One of my favorite places for hair is Aoharu. They have the silliest hair :D And, omg. They are having a 50% off sale! I've been eying tons of hair from here, but never really got around to buying it. So, I took this opportunity to grab what I wanted :D

Aoharu - Sale - Female Hairs

OMG, the cuteness! I love these hairs. Seriously. They are made of almost entirely sculpted parts, so be warned of the round balls when you TP places. :P What really sets Aoharu apart from most places to me, is the crazy hair on the side of your head. In most hairs here, its like, a side poof ball :D So cute.

Aoharu - Sale - Man Hair

I also took this opportunity to bring out Nuai, my man alt, and give him some new hair. :D Their man hair is also cute, and I loved this one on him. Its a bit surfer-ish. XD I'm also trying to decide what hair color I'd like him to have. I'm not sure about blonde, because his eyebrows are a bit dark, and I'm not sure about black either, because Sai has black hair.... Hmm.... I chose the Espresso tone for him this time, to see how it looks. I think it looks pretty good, actually :D

This sale is until the 31st, and includes clothing, hair and skins - so hurry and get down there!

SLURL: Aoharu, Aoharu (110, 124, 23)
What Else: On Sai: top by Mischief, ears by Illusions. On Nuai: Top by Armidi. See the In-World Locations page for where to buy information.

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    CAn i ask you why do u wear always this ugly ears?

  2. Because I like them. :D