Afew days before the Last Call sale started, I came across a post by Aradia Dielli, and fell in love with the pants she wore. I HAD to own them, but I forbid myself because I was trying to save for the LC sale. Now that I have bought out the store, I was totally ready for the pants! I spent 4 hours rummaging through my Google Reader feeds to find the post again. Of course I bookmarked the site right away so I could find it again easily, if I need to. And then, omg, I had the most difficult time finding the shop! *Dies* But, I was very determined to find them O.o


So here they are! OMG, I love them to pieces. They are just sooooo darn cute! I did come across a few problems with them, but its just me being nit-picky as always. Problem 1: The prim textures on the right leg are not even close to matching the seams on the clothing layer. Since they are mod, I probably could fix this myself, but I'm so terrible at lining up textures, it makes my brain hurt. Problem 2: The prims are not hollow at all. So, its just a triangled block. But who looks up my prims anyway? :P

But they make up for the few freakish problems I found by how cute the rest of it is. Its gave me a perfect reason to go shop to find blue clothing to fit with it, and the buttons are total love. I also really love the hand-painted look to these, I think thats what caught my eye about them. ^^

This also came with a handbag hold animation and script. .... Why? I have no idea. O.o *Pokes Toast Bard* Get rid of those vendors! ^^

What: Navy Pants - $125L
Where: Fashionably Dead, Tableau (166, 63, 22)
What Else: Hair by ETD, jewelry by Second Mirage, shirt by Armidi, shoes by Maitreya, poses by Imperial Elegance. See the new In-World-Locations page for SLURLs!

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    The pants are awesome :) Going to check them out now :D