Swan Lake Dream

Ever since I saw Nicky Ree's blog post about her new Swan Lake Dream dresses, I've been drooling over them. Yesterday, I finally got my little paws on the white version. I teleported home as soon as I could and tried it on. I was shocked at how many objects and clothing items were included in the sale. O_o It almost needs a notecard explaining what attachments go where. But - I figured it out, and assembled my favorite set up. As all Nicky Ree dresses, it needed editing to fit my shape. I love that her dresses have modify permissions!

Swan Lake Dream - Muse

In this dress package, I also managed to find a skirt that had one of the scripts that helps with the skirt falling through chairs. I have to try it out, but I think its a great option to have for these long dresses. I recently bought the transferable version of the smart skirt for my own creations, I definitely think more clothes designers should go this route. Anyways, back to the topic. This dress has so many different skirts, attachments and options, that its hard to write about them all in this post. I've gotten a few compliments on it... just in one night!

What: Swan Lake Dream in White, $980L
Where: Nicky Ree, Deco (86, 97, 34)

CS Skin

Starley is having a sale on some of her skins in Celestial City~ The Vogue line, as well as the Charmed line are both half off until Sunday, 7pm! So, as soon as the grid came back online on Wednesday, I hurried over to Celestial City to check it out. So many skin shoppers were there~ and as I expected, the lag was extreme. But, I somehow made my way to the back corner to find the Vogue skins.

CS Skin - Face

I quickly found the Cashmere skin tone I liked, and began my hunt for the skin I would like. The glitter noir skin looked nice, so I picked it up for only $500L! And, these skins are amazing as well... I love the Vogue skins, I could easily buy the entire line, If I had the money. Hehe~

SLURL: Celestial Studios, Celestial City (68, 240, 27)

Shirt and Hoodie

Ok, I am in love with this shop called Monogrind. I purchased several things on my trip there, including the above shirt and hoodie. Their shirts come in two layers - shirt and jacket. This is awesome for tattooed people such as myself. ^_^ Most of their stuff is labeled as unisex, so I don't have to feel weird shopping in the mens section. Haha~ This place has lots of punky type of stuff, which I am totally in love with.


One of the best products they sell though is their belts. Their belts have awesome texturing, and very close attention to detail. The belt on the left of the picture came with two versions a normal one (which is a rainbowish), and the one pictured, a dark version. I love this shop so much, I don't understand why I just not heard of them. They definitely need to get more publicity.

What: Scar Shirt $63L, Stripy Black Hoodie $80L, Punky Studded Belts $194L, Flower and Chains Belt $120L
Where: Monogrind, Bristow (33, 195, 81)


Every time I see a set of neko ears, I always seem to buy them. It doesn't matter if they are the weirdest looking things ever, I still seem to buy them. ears are like, a collection for me lately. So, when I came across Wynx, and seen they had an ear and tail set, I quickly picked up a black set. Now, when I first put these on, I thought to myself that the look like mouse ears. They looked big, and the inside was pink. Weird because I hadn't seen such ears in Second Life before. But the very things that made me think they were mouse ears have become my favorite things. The pink is totally cute, and the size of them is good for wearing big hair... the ears are visible even then.

Another neat feature about these ears is that they are HUD driven. So, I am able to control the position of the ears as well as the twitching factor all through a HUD. Makes things so much easier. I no longer have to chase my head to click on a ear to change things. The twitching on these ears is much more realistic than any other ear I own, or have seen. They just barely move, but its still enough to register as a twitch... its nothing like those spazzy movements other ears make.

This set also included a neko tail as well. I put it on, and it started to rotate in complete circles, so I took it off and didn't put it back on. Still, the ears alone were well worth the $275L I paid for them. I cam completely in love with these ears.

What: Black Neko Ear and Tail Set, $275L
Where: Wynx, Raglan Shire (184, 129, 24)

Adam n Eve

I think I am beginning to like these opening party things. It is a great way for meet and fangirl some of my most favorite designers. So many of my favorites were at the opening of the new Adam n Eve new store opening. The line up is simple. Friday is music, dancing, party and fireworks. Saturday is a neat scavenger hunt, and Sunday is a sale on soon to be retired goods.

SLURL: Genesis (12, 149, 23)

Saunders and Anya

Fall is coming. Everyone is coming out with fall fashion and all, I decided to go out and find a nice fall outfit. And, I did indeed find a good one - the Saunders outfit set from Refuge. It comes with the jeans (with prim legs which I love!), the jacket, and a red undershirt. I am in love with this set. Its totally cute. The trench part of the jacket is flexi, which makes it even cuter to me.

