I've had pictures of this look for a few days now, and am finally blogging it. As soon as I seen this boa, I was like "OMG, must buy nao!", its so amazing and well done - I love it. I still have tons more stuffs to blog, so look for more posts soon!


Wearing: Dress by Elate, shoes by Stiletto Moody, hair by Novocaine, necklace by Alienbear, boa by Schadenfreude.

I've been trying to get my inventory organized a bit, to the point where I am actually able to find things (once things get put in my inventory, I almost never, ever see them again), but its been total fail, and decided to give up for a while and get back to blogging. I have so much stuff to blog now though, I'm probably going to go on a little blogging spree for the next couple weeks :P

But, this simple look was to show off these adorable jeans, which I love love love.


Wearing: Shirt by Atomic, jeans by League, shoes by Soreal, hair by Aden (retired, I think), bracelet by Low Prim High Style.

This was my look a couple days ago, I've been hoarding this picture for a few days now xD


Wearing: Dress by Redgrave, shoes by SLink (be sure to check out this fantastic feet tinting tutorial as well), and hair by Novocaine.

I am quite fond of this look - I think it's really, really cute. I've been wearing it for a few days now. xD


Wearing: hair by Aden (omg $50L hair sale!), tank by LaLa FooFoo (slightly tinted by me), shirt by RunoRuno, jeans by Deviance, footwear by Haysuriza.

I've had this look put together for a couple of days now, but just now finally got around to showing it. :D


Wearing: Jacket by Zaara, hat by Maitreya, jeans by Celestial Studios, shoes with sculpted feet by SLink, hair by Aden (currently on a $50L sale!), necklace by Chloe, and tank by VG Republic (no longer available, I think).