I swear, I need to start making a page completely dedicated to the things people say about my ears. I've had some pretty weird things said to me that I've kept in a notecard. XD

But anyway. Thats not what this post is about. Yep, this will be another Tuli new skins post. My philosophy with my blog is that I blog what I like, and I don't really care what other people blog. So there :P Just skip over this, if you like.

I don't get offline group notices at all anymore, so when someone mentioned on the feed that Tuli had sent out group gift skins, I grumbled that I didn't get the notice, and immediately went to the archives. And I tell you, I am so glad I grabbed these because they are STUNNING!

Tuli - Celeste and Emily

On the left is Celeste, and the right is Emily. Gah~~~ *dies from Tuli's amazing talent* I love these, and I think if I was to ever give up the skin I always wear, I would change to a Tuli skin. Every one of her skins is just so detailed and beautiful. Though, I think in this series, I am very partial to the Emily ones - I love the glossy lips on them XD

I believe they are in her store now, and I really need to get my lazy buns down there, check out the entire selection and pick up some demos :D

In-World Location: Tuli, Le Zoo (61, 166, 21)

Also: Thank you Tuli for being so kind to your group members!

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    you look adorable

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    omg I know just what you mean about the ears! Someone called my husband a gremlin and I had one guy tell me I had Princess Zelda ears! hahaha

  3. aww~ thanks Ana :D

    OMG, it happens to you too, Sakuradown? And - I would say having Princess Zelda ears is a compliment because she is so beautiful in all the Zelda games XD

    LOL @ gremlin ears! OMG, elf ears look NOTHING like Gizmo's! Meh. Makes me wish more people were open minded. O.o

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    Lol!! I for one of course would be very interested in seeing what people are saying about your... er... our? ears XD