I apologize, but I am going to spam the feed with my silly help request here. I just posted this on my more personal blog, but I think since this blog gets more readers, I'll try to post this here too - I am extremely desperate at this point TT_TT

Irritated with my crap graphics card, I decided I wanted a new one. So, I went out and bought a GeForce 8600GT. My computer is a HP, with a Nvida 6150 LE on-board graphics card.

I installed the new video card just fine, and was totally thrilled when I booted up the system.... only to find that my monitor isn't getting any signal from the new card. Instant heartbreak, I tell you TT_TT

Now, I have tried everything I could think of.... Disabling the 6150 in my Device Manager, uninstalling it, installing the new software.... nothing. I am totally frustrated and about to cry.

It appears that the new card is working okay, the fan on it is spinning and all, but it does not show up on my computer. I have no idea what else to do, and I am at a total loss. I've been working on this for the past 6 hours, and have gotten no where.

So, I turn to you awesome readers of mine. Does anyone have any suggestions for a frazzled little pixel elf? TT_TT

EDIT: Right after posting this, I decided to restart the entire process and try all over again. And, I seemed to have gotten it to work somehow. Note to self: Read instructions before doing anything computer related. -.-

And omg - finally being able to view windlight is absolutely amazing. My computer was too low to really see windlight the way it was meant to be seen, but now I am able to put my settings on Ultra with absolutely no computer lag at all. I am so excited about it now :D :D :D

Today is my rezzday, and I treated myself to a shopping spree at Heart Cupcakes. They have the most adorable stuff, I just never had the time to look through all the stuff and make a decision on which ones I want. So, with it being my rezzday, I allowed myself to stand there and buy what I wanted without making the decision :D


I love this dress, its so cute :D Though, I think my only complaint with the items from Heart Cupcakes is that most attach to the pec attachment points, and I don't like how my butt and hips show through them in my AO. But, this is definitely my problem, and has nothing to do with the store.


But, how can you not love the cuteness that comes from there? I love the detail in each dress. Even the discounted items in the basement have an incredible quality to them.


Some of these don't attach to the pec points, which is awesome to me - I love being able to wear them out and around shopping - the pec dresses are great for pictures for me. :D


As much as I love all my purchases from there, my favorite is probably this one. Its beautiful, flowy, summery, has a pelvis attachment point, and totally cute :D

If you haven't been there yet, you should definitely check them out. And don't forget about the items in the basement, where you can get great deals :D

SLURL: Heart Cupcakes, PopFuzz (126, 213, 34)

I swear, I need to start making a page completely dedicated to the things people say about my ears. I've had some pretty weird things said to me that I've kept in a notecard. XD

But anyway. Thats not what this post is about. Yep, this will be another Tuli new skins post. My philosophy with my blog is that I blog what I like, and I don't really care what other people blog. So there :P Just skip over this, if you like.

I don't get offline group notices at all anymore, so when someone mentioned on the feed that Tuli had sent out group gift skins, I grumbled that I didn't get the notice, and immediately went to the archives. And I tell you, I am so glad I grabbed these because they are STUNNING!

Tuli - Celeste and Emily

On the left is Celeste, and the right is Emily. Gah~~~ *dies from Tuli's amazing talent* I love these, and I think if I was to ever give up the skin I always wear, I would change to a Tuli skin. Every one of her skins is just so detailed and beautiful. Though, I think in this series, I am very partial to the Emily ones - I love the glossy lips on them XD

I believe they are in her store now, and I really need to get my lazy buns down there, check out the entire selection and pick up some demos :D

In-World Location: Tuli, Le Zoo (61, 166, 21)

Also: Thank you Tuli for being so kind to your group members!

One of my favorite places for hair is Aoharu. They have the silliest hair :D And, omg. They are having a 50% off sale! I've been eying tons of hair from here, but never really got around to buying it. So, I took this opportunity to grab what I wanted :D

Aoharu - Sale - Female Hairs

OMG, the cuteness! I love these hairs. Seriously. They are made of almost entirely sculpted parts, so be warned of the round balls when you TP places. :P What really sets Aoharu apart from most places to me, is the crazy hair on the side of your head. In most hairs here, its like, a side poof ball :D So cute.

Aoharu - Sale - Man Hair

I also took this opportunity to bring out Nuai, my man alt, and give him some new hair. :D Their man hair is also cute, and I loved this one on him. Its a bit surfer-ish. XD I'm also trying to decide what hair color I'd like him to have. I'm not sure about blonde, because his eyebrows are a bit dark, and I'm not sure about black either, because Sai has black hair.... Hmm.... I chose the Espresso tone for him this time, to see how it looks. I think it looks pretty good, actually :D

This sale is until the 31st, and includes clothing, hair and skins - so hurry and get down there!

