Remember those Kats Coats from artilleri that was blogged all over the place late last year? Well, artilleri is having a 50% off sale on some items, and some colors of those gorgeous coats are included! :D

artilleri Sale

I picked up the blue and maroon coats in this sale for only $100L each. omg. ^.^ There are several more items included in this sale, including adorable hair flowers, some skins, hair, dresses, tops - all kinds of things! I think I have most of the items on sale, so I only happened to pick up a couple colors of the coat that I didn't have yet ^.^

This is a sale that shouldn't be missed, and you still have a few more days to get there. I believe it ends on May 3rd, and you can find the sale items in the parking lot (or is it a drive-in?) next to the artilleri main store. There is a LM giver at the main TP point in case you get lost XD Hurry hurry! :D

In-World Location: artilleri, artilleri (92, 123, 26)

A pixel girl can never have enough camis. Especially with summer right around the corner, its time to start stocking up on them XD Luckily, Sioxie Legend of Second Wave Apparel has beautiful camis in almost every color in several styles. Today, I'll be reviewing the Ruched Camis. ^.^

Second Wave Apparel - Ruched Camis

.... and omg. There are tons of them! They also come in every possible layer - undershirt, shirt, and jacket. These are totally cute and beautifully textured. Both qualities I expect from Sioxie's products. :D I also love that the bottom is finished with a hem. Normally, cami's look unfinished in that respect, but not these ^.^

I think these are awesome, but there is only one thing I can think of to make them better: make longer jacket layers. I'm not typically fond of the exposed midriff syndrome, and love my shirts to come down to my shorts/jeans. But thats just me.

And ready for something even more awesome?! They are only $95L each. OMG. Go buy now! XD

What: Ruched Camis - $95L each
Where: Second Wave Apparel, Plush Omicron (162, 224, 23)
What Else: Hair by Deviant Kitties, ears by Illusions, jeans by Last Call (no longer available now). See the In-World Locations page for where to buy information.

Yep, still alive. Sorry about my lack of posting! Between The Sims 2, dealing with my partner leaving SL, and looking for a new virtual place to live in SL, my shopping/blogging time has been dominated by other things. I *DO* have tons of stuff to blog about though, and I am going to try to get some of the stuff reviewed this week. :D

What is the easiest way to deal with a virtual heartbreak? Put on pretty jewelry, of course! I immediately ran to my Yabusaka folder this morning and put on this stunning piece of artwork in the form of a necklace. :D

Yabusaka - Alphabet Change Pendant

This is the Alphabet Change Pendant, Yabusaka Loon's most recent jewelry creation. What is amazingly cool about this, is that you can personalize this yourself. What does that mean, you ask? Well, you can change the letters on this necklace :D They only have 3 letters (which is oddly perfect for my avatar's name of Sai XD), but you can do initials as well as a few symbols. All you have to do is click on the letter you want to change and click the letter to change it to from the blue drop down menu. ^.^

It's beautiful looking, and perfectly matches the bracelets from the previous 08 Set. ^.^

What: Alphabet Change Pendant, $400L
Where: Yabusaka, Honmoku (120, 200, 24)
What Else: Top by Last Call (no longer available), ears by Illusions, and hair by ETD. See the In-World Locations page for where to buy information.

I'm not dead yet, honest! I've become completely obsessed with playing The Sims 2 for a few days - but I've come back to show you some really awesome shoes.

Most of you know I have a strong dislike towards pointed shoes. However, occasionally I will come across a pair that looks very pretty, and I wouldn't dare use them to kill bugs like I do with most pointy toed shoes. These new pumps by Juicy - are drool worthy, and I would never use them as cockroach killers. :P

Juicy Classic Pumps - Rainbow

I think what makes these so different than the normal pointed shoes to me, is that they are not a complete point at the end. Most pointy shoes can probably be used as a deadly weapon, but these are more tapered at the end. So, it looks so much better to me. I do love these shoes though, they are beautifully textured, they fit my avatar's feet extremely well, and the attention to detail is just amazing. And, omg. Just look at all the colors! With this pack, I don't think I'll have to ever buy another pair of colored shoes O_O