I also finally made it to ETD. I love the new build. Its so spacious, easy to maneuver around... but easier to get lost in. It took me a few minutes to find the new release wall, but I did it. Yay. When I got there, there were two staff working, it seems. Which is good, in case people need help. Okay, anyway... after looking at the new releases (and picking up the hair Deidra in black), I went straight to the discount room. I purchased all the freebies, and found the hair in the picture there. It is Anya in ebony, and just totally adorable. I added a hair ribbon from Eolande's to it for some extra flair. I just can not get enough of the discount room, I think it is a great idea for broke residents like I am. For $100L for a pack of ETD hair, it can't get any better than that. ^_^

What: Saunders Complete Outfit, $400L
Where: Refuge, Koreshan (52, 91, 24)

What: Anya (in Ebony), $100L for complete Black/White pack
Where: ETD, ETD Isle (138, 133, 33)

Sale At CTK

Now through Friday, Cherry Tokyo's Kimonos is having a discontinuation sale. There is a giant wall outside the shop, with each item being $50L. But - thats not all the items that are on sale. There are also items inside the shop on sale as well. But, $50L for a kimono from CTK is incredible. In the picture above is only a few of my purchases from CTK's outside sale. Awesome quality kimonos at a price you can not beat. But - only until Friday!

SLURL: Boracay Island (165, 95, 21)

Celestial-Studios - Bikini

Hmm... ok, this is probably the most awesome swim wear system I've ever seen. It will definitely be difficult to explain though. First - You choose which base you want for your top and bottoms (boyshorts, g-string or bikini for bottoms, and bandeau, teeny and triangle for your top). The base is just a regular tintable white suit worn on the underwear layer. Next - you chose which design you want... stars, hibiscus, stripes, dots or pirates. The design is just that... a tintable design worn on the shirt and pants layer. Confused? I was too. So, you wear both layers, the underwear as well as the shirt and/or pants, and each is tintable, so you can tint the pattern and the base for millions of swim wear options!

In action shot ^_~

I was utterly confused when I was trying to understand how they worked, but once I realized, I quickly came to the conclusion that this was the most awesome system I've ever seen. I don't know about anyone else, but I always have the biggest problems finding sandals that match the bikini I wear. With this system, all I have to do is find a pair of sandals I love, then tint my suit to match! Totally awesome. And of course the suit and patterns are amazing as well. This has become my favorite bikini I own so far ^_^

What: Celestial Studios - Infini-Kini, Base $70L Each, and Patterns $40L Each
Where: Celestial City (102, 109, 27)

Jewelry Expo 2007

The jewelry section is definitely one of the fastest growing parts of my inventory. I was totally not prepared for the jewelry overload that the Jewelry Expo 2007 would bring to me. It was exciting, with tons of freebies, no lag, and lots of shiny goodness. I've been waiting for this expo for months, and was totally excited when I woke up Saturday morning to visit it.

Chatelaine Brooch

After trying my luck with the Treasure hunt, I made a beeline for the Muse booth, where she was selling the Chatelaine Shoulder Brooch. I picked one up in silver, and also grabbed a choker that matches. I love this. Its not even jewelry - its art. It has chat commands that allows you to turn the feather either white or black. I totally feel like royalty while I wear this.

Platinum Heart Tag

As a gift to me from my partner, I got the Platinum Heart Tag set from EMJ. This has pretty much every thing I can imagine in a jewelry set: necklace, choker, bracelet, earrings, navel piercing, and even an anklet in it. Pretty amazing, and as usual, it looks amazing. As I expect from EMJ.

I bought so much more things, and may go back for a second round, if my finances will allow me to. The expo runs until September 22nd, and many items will only be available there... so better get going before it ends~

SLURL: OnRez Orientation (128, 128, 0)

When I was a newbie, Gurl6 was one of the first places I bought hair from. Ever since finding Kin, I've never really looked back at Gurl6. But - When I seen their September freebie, I decided to go check the shop out once again, and pick up the September box as well. I tell you, Gurl6 just keeps growing and growing. I remember back in my newbie days, I spent hours in the shop looking for one hair that I couldn't live without. Now that its been several months, the store seems to have tripled in size. And - I don't really have time to go through it all. So, I settled to check out the new releases in the entrance.

Taylor Hair

I quickly found the Taylor hair, and I knew I couldn't leave without it. So, I picked up the Midnight color pack, grabbed the September $1L freebie, and picked up a few limited edition hairstyles. Off I went to try my new hair out. What is awesome about Gurl6 is that their hair comes in three sizes - which relieves some stress of resizing hair for my head. The medium size fits perfectly on my avatar. I got 4 different color shades in the midnight pack: black (my personal favorite, and pictured on the right), black cherry (which is like a dark purpleish-pink), and dirtier white (also pictured), and rebel (an insane red and black). I love this hair so much, I never want to take it off ^_^

What: Gurl6 - Taylor (Midnight), $195L
Where: Gurlywood (110, 111, 21)

Hair by Vixen

I visited Vixen and purchased a few hair styles from them. The styles are nice, but there are a few minor things that I have problems with. I love the alpha texture look, and some of the styles here lack that. On the few styles that do have the alphas, I noticed that the texture gets a little transparent... then stops. I can't really explain it, but you can see it in the top row of the image in the bangs, on the first and third picture. It just looks odd.

