Little different post today, but I was inspired by this great dress by Triangle Caudron. Now, it doesn't look all that great on me because I refused to wear the system skirt that came with it. But~ I still wanted to wear this and go take pictures. Also, I downloaded the Another Skin's PSDs the other day, and have wanted to play with them. This skin is the result. For this dress, and the skin I did, there was only one appropriate sim to take pictures at. Silent.


I really love the Silent sim, and I think its a wonderful, stunning work of art. I wanted to make a look with minimal color, which I think I did pretty well.


The skin, omg. I really loved playing with this in Photoshop. It really made me realize just how much work goes into creating a skin, and I think Eloh Eliot is really amazing for offering us her PSDs. This was really fun to edit, and make it just how I wanted it.


I took so many pictures during my visit to Silent, it was difficult to choose which ones I wanted to put on here. To conclude this entry, I just want to say: thank you, Eloh Eliot, for making your PSDs available to the SL community.

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    pretty! XD

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    what fun! I use her skins exclusive the for the shapes I cool is she! (and if memory serves me correctly, I found her here to begin double cool!)