Juicy Classic Pumps - Berry

But, if you are like me, and prefer to wear black... you'd notice that black is not included with that pack. However, fear not! There is a separate "Berry" pack that includes a few black/color combinations. :D And of course, these are amazingly crafted as well ^.^

So, even if you dislike pointed shoes, these are definitely worth a look, and I think I just created a new inventory category for shoes called: Tapered. These are not really pointy, but not rounded either. It fits somewhere in the middle XD

What: Juicy Classic Pumps - $500L Each or for an amazing deal, you can get a ton of colors (I think there are 20?) for only $2900L. The Berry Pack runs only $1950L for all 5. :D :D
Where: Juicy, Juicy (130, 144, 24)

[EDITED] Post title was misspelled (and it took me FOREVER to realize!) */me bonks head on desk*

Ready for my post on the WingFling? ^.^ I know the feed is swarming with posts on it, but I have to add my pictures too :P

Wings are not normally my thing, though I do have a small collection of them for various picture taking scenarios or costumes. (My Halloween costume last year included a pair of Material Squirrel wings). I did go to the WingFling however, to see what interesting things where there ^.^

There were not many vendors there, but the few that were there - I knew well. And omg - I had no idea that one of my favorite stores, Illusions, was participating as well O_O But - not only just participating, but had new releases out! omg.

Illusions - Angelic Head Wings [WingFling]

I had to buy these - they are the cutest darn things I've seen in a while. In fact, when I first seen them, I thought to myself: "OMG! Chibi Moon!" (for you Sailor Moon fans out there, you probably know who I mean.... for non fans, I'll provide a wikipedia link for you). But anyway, they are totally adorable. XD These are color change, so you get several total colors with a single purchase :D

Illusions - Chibi Wings [WingFling]

And if that wasn't filled with enough kawaii-ness for you for one day, there are also these Chibi Wings out! XD They look so soft and plushy, I wish I could squeeze these in RL to see if they are filled with air. :P These, like the head wings, are also color change :D

Illusions - Angel Wings - Spread

Now, these wings have been out for quite some time, but I have always wanted them. I finally decided to take the plunge and buy them today. I am sooo glad I did. They are stunning, makes me want to take more pictures of them, and they have actually inspired me to make some fae poses. I have tons of great pose ideas that suddenly came to me when I attached these to my avatar.

Illusions - Angel Wings Folded

And they even came with folded up versions! These look so beautiful, I really need to find a beautiful garden or sim to take better pictures with these sometime soon.

Seven's Selections - Freebie Wings [WingFling]

Once I pried myself away from the Illusions stall, I wandered into Seven's Selections - to find they had some freebie wings set out. ^.^ I think these are very pretty, and you shouldn't forget to pick them up. :D

The WingFling started today and will go until the 27th, so you still have a bit of time to visit ^.^

In-World Location: WingFling, Platinum (128, 10, 21)
What Else I am Wearing: Hair by Deviant Kitties and Aden, necklace by Alienbear, bracelet by Hi-Flo, and outfit by Cachet.

Usually, I don't blog freebies like these very often - but I find this one to be an exception. I am a freebie hunter at heart, and I love when designers offer freebies, and I love hunts. So, I was very excited when a free skin was sent to the bianca.F update group.

bianca.F Group Gift - Body

I am so in love with this skin - it like, has a beautiful glow to it. There are not very many skins that look good on my shape, and unfortunately, this is not one of them. I modified a shape I had already had in my inventory, and I think it turned out pretty well. But still - I still can't bring myself to permanently change my shape for this skin, so I forced my minion (most commonly known as my alt) to shed her Minnu skin and put this one on. I think she likes it too. ^.^

bianca.F Group Gift - Face

And omg - the FACE! zomg, the eyebrows... makeup... lips XD It's beautiful, and I think this skin maker definitely shows some promise. From what I understand is that she is a friend of Bianca Foulon's, and has some of her skins displayed at bianca.F. I could be wrong though. But either way, I will definitely be making another trip there to grab some demos of more of these skins.