SLURL: Aoharu, Aoharu (110, 124, 23)
What Else: On Sai: top by Mischief, ears by Illusions. On Nuai: Top by Armidi. See the In-World Locations page for where to buy information.

I am noticing a trend lately with me. Now that I am without a partner, my love for extravagant gowns is fading, and the dresses I wear seem to be getting shorter. Bats never liked me to wear extremely short things, or cleavage showing shirts.... so now I find myself digging in my inventory, uncovering all those things I loved, but couldn't wear then. 'Cause now I can. :P

Elate - Felicity Dress

I found this adorable little thing from Elate, hiding in my inventory. It's so darn cute, and definitely makes me feel beautiful while wearing it. Seriously, I love how it flows over the body, and makes it better that it attaches on 3 different points. So, it moves perfectly with me. I haven't seen a stand in my Vista-filled AO that really messes this dress up. It looks great. Also, all the prims are flexi, so it moves with you - totally cute XD And... omg. My big butt does not show through the back of the dress! I swear, this creator *must* have a shape similar to mine, because this really needed no editing at all to fit. Huge bonus. :D

And omg - when I just TP'ed there to grab the SLURL and price, I seen that there was a PINK version of this dress that I have to get my paws on. :D

What: Felicity Dress in Night - $150L
Where: Elate!, Wuthering Heights (150, 42, 26)
What Else: Hair by Aden, necklace by Alienbear, ears by Illusions, manicure by Skin Within. See the In-World Locations page for where to buy information.

Okay, somewhere in the blogosphere world, I will make a fashionista cry today. Why, you ask? Because I had never purchased a Paper Couture item until this month. That is.... 11 months of my time in SL without visiting PC. Weird? Well, maybe. Everyone is always like "Paper Couture! Paper Couture!" for everything, and I had ingrained in my skull that they were insanely expensive. Then the spring line came out, and they LOOKED expensive and a bit odd. So, I never wanted to go in there. (I have a bad habit of buying all kinds of expensive things, regardless of the price, then feel terrible later -.-;;;)

However, while looking through the feed a few weeks back, I seen a beautiful gown on a fellow blogger, and I was like: "OMG, *Thats* PC?!" So, I went out to check them out. And naturally, I was in utter shock at the prices. Like, it was no where near the couple thousand $L that I thought it to be. I was actually surprised it was really reasonable. Like, why haven't I been there earlier?!

Paper Couture - Denial

This was the gown I had to have. It has a sculpted prim train, and definitely does not look well with my AO, but its great for pictures, and poking around my new SL home in. :D I do have to say though, the quality on this gown is amazing, and I can totally see why many people love Paper Couture items. ^^

What: Denial - $350L
Where: Paper Couture, Tableau (58, 55, 22)
What Else: Ears by Illusions, hair by Truth, shoes by Juicy. See the In-World Locations page for where to buy information.

I spent a good chunk of my day IRL down at the lake today, playing in the water and getting information on a upcoming camping trip. So, I thought that was a huge inspiration for today's post. XD

I am pleased to announce: I have found the *perfect* SL bathing suit! (well, at least to me.) I have hunted long and hard to find bikinis in SL that look similar to my favorite ones in RL. These amazing new ones from Refuge are just what I was looking for.

Refuge - Floral Bikini True Teal

My favorite one is this: the Floral Bikini in True Teal. All bikinis come with 5 options to wear them. I pictured 4, the fifth was a second coloration of the solid bottoms (pictured first). So, you get solid bottoms with a prim drawstring, boyshorts, modest bikini and the SL famous string one. ^.^

Refuge - Floral Bikini Mix

I picked up a second pattern, this one being called the Floral Bikini in Mix. Very cute, with again, 5 options to wear them. I kid you not, these bikinis are adorable and absolutely perfect to me. Refuge has TONS of other patterns for you to check out too, if these don't interest you.

On another note, I was being silly and somewhat lazy with my PXL skins post a few days ago, and didn't wear my elf ears with them. So, to make it up to Sunrae, I've worn them with my favorite PXL skin here :D I was very surprised to find such a perfect match to these skins without begging Siyu for another custom tone XD

What: Floral Bikinis in True Teal and Mix - $175L Each
Where: Refuge, SiniStyle (114, 194, 26)
What Else: Skin by PXL, ears by Illusions, hair by Aoharu. See the In-World Locations page for where to buy information.

