you got your cute outfit but Tymmerie beat me to it ;D

  4. Ah, lol, I guess I should start putting the details of my outfits at the bottom of my posts like other people do. I never really thought about that before O.o