I've had these in my inventory for a while now, mulling over whether or not to blog them. I decided to, because I think the idea is a really awesome one, and I wish more designers would consider doing this idea, and build upon it to make it better.

Gracie's - Urban Chic Pants

These pants... They come with prim leg attachments, and look totally awesome. But - the leg attachments come attached to the upper leg, and as you can imagine, the lower part does not look the greatest while walking, or with some aos. They are great when taking pictures though. ^^ But putting that aside, the textures are very cute, it comes with a high waist on jacket layer, and they look very sophisticated. The pants also came with two sweaters, that I didn't picture here.

But with the prim attachment issue, why am I blogging them? Well, I really love the idea here. Idea being: flared legs that start at the upper leg and going all the way down. I understand that SL is wonky and the way things are now, its difficult to do. But! There are some amazing people out there that have done creative things with prims, so I think pants like this could, in theory, be entirely possible. ^^

What: the pants from the Urban Chic outfit - $225L
Where: Gracie's, Alhena (101, 174, 23)
What Else: Top from Last Call, shoes from Aphrodite Creations. See the In-World Locations page for SLURLs!

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    How are thw pants without the attachments?
    Because the texture is really really cute...


  2. I'm really no expert on pants with no prims, because I very rarely wear them. But~ I took a picture for you, so you can see exactly how they look. You can see it here.

    From my non-expert option though, they look really cute even like that. ^^

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    Yes, they look cute even without attachments!
    And considering that i move a lot for me they are better that way.
    Thank you very much!!