Ok, this is one of the *DO NOT MISS* sales! Seriously, if you miss the sale on these shoes, I will find you and give you a good kick. Okay, so not really. But this is a great deal, and you should definitely check it out.

A cute little Japanese store called G Field recently moved its main store, and guess what? They have adorable new shoes out, for 50% off! Normally these shoes are $150L, but for this weekend only, you can grab them for only $75L each! *dies from happiness overload*

G Field - Wood Wedge Sandal

They are really cute sculpted wedges, and I loved them as soon as I tp'ed into the store and seen the owner wearing them. I didn't even pick up the demos, I just went straight to the goods :D I grabbed them in Black, brown and white, and I plan on going back to get the red pair later day. $75L is just too good of a deal to pass up.

The ad says these are recommended for size 6-10 feet, but they do look reasonably okay with size 0. However, for this post, I did raise my foot size to 6, to get the full effect of them. :D

What: Wood Wedge Sandals in black, brown and white - $75L for this weekend only. $150L normally.
Where: G Field, MM21 (112, 83, 26)

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    I totally was looking at these yesterday. I'm glad I waited to buy them. Thanks for the heads up. :D

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    Wow.. Nice design!! I like to wear wedge sandals more than high heel, because these are more comfortable and easy to wear.

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    I've come to realize, as I've been reading through your blog, that I'm going to be completely broke. I cannot get enough shoes. I keep thinking I have plenty... Then someone walks by with some gorgeous heels... Or boots... And off I go shopping again!

    Those wedge sandals are just darling!