As of this posting, the free skin is still in the notice archives or the Subscribe-o-Matic (HURRY, HURRY!), but these are stunning, and you should definitely pick up the other skin demos while you are there! ^.^

SLURL: bianca.F, Addictive (166, 162, 23)

I promised this post over the weekend, I apologize TT_TT. Anyway - the Illusions sale is happening :D :D OMG I was so excited. She announced the sale, *AND* released the new ears on the same day. I tell you, I was soooo happy XD

Illusions Sale - Fur Sole

The first thing I had to buy was the Fur Sole. This is one of the lucky chair gifts that she's selling for the first time. You would probably not believe how long I've spent in front of the chair, waiting for an "S" to come up. So, I was totally happy to see that I didn't have to wait for them anymore XD

Illusions Sale - First Edition Ears

Next thing I had to buy, was the first edition ears that are now on sale. I bought all three sets of these to see how well I would like these types of ears before the new ones came out. I had just figured out which tone works best for my skin when Siyu told me she was putting the new ear vendors up. O_O So, right now, I am currently trying to get my partner Bats to wear elf ears with me while these are on sale. :P

Illusions Sale - Pirate Hats

And omg - the pirate hats! I've always wanted these, but never thought I'd actually wear them. So, while they were on sale, I had to pick them up before they left for good. ^.^

Illusions Sale - Masks

Of course, this wouldn't be a sale post from Illusions without featuring some masks, right? The Phantom of the Opera mask. OMG. I will be going to see The Phantom of the Opera IRL at the end of May, so I was totally excited to see this on sale. Its probably only meant for male avatars - but I was determined to make this fit ^.^

So - the sale runs until May 3rd, and you can find them on the wall outside of the main store. Hurry and get the items you want, because they will be retired at the end. ^.^

SLURL: Illusions, Carnivale (209, 91, 33)

I've had these for a while, and just now decided to dig them up and post them ^.^ The Crystal Queendom is my favorite gown store - they have so many things and they are so different than any other place I've ever seen. And yes, its a good thing. Have a event to go to and you don't want to look like everyone else? Look no more!

The Crystal Queendom - Princess Jupiter

This is the Princess Jupiter Gown. It comes with tons of options, as with most of their products, but I only pictured my favorite combination. I was drawn to this dress with the thought that I don't have any gold or any black gowns. Now I have a gold and black gown. XD And yes - the hat is included :D

The Crystal Queendom - Princess Linair

Next - Princess Linair. This was omg cute~! I totally squee'ed when I seen it. It is a gown, filled with originality and omg - its PINK! I absolutely love pink to pieces :D Anyway - again, this comes with various options - pants, less full skirt, with or without gloves.... I can probably go on forever.

Its also good to note that the creators are super-generous. They send out notices to their subscribe-o-matic group when they put out new releases, and sometimes... they will put out a beautiful gown for a discount. ^.^ Which, of course, I LOVE. */me fangirls*

Anyway, if you haven't checked out The Crystal Queendom - its a great place, and definitely worth visiting. :D And, I apologize for the tiny pictures - you can click them to be taken to my flickr page where you can see super-giant versions. ^.^

What: Princess Jupiter - $800L, and Princess Linair $600L
Where: The Crystal Queendom, Vigdorova (60, 49, 314)
What Else: Hair by Truth, ears by Illusions. See the In-World Locations page for SLURLs.

Gaw! I apologize for my lack of blogging lately! I was hit with an annoying obsession to make a sculpted shoe (of which you can read about at my more personal blog - if anyone is interested). I have finished the main part of it - and I am so tired of looking at it now, I need a blogging break!

While I was poking around in my inventory searching for a certain texture - I came across something I was not sure what it was. I put it on, and to my surprise, found it was an adorable gown from Orchid Dreams. :D

Orchid Dreams - Modern Empress

This didn't need mush editing to my avatar (I just made the hair a tiny bit bigger, and the dress a bit longer), but thats pretty much it. It is very cute - and omg - the bow! Bows are probably my favorite things, and just look at the size of it on this gown! Cuteness overload XD

It is probably good to note that the outfit is only $25L - AND - includes the hair! Ah, the hair.... I love that the ornaments on this hair are actually attached to the hair, and not on a separate attachment point. I wish more hair designers would have an option for this (possibly a complete hair option with the ornaments together as well as individual options?), Between my elf ears, prim lashes, and face light... I don't have much attachment points left for hair accessories. TT_TT

What: Modern Empress Gown and Hair - $25L
Where: Orchid Dreams, Asagao (53, 37, 22)
What Else: Pixie ears by Illusions, and jewelry by Alienbear.