Anyway... I purchased (from left to right), Secret, Tease and Alchemy all in the Blackmail shade. For $175L each, I got two shades of each hair. A black, as well as a lighter, blueish black. The styles are really adorable, but I think I would like better a better alpha texture look. I will indeed wear them, but I don't really know if they would ever become my "default" hair.

What: Vixen - Secret, Tease, Alchemy (All in Blackmail color), $175L Each
Where: Vixen Island (128, 30, 29)

Ususally, I am a very shy person who will not approach someone to ask where they bought something. So, I am always seeing people wear things, then I got out to hunt for that particular object later. Well, when I saw someone wearing a particular dress, I knew I couldn't live without it... so I gathered my courage and asked. She sent me a LM, and I teleported right away.

Kesbah - Eve

Turns out, it was at X3D Apparel, somewhere I have been to before. I quickly found the item I wanted, and purchased it. At first, I was not really sure about the top. I never seem to have enough self confidence to wear something so... small. However, after going out dancing in this, I am starting to get used to it. The skirt is so damn adorable, I love everything about it - the pattern, the belt, the design.

What: X3D - Kesbah (Eve), $250L
Where: Dacham (144, 164, 0)

I've never really looked at Last Call for clothing before. I love their nail polish, and skins, but never thought their clothing was right for my neko look. After seeing that the majority of their pants come with sculpted prim legs, I bought a few outfit sets to try them out. I am impressed with the quality of them. I can easily see why Last Call is so popular - Their outfits are amazing. They are so easy to mix and match as well, which makes them even more for the money you pay.


Above is the Anais outfit. I love this... you can wear just the jacket, and they come on a shirt layer as well as a jacket layer. Yay~ Oh, and the pants, the deciding factor of my purchase, are just as nice. The prim legs come in 2 versions: slouchy or smooth. Both look wonderful ^_^


The Micha set surprised me. You get the pants outfit, as well as a bonus skirt for extra mix and matching! And no detail is left out. Everything is taken into consideration with these clothes. They are definitely a work of art.

I love both these outfits, but I really wish that the prim pants were sold as separates. I totally love these outfits, but sometimes I just want a pair of pants O.o

What: Last Call - Anais, $275L, and Micha, $325L
Where: Dazzle (68, 11, 27)

I love sales. Seriously. And - when sales of gowns happen, I go into financial ruin. Haha~ anyways, Diva Ladieswear is having a great $99L sale on some of their gowns until the 12th. I stopped by today to check them out, and fell in love with a few of their gowns. They have pretty much everything I look for in a dress (no full flexi cylinders and they cover my heels), and you also get a few different options of flexi skirts with your purchase. Don't believe me? Check out the pictures:

Diva Collection - Midnight

This is the Midnight dress. This resized picture doesn't really show the detail, but if you click on it to get the full flickr size, it gets better. One option with this dress, is you can wear a lace flexi skirt (seen on the left), or the second option, a satin one (seen on the right). I love the options that these dresses come with. <3

Diva Collection - Divarina

I also purchased the Divarina gown. This came with wide dress option (left), the normal option (right), as well as an open front option that I didn't get a picture of. This is a great gown, however, I am not entirely fond of the see-through skirt. I'm sure it will come in handy someday though.

The sale is inside The Purple Moon, a club on the same sim. The dresses included in the sale are all $99L, and will last until Wednesday. To get more information, you can visit the Diva Ladieswear shop, or just check out The Purple Moon.

SLURL: Full Moon Island (234, 37, 22)

Let me start off by saying: If jeans don't come with prim legs, I refuse to wear them. So, you can imagine how difficult it is to find jeans for me, in a world of system jeans. I've had Tart's crack jeans for a while, but - thats it. So, I set out to find a few new pairs of jeans with prim leg attachments. I hopped from one place from another, getting more frustrated as time went on. Just when I was about to give up and start looking for shoes, I decided to visit on last place - WRONG. After looking at rows and rows of non-prim legged jeans, I was about to turn and walk out .... when I seen the top row ... all with prim legs! Excited, I bought all 5 of the shades (shown below is the black, but they have dark, dirty, faded and grey as well). I immediately went home to try them on.

