So, how many of you blog readers are tired of seeing Armidi pictures being posted? Well, I hope you can deal with one more, because I just love these new pieces :D

Armidi - Cambridge

When I seen Tuli wearing this top on her blog, I was awestruck and did a "OMG - that looks SOOOO good on her!" So, naturally, I had to have it. I got there and seen it came in a couple of colors. I had only went there to grab the white top/black shorts combination, but my fingers somehow wanted the pink/white one as well XD Both are totally cute - and while they don't look as good on me as they did on Tuli.... I still love them ^.^

Armidi - Lima Trenchcoat

And, like always, I couldn't escape from Armidi without a third purchase. I stumbled upon this (literally, stumbled - I caught lag and all of a sudden the next thing I knew, I had my face in the display of this), and I couldn't pass it up. The really bad thing about this though, that I found is - I had to take all my hip width and my bum to like, 0 for this to fit. So, without the bottom prims, I look like a freakishly buff female O_o

It really didn't fit well no matter what I did, so as weird as it looks on me, it will have to do. The prims do hide some of my 0 hips and 0 butt, but it still seems a bit off to me. If I hadn't of taken my body sizes down, I would have had hips and butt coming out of every angle... which I'm sure was a bad thing. But it did give me the perfect excuse to wear the adorable necklace I finally bought from Paper Couture last night! I've been drooling over that thing for months, and finally dove in and got it. ^.^ Now, I wonder why it took me so long to buy it. o.O

What: Cambridge in Ajan Pink and Aufren White W/Black - $295L each, Lima Trenchcoat in Nero w/ Nero Belt - $425L
Where: Armidi Gisaci, Armidi (90, 131, 30)
What Else: Hair by Truth and Diversity Hair, necklaces by Caroline's and Paper Couture, bracelet by Hi-Flo, ears by Illusions. See the In-World Locations page for where to buy information.

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