Ok, I will be honest - when Siyu Suen from Illusions announced she was working on new drow/elven/pixie ears, I was only curious. I have never owned ears like that before, and thought it was kind of cute. The longer she took to get them out, the more I found myself thinking of them, and wanting a pair. And when she *finally* released them yesterday, I had no idea just how much I would fall for them.

It shocks me sometimes the things Siyu is capable of. She has made me - a simple avatar who was simply curious about these ears - into an avatar who can not live without them. Seriously, you will be seeing a lot of me with these ears - because they are now glued to my skull. ^.^

Plain Ears - Normal Skin

The options that these come in are just mind boggling. Shown here in the Plain style is all of the ear versions in the skin tone "Tan", which matches pretty well to my own. They are all scripted, with options to match to all different skin tones, ranging from the bizarre skin tones of TRAP's, to Nomine, as well as common ones such as Fleur. Siyu has put in tons of work with these, and it definitely shows.

Plain Ears - Fleur Skin

Here is a second picture, with another favorite skin of mine, to show just how versatile and how close of a match you can get. I am using the a skin from Fleur's Shojo line here, with the tone of the ears to "Blush". There is a tiny difference in tones in both of them - but, you really have to look for it to really notice ^.^ And, for the amount of tones she offers with these - covering all the major drow skins.... its amazing to get this close a match. :D

Pierced Ears

Now time for my favorites!! OMG, these are what made me fall out of my chair for. These are scripted as well, both the tones and the jewelry. O_O Yes, you can change the color of your skin, AND match the jewelry to whatever you want to wear. Something like that... is totally amazing. And omg - just LOOK at them! They are phenomenal, and I can only imagine how must work it must have been to make each sculptie piercing, and place them so strategically. My mind boggles. Anyway - shown here is the Abyssal Ears, Punky Ears, as well as my personal favorite: the Mystic Ears. (I adore those drooping chains!)

If you can't find the tone you want, she even offers custom toning for a mere $50L. For a custom tone - thats pretty darn cheap. And of course - I *had* to take advantage of this, I've already sent my notecard in to her for my custom tones :D She makes it simple and painless too - she includes a notecard in the box explaining how to do it ^.^

What: Plain Ears - $175L each, Abyssal Ears - $475L, Mystic Ears - $475L, Punky Ears - $475L (Demos are available)
Where: Illusions, Carnivale (209, 91, 33)
What Else: Hair by ETD, necklace by KessKreations, top by D!FF. See the In-World Locations page for SLURLs.

BTW: Illusions is also having a retirement sale - which includes her first edition ears! Look for my post on the sale over the weekend - I picked up some awesome goodness ^.^

As soon as the notice from the Alienbear update group came through to me about some new pearl jewelry, I tp'ed right away.

Alienbear - Pearls

And omg, they are fantastic! I love these sets so much, and I am totally excited to see Alienbear trying her hand at pearls. She does everything so well, and these are no exception. If you made it to the opening hunt at the Haute Couture sim over the weekend and found Alienbear's gift, you've already got the blue version of these pearls. ^.^

Alienbear - RFL Peach Edition

There is also a peach pearl RFL version available to purchase. This set is more expensive, but comes with bracelets for both arms, earrings, a tiara, as well as the necklace. Now, as much as I love Alienbear's work, and very, very, very rarely do I find something I don't like about her jewelry... I did find something a bit weird on this set.

