Yesterday, when I read about some new jeans from Encore, I really wanted to go check them out. I tell you, the instant I tped into the shop, I was in awe. The build there is so amazing! I was like, looking around at the walls, textures, and brilliant goodness while wondering if she does custom build work. O.O Seriously, the shop here is beautiful, complete with a little waterfall.


And! The clothing items are just as cute! I originally wanted these solely because of the capris (that have been glued to my butt ever since I put them on), but the others in the pack are equally cute. The pack includes cropped shorts, capris, pants, and regular shorts. The cropped shorts, jeans and capris come with prim leg attachments, which is a big thing for me. I love jeans with prims. If you like ripped jeans, you also get additional pants and capris with rips! I think these are very cute ^^

What: Denim Pack - Black, $150L
Where: Encore, Austin Island (193, 193, 23)
What Else: Tank by TorridWear, shoes by Reaction, bracelets by Curious Kitties, poses by Imperial Elegance. See the new In-World-Locations page for SLURLs!

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