Back when I was a newbie, one of the first things I ever purchased was a Japanese school uniform. I love the uniforms that students in Japan wear, so I wanted to own one in SL. I pick up uniforms when I see them, but never found one that is just jaw dropping. That is - until I stumbled upon Edelweiss. I was in awe at how great these looked, definitely the best I have ever seen.


This one is Lily. It comes with different versions for the various seasons. And - this was a complete set. You get an animated standing pose, animated sitting pose, shoes, socks, and a few versions of this uniform. Anyone ever see the anime, Maria-sama ga Miteru? Yep, this is strikingly similar.


This next one is Ferris. This one did not come with the shoes, though they are available to purchase at the shop for $300L. These are amazing and very well made. They took quite a bit of editing and stretching to get them to fit my shape, but it was worth it. While this didn't come with the animated poses like Lily did, its definitely beautiful.


Next up: Meijiro. Similar to Ferris, this doesn't come with the shoes or poses. These are not exactly cheap uniforms, priced at $600L each, but they the quality is superb. Ah~ an awesome thing about these - they come with a "Guarantee" object, that if something happens to your uniform, or you lose it, you wear the guarantee and click the guy at the counter in the shop... and he will give you a new one! Pretty cool, eh?


I love the short, anime style of school uniforms. So, naturally, I wished these to be shorter. That means one thing: make them tiny! Yep, I shortened each one and paired them with a great pair of legwarmers I picked up from Reaction Girl.

What: Mejiro, Lily, and Ferris -$600L each. Loafers - $300L
Where: Edelweiss, Zero Style (233, 57, 31)

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    Yes, i think Moeka made the best schoool uniform so far in SL! ^_^

  2. Definitely! I am a total Edelweiss fan now ^^

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    OMG >..< I'm an ├╝ber BIG fan of Maria-sama ga miteru !!!!! *dashes off to get her hands on a uniform tooooooo* Thanks for posting about this one !!!

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    Gotta be one of if not the best uniforms out there, especially when, i dont think you mentioned this but they are nearly all based on actual Japanese School Uniforms with the correct school badge. Go Pick one and google it you'll be surprised :P

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