I usually don't blog freebies because I think the wonderful freebie bloggers do such a great job of it as it is, but occasionally I come across an amazing thing that I need to talk about. Thats exactly how I felt when I seen these awesome tintable tights from G.L.A.M.


They come in two versions: solid and sheer, with three tintable shades. A dark shade, medium and light. I pictured the sheer versions here.


And, they are tintable to match whatever it is you need them for! I quickly put a few random colors for the tint, and I tell you, I love these things. I think these probably could be sold for quite a bit of money, so I am grateful the creator is offering to us for only $1L.

What: Tintable Metallic Lycra Tights - $1L
Where: G.L.A.M, Viva La Glam (124, 117, 23)

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    Yay!!! SOOOO gorgeous and well done. By the way, I have bugged dear Chloris so that she makes them on the Underpants layer as well so that the hoo-hoo doesn't show, just like real tights. I personally wear shiny tights as pants with long tanks in RL and I wanted to have it in SL too, ah! And she agreed, so good news for all other lil'hipsters out there! :D <333

  2. Oh, wow, having them as an underpants layer too would be awesome! I have found that several of my skirts don't fully cover the gap between the glitch pants and the start of the socks. Underpants would be great ^^ And, of course, having them to use with long sweaters... I sense all kinds of new outfit possibilities!

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    The tights are awesome :D