Again, this will be a post thats done tons of times, but I have to be like everyone else and put my post in :P I'm sure you can guess what its about.... the PXL Skins! :D

I've always been interested in the PXL skins, ever since I heard about them, but - the demo signs on the demos were so distracting, I never knew how much of it was the demo sign, and how much was the actual skin color. (If you've ever tried on a PXL demo, I'm sure you know what I mean.)

So, when I read that PXL was offering review copies to bloggers, I jumped at the opportunity to really see how these are behind the demos.

PXL Faces and Tons

I was actually quite surprised, actually. My shape is extremely difficult to find great skins for, so I don't change my skin often. Some of these makeups look pretty good on it though, specifically the makeup on the lightest skin tone. While my shape probably isn't the best shape to show these on, they definitely look better on it than most other skins. :D

PXL Body

However, the best thing is the shading. I love lots of shading and highlighting, and these are really great. And while I didn't picture it in respect for the blog feeds (and my own modesty), the bits look quite nice too. ^.^

And, omg - the dark skin tone is coming out on Monday~ It seems to be difficult to find good, dark skins, so this will be one more option when it comes out. The other tones though, they are already in the store with TONS of wonderful makeup/lip color options. So, when you get a chance, head there and pick up some demos. :D

What: Linda Light Passion Natural Eyes, Linda Gold Smoke Eyes, Linda Fashion Tan Pink Fashion Eyes, Linda Fair Natural Dark Eyes, Linda Dark Cat Eyes Dark Lips - $1500L Each
Where: PXL Creations, Peronaut (20, 58, 50)
What Else: Bikini by Winter Moon, Hair by Fuel. See the In-World Locations page for where to buy information.

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    Hey Sai... thank you for the lovely post. To be honest.. I was curious to see you wearing your cute ears with Linda... but w/o them... you look hawt!!!!

  2. Ahh~~ I didn't wear the ears for these because there were so many tones, and I'm such a perfectionist with matching them to the skins. XD

    Though, I'll find a perfect matching tone and wear them with a PXL skin in an upcoming post for you ^.^

    Love the PXL skins, and I definitely should wear them more often. XD

    Thanks so much for your comment~~