A while ago, I bought these adorable coats from Dragonic Kiss. I loved the look of them (and... omg, the bow in the back is adorable!), so I bought 3 of them. I bought one in black, white, and pink. They are all very cute, though my favorite is the pink. ^^ I love love love pink.


These come with prim cuffs, and a sculptie collar, two of which is my most loved features on coats. All of prim attachments needed editing to fit my shape, as usual, but it wasn't too bad. My bum was a little to big for this, so every time I put it on, I have to remember my dress shape. Anyway. In addition to these 3 colors, there is a really nice looking blue one too. Dragonic Kiss seems to be known for its lolita dresses and accessories, but there is really more than that there. Its worth checking out ^^

What: Snow Angel in Black, Pink and White - $200L each
Where: Dragonic Kiss, Koreshan (193, 93, 25)
What Else: Hair by ETD, jeans by Armidi, boots by Shiny Things. See the new In-World-Locations page for SLURLs!

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