I hate going to Armidi. I rarely go because of the lag (something there just slows my computer down), and I always find tons of stuff that I HAVE to have. *sigh* Seems I can't help myself in there. But, when the group notice came out about some new things, my fingers acted on their own, and I soon found myself standing in the middle of the Armidi sim.


First thing I found in my Armidi quest, is this amazing Cowl Lurex Sweater. And of course, since this is Armidi, I found myself buying it not only in black (as I usually buy in everything), but white and teal as well. The good thing about clothes from Armidi is that I don't have to edit them very much to fit my shape. Usually with things like this from other shops, I get so frustrated with editing, I want to rip my hair off. This was perfect on me. ^^


Next, I came across the Off Shoulder Boucle Sweater. Again, I purchased them in both white and black. I love the textures on both these and the Cowl Lurex Sweaters. They just look so warm and comfortable.


I don't think this is new and its probably been out for months, but I had to have it anyway. The Au Fraize Boucle Sweater. I got home and started trying on my new sweaters, when I realized.... I didn't buy this in black! Eep! I guess I was so excited to get home and see how these looked, I totally forgot! I'll have to pay another visit and pick up the black one.

Also, the hair pictured in all these shots is new as well! I love Armidi hair, and that one is total love. Its called The Rainy Day, and I picked it up in the Midnight Collection.

What: Cowl Lurex Sweater in black, white and teal - $165L each, Off Shoulder Boucie Sweater in black and white - $165L each, Au Fraize Boucle Sweater in creme and white - $165L each, and The Rainy Day in Midnight - $295L
Where: Armidi, Armidi (134, 128, 25)

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    Armidi does wonderful work :) I love their textures!

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    Hi Sai,

    I love the off shoulder sweater, but I couldn't find it in the shop... does the armidi sim have more than 1 clothes shop?

  3. Heya, Quaintly ^^

    You know, the Armidi sim is one of the most confusing ones I've ever been to. There seems to be a few clothing shops. Elephant Outfitters, Armidi Limited (casual wear), Gisaci (more formal), and Intimizzio (lingerie). Theres so many, it makes my head spin @_@

    But - The section that you want, is the Gisaci. If you follow this SLURL: Gisaci Armidi (90, 132, 31), it should drop you right in front of the one with the sweaters. ^^

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    Yay! Thanks so much, Sal! ^^

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    I was looking in Armidi Limited cos I thought sweaters would be casual wear. No wonder I couldn't find it o.O


  6. Hehe, yeah, that was the first place I looked for them, and when I didn't find them, it made me more determined! I scoured the entire sim, even finding myself in the lingere building. O.o