Prim Bootleg Jeans

They needed some adjusting to fit my shape, and I kind of modified them a little to get the style I like, but I am so excited I found them. Once I got them fitted to me, I can barely see where the prims meet the pants. Even then, I have to really concentrate on finding it. They look great, with the worn look on the legs and all. I am very pleased with these. I also picked up some cute skull beads and bangles while I was here.

What: WRONG - Prim Bootleg Jeans (Black)
Where: AlterNation (200, 119, 38)

Haraju-ju Skullz Skirt

I am absolutely in love with this skirt from i-Candy. Its got two layers of flexi panels - a solid black layer on the bottom, and a skull patterned layer on top. My most favorite part of this skirt... is definitely the flexi bow in the back. It is totally adorable, and its something I've never really seen before. It is short, cute, skully, and has a flexi bow... what is not to love? In fact, I bought two other similar skirts because I loved it so much.

These skirts with bows are not the only goodies in i-Candy. I have to admit, I've never even heard of this shop until they sent out a FashCon notice... so I was thrilled to have been informed of this shop. I ended up buying a few skirts, an awesome skull hoodie, and a bracelet. They even have an item called a "ButtCape". O.o

What: i-Candy - Haraju-ju Skullz Skirt, $100L
Where: Asmodeus (28, 195, 41)

On a side note, ETD is now open again! Unfortunately, my computer can't handle all the lag there, so I'll be checking out the new build (and new items!) in a few days, hopefully the traffic will have died down. Love hair as much as I do? Go check it out on ETD Isle.

New Shirts

I was so excited to hear that artilleri was having a sale on some of their older designs. Now was the perfect time to stock up on some of those awesome shirts I've been drooling over for months, but never decided to get them. There is sooo much stuff on sale in the little sale skybox, I wanted to take everything home with me. I didn't, but I did grab a good chunk of the items. These three shirts are only a few of the items I picked up.


Ah, and don't forget about the other items. There are accessories, dresses, pants, and even some mens clothing up there. All marked down 50%. The sale will continue until September 13th, then all the items will not be sold again. So, hurry and get them while you can!

SLURL: artilleri (118, 141, 501)

Neko Tail

Ever since buying my favorite set of black neko ears from ElectroCatz, I've been looking for a tail that would match them. I have a few, but they are not the right shade of black. I was thrilled when I saw this adorable tail from Passionate Neko Dreams.

There are a few things I love about this tail. First, it is not like the other typical neko tails out there. This one is short, and totally scruffy looking. Also, I adore the little ropes at the base of the tail. So cute~ It also matches my ears really well, which is an awesome bonus.


I know some people like their tails to have options. This one doesn't. It attaches, then just swishes around a little occasionally. Which, is ideal for me, because I love that. This will definitely be my primary tail for a while.

What: Passionate Neko Dreams - Short Neko Tail (Midnight Black), $175L
Where: Forsaken Enterprises (111, 189, 501)


Nicky Ree is my favorite gown designer. No doubt about it. The feature I look for in a gown are simple: no full flexi cylinders, the dress must cover my heels and it needs a good design. Nicky Ree offers all of those to me. Which, makes her the place I look to first when I want a new gown. I decided to go out and buy the Constellations Grace gown from her shop the other night. After shrinking it to make it fit me, and positioning it just right, I finally got to appreciate the gown. I love the patterns on every piece of it. The bottom of the skirt looks amazing, as well as the front of the entire thing. And - as always, the shading and highlights on the top and glitch pants are done incredibly well.

Grace Train

The reason why I've been so hesitant about buying this dress is because of the train. I don't really do very much that requires a really elaborate dress - I only go to a few jazz clubs, so having an extremely long train is a little overkill in my situation. But still, the train is beautiful to have for those special occasions.

Clothing: Nicky Ree - Constellations Grace (Gold), $800L
SLURL: Deco (86, 118, 28)

Amaretto - Marguerite

So, when I heard that Amaretto released a September limited edition Marguerite dress, I hurried over there to check it out! I absolutely love limited edition things... who doesn't? I purchased it right away, and headed home to try it on. The textures on the flexi skirt are absolutely amazing. I adore the shading and love the awesome design on the bottom of the skirt. The transition from the glitch pants to the flexi skirt is also the best I've ever seen. You can barely see where the skirt meets the body. Extremely well done.

Amaretto - Marguerite Train

The train on this dress is really something. It really compliments the dress, and I love the little black bow with ribbons. Its a great dress, definitely worth the $350L I spent on it, but I do have a few quirks. One being that I'm not fond of the full cylinders used for the dress panels. I'd love to see this with half cylinders, maybe. I'd also love to see this design a little longer. I have to have my dresses to be long enough to cover my lower body as well my heels when I go out.

Clothing: Ameretto - Marguerite September Limited Edition, $350L
SLURL: Boracay Island (173, 106, 22)