Whoa, where has Sai been?! Its been a while since I last posted. Because Last Call's mega sale full of awesomeness is coming up, I've been refraining from shopping... in my pathetic attempt to save money. I'm sure I'll have buckets full of things to blog about after tomorrow though O.o Anyway, onto the entry...

I really love the Chai skins. Because my favorite shape doesn't do these skins much justice, I haven't purchased any yet. So, when I heard that this month's issue of Second Style was going to include a special makeup from Chai, I was very happy. After reading the magazine (which I love just as much as the Chai skin), I tried the skin on.


As expected, it didn't look right on my shape. But! I took this opportunity to play with the sliders and I think I came up with something that looks semi-worthy of this skin. Though, I'm pretty sure it looks like a shape-makers worst nightmare, to the trained eye. Hey, its my first try! I love the face on these skins, and omg... the eyebrows! I wish I had these eyebrows IRL. -.-


The body is great, I really like the shading and highlights. Looks like it might be time to buy myself a Chai skin this weekend (after I recover from the Last Call sale, of course). ^^ Anyway... this comes with the Vedette makeup in the normal Chai tones: Cinnamon, cream, ginger, honey, nutmeg, and sugar as well as freckles options.

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    You did a good job with the shape I think. I have bought "pro" shape makers stuff before, I have quite a lot and I can say they suck 9 out of 10 times and I am talking about the well known shape makers. So there is no pro or trained eye to it. On that note, keep and eye out for a blog that will show just how bad a lot of these "pros" are and how they like to rip people off on crap. Especially since it's art to begin with. Pros - LOL

    I think you did great and thanks for advertising these skins, now I have to get some myself.

  2. Yay~ I'm glad someone else thinks my Chai shape looks okay!

    I agree that some shapes are ripoffs, but others are ok. Like, I dread making my own shape becase those sliders are really terrifying! I've been in SL for over 6 months and just now had the courage to glare those sliders down. ^^

    A blog that shows how shape makers rip people off? That sounds interesting. I'm definitely curious about that ^^