Ok, this is one of the *DO NOT MISS* sales! Seriously, if you miss the sale on these shoes, I will find you and give you a good kick. Okay, so not really. But this is a great deal, and you should definitely check it out.

A cute little Japanese store called G Field recently moved its main store, and guess what? They have adorable new shoes out, for 50% off! Normally these shoes are $150L, but for this weekend only, you can grab them for only $75L each! *dies from happiness overload*

G Field - Wood Wedge Sandal

They are really cute sculpted wedges, and I loved them as soon as I tp'ed into the store and seen the owner wearing them. I didn't even pick up the demos, I just went straight to the goods :D I grabbed them in Black, brown and white, and I plan on going back to get the red pair later day. $75L is just too good of a deal to pass up.

The ad says these are recommended for size 6-10 feet, but they do look reasonably okay with size 0. However, for this post, I did raise my foot size to 6, to get the full effect of them. :D

What: Wood Wedge Sandals in black, brown and white - $75L for this weekend only. $150L normally.
Where: G Field, MM21 (112, 83, 26)

Again, this will be a post thats done tons of times, but I have to be like everyone else and put my post in :P I'm sure you can guess what its about.... the PXL Skins! :D

I've always been interested in the PXL skins, ever since I heard about them, but - the demo signs on the demos were so distracting, I never knew how much of it was the demo sign, and how much was the actual skin color. (If you've ever tried on a PXL demo, I'm sure you know what I mean.)

So, when I read that PXL was offering review copies to bloggers, I jumped at the opportunity to really see how these are behind the demos.

PXL Faces and Tons

I was actually quite surprised, actually. My shape is extremely difficult to find great skins for, so I don't change my skin often. Some of these makeups look pretty good on it though, specifically the makeup on the lightest skin tone. While my shape probably isn't the best shape to show these on, they definitely look better on it than most other skins. :D

PXL Body

However, the best thing is the shading. I love lots of shading and highlighting, and these are really great. And while I didn't picture it in respect for the blog feeds (and my own modesty), the bits look quite nice too. ^.^

And, omg - the dark skin tone is coming out on Monday~ It seems to be difficult to find good, dark skins, so this will be one more option when it comes out. The other tones though, they are already in the store with TONS of wonderful makeup/lip color options. So, when you get a chance, head there and pick up some demos. :D

What: Linda Light Passion Natural Eyes, Linda Gold Smoke Eyes, Linda Fashion Tan Pink Fashion Eyes, Linda Fair Natural Dark Eyes, Linda Dark Cat Eyes Dark Lips - $1500L Each
Where: PXL Creations, Peronaut (20, 58, 50)
What Else: Bikini by Winter Moon, Hair by Fuel. See the In-World Locations page for where to buy information.

Last night, I found myself on a mission to find a certain hair I seen on a little Japanese blog. I found myself at Little Heaven, a not-so-little Japanese store. I got a bit lost, but eventually found my way to the hair. And, to my surprise, I actually found the hair I was hunting.

Little Heaven - Hairs

Here we have Rosary on the left - which was the one I wanted - and I also picked up Charlotte on the right. These are different textures than what I am used to - so I feel a bit iffy about them right now. But, I am trying to come around and enjoy them, because the styles are very cute. The designers behind Little Heaven are definitely ones to keep an eye on, because they will only improve and get better. :D

Even if you don't like these hair textures, don't be afraid to go to Little Heaven and check them out - they do have other hairs with more "standard" textures ^.^

What: Rosary and Charlotte in Black - $200L each
Where: Little Heaven, Little Heaven (115, 75, 22)
What Else: Top by PixelDolls, ears by Illusions. See the In-World Locations page for where to buy information.

Today, I bring you more goodness from the amazing June Dion. I think she is the most phenomenal avatar in Second Life, for offering superb quality clothing at extremely reasonable prices. :D

I've drooled over her creations enough to create my own ocean sim here on my blog, so I will try to cut back on my unfashionable drool for this post. :P

BareRose - Frilled Parka

So, here we have the super cute and girlie Frilled Parka. This took quite a bit of editing (those silly drawstrings kept getting lost in my bewbage), so I am glad these are mod! ^.^ But anyway, with this set, you get a ton of color options, shorts, necklace, and socks as well. I wore different socks for these pictures, but really, the included ones are adorable too!

BareRose - Frilled Parka Colors

I did say it comes in a variety of colors, right? Yep, many of them :D Thats one of the awesome things BareRose is known for to me - fat packs for the cost of a single shirt! XD

What: Frilled Parka - $135L
Where: BareRose, Bare Rose (146, 11, 30)
What Else: Hair by Maitreya, ears by Illusions, socks by Sh*t Happens, shoes by Detour. See the In-World Locations page for where to buy information.

