Wow, okay. I have no idea where to start this entry. I've been so excited this past week for one huge event: the final Last Call sale. If you ask my partner, he would probably tell you how exhausting it was to constantly listen to me say "OMG Last Call Sale on Friday!!" every five minutes. So, I logged on at 3am this morning, and headed to the Canimal sim to impatiently wait for the Dazzle sim to open. I was one of the lucky ones who got in right at 9am, I was just beaming with glee as I shoved through the lag (omg, the lag was TERRIBLE... even worse than ETD, and people refused to take off their scripted things! -_-)


What I beelined to first was the Catwalk collection. I have been wanting a few of these for months, and now that they were reduced to $300L, I thought it was the perfect time to buy some. I purchased 11 outfits from the Catwalk collection, 5 of my favorites is pictured here. I've specifically wanted the Arachne the most (pictured far left), so I was totally grinning ear to ear when I seen it in my inventory after I bought it.


All other clothing items made by Ginny and Devyn were marked down to $100L. I bought 63 of these, but only pictured 4. If I pictured all 63, omg, blogger would hate me! There was a few more items I wanted, but they were either not set for sale (Frida Autumnal) or priced at regular price (Dressage Expansion pack and Gabrielle). I think I'll go back later this month after the lag lessens, and check on them again.


I also picked up a few gowns. I think Last Call makes the some of the best gowns in SL, so I picked up a few of them in various colors. Oh, and I managed to pick up every wedding dress in the place... because I have an odd soft spot for wedding dresses.

So, go check out the awesomeness at Last Call! Don't forget that Devyn's items in Moderno is on sale for $100L as well, so you can pick some up for your partner, or even yourself *guilty of buying a few pants from Moderno for herself*. And before you go, please respect the other shoppers who are trying to walk by removing all your scripted things before you hit the teleport button. Happy Shopping! ^^

SLURL: Last Call, Dazzle (68, 13, 28)

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    You look great. The pictures really show the detailing in each of Ginny's gowns :)

  2. Aww, thank you! I love the wonderful work that Ginny does, especially in these stunning gowns ^_^

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    lol I waded my way through there on Sunday. And...just about bought the whole store. Still have to blog on it (oh my, I should start writing now). But I need to go back and check out Moderno to shop for the guy. Because...he'll never make it over there ;o)

  4. Hehe, luckily, I got my partner a gift card for Moderno for Christmas, so he got everything he ever wanted before the sale happened. Otherwise, he'd never get there either :P

    Good thing the permissions are transfer now though, so we can shop for the guys too ^^ Gotta stock up on next years Christmas gifts! :P