I apologize, but I am going to spam the feed with my silly help request here. I just posted this on my more personal blog, but I think since this blog gets more readers, I'll try to post this here too - I am extremely desperate at this point TT_TT

Irritated with my crap graphics card, I decided I wanted a new one. So, I went out and bought a GeForce 8600GT. My computer is a HP, with a Nvida 6150 LE on-board graphics card.

I installed the new video card just fine, and was totally thrilled when I booted up the system.... only to find that my monitor isn't getting any signal from the new card. Instant heartbreak, I tell you TT_TT

Now, I have tried everything I could think of.... Disabling the 6150 in my Device Manager, uninstalling it, installing the new software.... nothing. I am totally frustrated and about to cry.

It appears that the new card is working okay, the fan on it is spinning and all, but it does not show up on my computer. I have no idea what else to do, and I am at a total loss. I've been working on this for the past 6 hours, and have gotten no where.

So, I turn to you awesome readers of mine. Does anyone have any suggestions for a frazzled little pixel elf? TT_TT

EDIT: Right after posting this, I decided to restart the entire process and try all over again. And, I seemed to have gotten it to work somehow. Note to self: Read instructions before doing anything computer related. -.-

And omg - finally being able to view windlight is absolutely amazing. My computer was too low to really see windlight the way it was meant to be seen, but now I am able to put my settings on Ultra with absolutely no computer lag at all. I am so excited about it now :D :D :D

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    Try Going into the Bios and disabling on board Video.

    If you only disabled it in Device Manager it will still look for the on board Video.

    I Hope this Helps in Some way.

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    Sai..I have a HP with that card and on occaision when I turn it on, the monitor doesn't pick up the card...so I have to shut it down and try again. That card also shuts down SL on me too..but not too often, and like you said, windlight is amazing..its like being in sl for the first time again.. Ive spoken to a few people and it seems to be a known issue with this card *shrugs*

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    Sooo glad to hear you got it working! It is a very frustrating process, I have been there myself! (and still have a few bald patches)

    Welcome to Windlight! :D

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    Hi Sai,
    also, double check and make sure that your power supply has enough wattage to carry that card. You made a big jump in cards and the power supply has to be able to handle it. Usually the specifications for the graphic card will recommend an adequate power supply needed to carry the card. I also had a 6150LE and when I switched to a 7900GS I also upgraded the power supply. One of those things they don't tell you about when your shopping for a new card. :)

  5. Ah, such good info here :D

    elusyve - That is good to know, so I don't panic my brains out when it happens. As long as it comes back on after a restart or two, I am okay with it :D

    roxette - Gah~ seriously, the instructions for this card sucked, and I had never done something like this before. It seemed like a piece of cake, but I made it soooooo much more difficult. XD But omg - as soon as I powered up the beautiful windlight, it was so worth it.

    angie - I did notice something about wattage on a website when I was troubleshooting my problem on a website. I will double check that now - thanks for the tip ^^

    /me crosses fingers and hopes PeeCee doesn't explode. XD