*Sigh* Its been a long, exhausting weekend for me, so I will try not to waste your time and keep this entry semi-short.

Sorry, sachi! I know I've had this for like, forever... and am just now getting to it! TT_TT I blame my out of control inventory!

Anyway. Ever since Illusions came out with the new elf ears, I've worn them non stop, so you can say I have a interest in the Fantasy side of Second Life. I wear wings sometimes, but never really dressed the part of a "fae". And frankly, I have no idea what qualities a fae has. I was not sure if they had elf ears, so be safe, I decided to take off my precious ears for this entry. And, for Adam n Eve's (not so new anymore) Woodland outfits - I have no problem with doing that. :D

Adam n Eve - Woodland

These come in a couple options, though I only pictured one. It had a longer skirt, but I found the shorter one to be more fitting to me. I couldn't get the prims on the long skirt to fit me the way I liked because I'm such a horrible perfectionist with things that O.o;; . But, the short one fit me with no problems at all. ^.^

So, what I love the most about this is: it has some amazing bewbage showing. XD I love the cleavage on my skin, and frankly.... I love to show it off sometimes. Sachi's clothing really knows how to show a bit of bewbs, while still looking totally cute. :D In addition to that, I adore the texturing on these. OMG, its highlighted in all the right places, and the folds look fantastic.

Oh. And did I mention you get the WINGS too?! O_O They arefun, cute, and make me want to go roam around Straylight :D

One last thing: Adam n Eve provides demos (!!!) for their items, so don't be afraid to pick one up and check out all the goodness before you buy :D

What: Woodland in Jade - $450L
Where: Adam n Eve, Genesis (101, 188, 43)
What Else: Hair by Maitreya (omg, this hair is my newest obsession), jewelry by Alienbear, shoes by Last Call (no longer available). See the In-World Locations page for where to buy information.

Any techies out there that want to help me? After starting the RC viewer, I can't seem to even open the standard SL client anymore. I double click the Second Life Icon, and it immediately goes to crash logging screen. I've contacted support regarding this, but I have determined they are useless. Told me to attach the Second Life log file - but on my computer - it says I don't have access to open it or attach it to the support ticket. The support people told me to uninstall SL along with any other Second Life files (the log included), but I can't even delete them from my system because I have Access Denied to a few files. WTH? I can log into the RC viewer just fine, but I hate it, and want to go back to the standard. -.- Has this happened to anyone else? If so, how did you fix it? TT_TT

Anyway, back to fashion. With my last post on Chai skins, it occurred to me that I've never reviewed any of the hair I picked up from Aoharu. I grabbed several hairs a few weeks ago when they were on sale, and won one in a lucky chair a few days ago.

Aoharu Hairs - 01

What I love about them: they are messy, and have wacky buns XD Most of the hair from Aoharu is almost entirely sculptie - so be warned of the crazy balls on your head before you rezz O.o The textures on these are great as well, but not realistic like Zero Style or Maitreya's new ones. These are great still :D (Can you tell the one on the right is the one I won in the lucky chair? :P)

Aoharu Hairs - 02

These hairs are not really my style, but I couldn't resist getting them. I loved the way the bangs looked and might need to put them to use someday. ^.^ Its probably important to note that I did edit some of these hairs quite a bit, to fit around my ears. But, I didn't edit them to the point that they are unrecognizable anymore.

What: Ann, Catherine, Momo, Samantha, all in Black - $120L Each, Rebecca in Milky Montblanc - Free from Lucky Chair
Where: Aoharu, Aoharu (110, 124, 23)
What Else: Dress from Baiastice, ears from Illusions, necklace from Muse. See the In-World Locations page for where to buy information.

Yep, another post that has been done 15,096,784 times.... but I'm going to add one more post to that number. ^.^

You can probably guess thats its going to be about the amazing new Chai group gifts! I love Chai skins, and already have a few in my inventory, but omg - I always need more :D The creator behind Chai skins is always so generous to her group members, its really amazing... and, she does not sacrifice any quality on her gifts. ^.^

Chai - Indigo Faces

Seriously, you must not miss these skins. She has the most creative makeup options, and the best freckles in Second Life (well, at least I think so). I did have to put on the shape I made especially for the Chai skins, because my normal shape did not do the skin any justice. O.o

Chai - Indigo Body

And, the body of these are definitely no different. They are beautifully shaded, highlighted, and well done. :D Seriously, with these skins, the pictures speak for themselves. ^.^

