Today, I'll be reviewing some shapes. I love my shape, and it has the most sentimental value to me, because it was one of the first things I purchased back when I was a newbie. So, while it it unlikely that I'll change my shape for good, its nice to have shapes for different skins, for pictures. So, when Dakota Lubitsch dropped some shapes on me, and I tried them out right away. I'm always excited to try out new shapes, though I always go back to my original one.


This is Daisy. And something that needs to be said - these are definitely not your perfect virtual Barbie. I think this is great though. Seems only a handful are making more "realistic" shapes, and it always makes me happy to see people wearing shapes with a few flaws. Flaws are beautiful.


I think in showing shapes, it is important to show a few different skins with them. I have an embarrassing amount of skins in my inventory, so I grabbed a few of them and put them on this Daisy shape, so you can see how it looks with the more popular skin lines.


Next: Lily. Again, this shape has its flaws, but they are great. It really takes a brave shape maker to create shapes like these. There are so many shapes out there that are so unrealistic, its past the point of faces like this: O_o . So, I am glad to see these shapes that have qualities I can relate to in real life.


The same skins as before, this time on Lily. In the ads at the shop, 3 different skins are pictured with each shape, which I think is great. Though - what I would love to see is: demo shapes. I love demo shapes, and think they are the best thing to offer in selling shapes. I have bought so many that looks good in pictures, but doesn't look good after I shell out the lindens for it. So, it gets stuffed into a folder forever. So, if there was one thing I'd suggest for Dakota (or any other shape maker, for that matter): put out some demo shapes. ^_^

I did nothing to these skins, except change eyelash length to 0, so I could put my prim lashes on them. These are priced very well at only $250L a shape. They are Mod/Copy/No Trans, which would allow you to make a few changes to them, make a dress shape, and personalize it to your own style, if you like.

What: Daisy and Lily - $250L each
Where: Dakota's Shapes, Pearly (82, 93, 23)

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    I'm not really sure how one could go about making demo shapes? Other then adding that nifty "demo" above the head, but I think that could be played with if a person knew how to hide it.

    skins, clothes and are easy for demo's because you get to stamp then, rainbow them, de-color them, etc.

    Something to think about though and I love those shapes!

  2. Actually, as of a few weeks ago, I was thinking the same thing. However - there really is a way! What the shape makers are doing to make demo shapes is make a no-mod one with size 100 feet and hands. So, you get to see the face, and body, but have really funky hands and feet. Quite a brilliant idea ^^