Alpha Issues on Alienbear's RFL Peach

I took a few pictures, and highlighted the problems, hoping someone else is having this problem - and not just me. It seems to go all weird with certain hairs. Two of my most favorite hairs, Eglantine and Jackie (as well as the not pictured Zero Style's Yaya), seems to sent this set into major spaz mode. Heavy alpha textured hair does not seem to go well with this set, which is a real bummer to me because my favorite hairs doesn't work with this. Or maybe this is just a weird glitch in my viewer thats easily fixable? It's so weird though, because the RFL set is the only one that has the alpha problem thing. TT_TT But - If someone knows how to stop this alpha thing from happening, please let me know - I'd be forever grateful. ^.^

UPDATE: Alienbear has so kindly fixed this alpha problem with a updated texture :D I've tested the new version in world with various alpha-heavy hairs, and have not seen any of the previous problems in it. ^.^

Visit In-World: Alienbear Jewelry, Bratz (194, 239, 29)

I've had these dresses for a while now, but am just now blogging them here. Bad me! O.o So anyway, a while ago, I seen a fashionista (not sure if she wants her name mentioned) wearing an amazing dress, (and inspecting the prims sent me in some weird shop O.O), so I asked her where she got it. To my surprise, she told me Baiastice. She sent me the LM, and off I went!

Baiastice - Alabastro Dress

Here it is! The amazing Alabastro dress that started my addiction! I love this dress - it looks so fun. Though, I am wondering why the prims list someone other that Sissy Pessoa as the creator. Weird. Also, there is one prim that has the inside textured differently than the rest of the prims. Almost looks like the creator forgot to re-texture that one side when changing the color. Dunno. But - its still pretty!

Baiastice - Pizzo Nero Dress

The next thing I found was this Pizzo Nero dress. It comes with three different variations of the skirt, though I only pictured one. It also came with stockings, that I preferred to leave off. I love the pattern of this dress, and its become one of my favorite outfits. I even blogged this as my "Look of the Day" over on ^.^

Baiastice - Elegance Dress

When I saw this gown, simply called Elegance Dress, I thought.... "wedding dress?!". And - for you who read my blog often, you probably know my extreme love for wedding dresses. I bought it right away, and realized afterward, that it looked like it required a system skirt (and I HATE them). As soon as I got home and unpackaged it, I was thrilled that there was no system skirt in the box. :D Yay! Its beautiful, and I adore the lace detail in the back the most. ^.^

Baiastice - Mallory Dress

Then a few days later, I hear that the Spring Collection was released. I hot-tailed it back there, and instantly fell in love with this Mallory gown. I REALLY love the train. OMG, I wish more designers would do this - its so stunning. I think this gown is the best item I have picked up from Baiastice.

SLURL: Baiastice, centro italia (127, 38, 23)

Oops, a little late getting this blog post done, I apologize! Anyway, I bring to you: more oversized eyes!

Crystal Eyes - Blues

I love oversized, anime eyes. Its no secret. And I wish there was more of a variety of them. However, the best seems to come from little Japanese stores. These ones are the Crystal Eyes in Blues from a little shop called Little Girl. Comes in a pack of 4. :D

Glass Eyes 03

Also at the same shop is this set of 3 eyes called Glass Eyes 03. While neither of these sets are as big as I would like them to be, they are definitely pretty, and makes me look forward to seeing more ^.^

What: Crystal Eyes in Blues - $60L and Glass Eyes 03 - $60L
Where: LittleGirl, Joywind Korea (47, 119, 24)
What Else: Hair by Truth, jewelry by Alienbear. See the In-World Locations page for SLURLs.

Silks are normally not my thing. I was planning on avoiding the Analise 50% off sale for this reason. However, I gave in and TP'ed there last night, just to see what kind of things they have. And, omg, I was actually really pleasantly surprised. I was shocked at the amount of cute silks they have there, and I did a double take when I seen this one:

Analise - 50% Off Sale

I'm not entirely sure what makes a silk a "silk", but I don't think I consider this set one. I find this really adorable. It looks totally conformable and something that I want to lounge around the beach in. ^.^

The Analise sale lasts until April 6th, and its definitely worth checking out - even if you don't think you like silks :D Also note that the sale does not include clearance, RFL, or casual gear.

Visit In-World: Analise, Talana (151, 162, 55)