These are subscribe-o-matic gifts, so if you are a member already and didn't get them (SL is so wonky and unreliable lately), you should go to her main store and choose history option 1 on her subscribe-o-matic. Eventually (usually takes about 45 minutes for me), you will receive a package with all these awesome skins. ^.^ Hurry though, gifts don't stay in there for long! You get this makeup in all tones (I only pictured my favorite Nutmeg tone here), as well as freckle options. :D :D

Definitely pick up some skin demos while you are there, you won't be disappointed. ^.^

BTW - I am totally loving this Aoharu hair! Its so wacky, fun and cute, I never want to take it off XD

In-World Location: Chai Skins, Port Seraphine (221, 129, 56)

Hello blog readers! :D My post today doesn't really have anything to do with a fashion review, but instead more of an announcement. With the absence of my partner, Bats - I was forced to create a male alt to model some of my poses for my store ads... and I thought I'd give more of a use for him than just that. Really, he's too handsome to just use for ads. ^.^

Don't believe me? Shall I present to you.... Nuai Kumaki!

Nuai Kumaki

I will be using him for the occasional male fashion post here at Fashion Labyrinth. I know there is a lack of fashion blogs for men, so I want to help and bring Nuai randomly here for the men. :D So, if you see him around some random shops, don't be afraid to poke him... but remember - there is a RL female behind him XD

Nuai Kumaki is wearing: Hair by Naughty, skin by The Abyss, jeans by Moderno, top by Armidi.

So, how many of you blog readers are tired of seeing Armidi pictures being posted? Well, I hope you can deal with one more, because I just love these new pieces :D

Armidi - Cambridge

When I seen Tuli wearing this top on her blog, I was awestruck and did a "OMG - that looks SOOOO good on her!" So, naturally, I had to have it. I got there and seen it came in a couple of colors. I had only went there to grab the white top/black shorts combination, but my fingers somehow wanted the pink/white one as well XD Both are totally cute - and while they don't look as good on me as they did on Tuli.... I still love them ^.^

Armidi - Lima Trenchcoat

And, like always, I couldn't escape from Armidi without a third purchase. I stumbled upon this (literally, stumbled - I caught lag and all of a sudden the next thing I knew, I had my face in the display of this), and I couldn't pass it up. The really bad thing about this though, that I found is - I had to take all my hip width and my bum to like, 0 for this to fit. So, without the bottom prims, I look like a freakishly buff female O_o

It really didn't fit well no matter what I did, so as weird as it looks on me, it will have to do. The prims do hide some of my 0 hips and 0 butt, but it still seems a bit off to me. If I hadn't of taken my body sizes down, I would have had hips and butt coming out of every angle... which I'm sure was a bad thing. But it did give me the perfect excuse to wear the adorable necklace I finally bought from Paper Couture last night! I've been drooling over that thing for months, and finally dove in and got it. ^.^ Now, I wonder why it took me so long to buy it. o.O

What: Cambridge in Ajan Pink and Aufren White W/Black - $295L each, Lima Trenchcoat in Nero w/ Nero Belt - $425L
Where: Armidi Gisaci, Armidi (90, 131, 30)
What Else: Hair by Truth and Diversity Hair, necklaces by Caroline's and Paper Couture, bracelet by Hi-Flo, ears by Illusions. See the In-World Locations page for where to buy information.

OMG, can you believe it's May already? Spring semester finals are just around the corner TT_TT

But I'm not here to talk about that (actually, I dread even thinking about them O.o). Instead, I will talk about the new group gift Sissy Pessoa from Baiastice sent out to her group members yesterday!

I love Sissy's work, I think they are stunning, and so utterly creative that I just squee every time I buy something from her. ^.^ And of course, her freebies are no different. I probably squee even more when I see she has a new gift out XD Seriously. Anyway.... moving on to the picture goodness....

Baiastice Group Giftie :D

This dress is amazingly beautiful, and when I first put it on, I thought: "OMG. She's offering this to us for FREE?!" The detail is amazing, even down to the lace. :D It seems to come with two skirt prim attachments, and being the silly person I am, I wore both at once. The first by itself made my bum leak out the back, and the second by itself was a bit too big, (I was too lazy to fix it at the time). So, I put both on, and surprisingly, I thought it looked cute. Fluffy, spring-ish, and totally adorable. :D

For those of you not a member of the Baiastice group - *bonks you on the head*. She makes such amazing clothes, why haven't you been there yet?! :P And for those already a member - don't forget to grab this, in case you don't get offline group notices like me.

In-Wold Location: Baiastice, Best of Italian (129, 41, 23)
What Else: Hair by Truth, ears by Illusions, necklace by Alienbear. See the In-World Locations page for where to buy information.