Ok, ok, I know the new Zaara top is something that will be blogged non stop for the next coming weeks, but I had to share my take on it. I started with the top, then it kinda went from there, adding something, adding something else, until I got to this.


Wearing: Hair by Aden (was a group gift), mouth razor by Nomine, ears by Illusions, scarf by massimo, top by Zaara Indian Couture, jeans by Last Call (no longer available), shoes by Pixel Mode, armwarmers by Maitreya, tattoos by Aitui. See the In-World Locations page for where to buy information.

And a special thanks to the super adorable Aisuru, who did a tribute challenge, and included Fashion Labyrinth in it. It gave me motivation to blog again, knowing people still stick around my blog even though I am somewhat M.I.A. due to my stupid computer issues. :D

Hai! I've been wanting a fedora hat for a while, but could never find a good outfit to go with one. So, I poked around my inventory and came up with something I am quite pleased with. ^^


Wearing: Fedora by League, hair by ETD, muffler by Docomo (was a freebie a while ago, I'm unsure if its still there), necklace by luc, bracelet by Bebe (not sure if this store is still around - I couldn't find it in search), prim nails by Pixel Mode, ears by Discord, top by Nyte'N'Day, pants by Hilarious, shoes by Shiny Things. See the In-World Locations page for where to buy information.

Also: these pictures are slightly darker, because I've realized my windlight setting looks totally washed out and light on the new RC candidate client, so I've been experimenting with new settings lately ^^

I went shopping at Discord again! Today though, something slightly different than last time, but still equally as awesome.


Wearing: Hat, dress and ears by Discord, hair by Zero Style, necklace by Muse, bra and shoes by Armidi, prim nails by Pixel Mode, pedicure by Skin Within. See the In-World Locations page for where to buy information.

Some notes: In my last post, people had trouble with finding things around Discord, so this time I'll try to make it a bit easier. :D The hat and dress are from two separate sets, both can be found in the New Release section (as of this posting). The hat is also slightly modified to fit my look. Just check for the New Release sign at the TP point and follow the arrows. The ears are located right outside the New section. I hope this helps!

I've been having an obsession with scarves right now. And, it just so happens that these new scarves from Armidi are full of awesome. :D


Wearing: Hair and shoes by ETD, ears by Illusions, hoodie by Dutch Touch, scarf by Armidi, tank by VG Republic (no longer available now, I believe), jeans by Muism, bracelet by Shiny Things, prim nails by Pixel Mode. See the In-World Locations page for where to buy information.