I spent a good chunk of my day IRL down at the lake today, playing in the water and getting information on a upcoming camping trip. So, I thought that was a huge inspiration for today's post. XD

I am pleased to announce: I have found the *perfect* SL bathing suit! (well, at least to me.) I have hunted long and hard to find bikinis in SL that look similar to my favorite ones in RL. These amazing new ones from Refuge are just what I was looking for.

Refuge - Floral Bikini True Teal

My favorite one is this: the Floral Bikini in True Teal. All bikinis come with 5 options to wear them. I pictured 4, the fifth was a second coloration of the solid bottoms (pictured first). So, you get solid bottoms with a prim drawstring, boyshorts, modest bikini and the SL famous string one. ^.^

Refuge - Floral Bikini Mix

I picked up a second pattern, this one being called the Floral Bikini in Mix. Very cute, with again, 5 options to wear them. I kid you not, these bikinis are adorable and absolutely perfect to me. Refuge has TONS of other patterns for you to check out too, if these don't interest you.

On another note, I was being silly and somewhat lazy with my PXL skins post a few days ago, and didn't wear my elf ears with them. So, to make it up to Sunrae, I've worn them with my favorite PXL skin here :D I was very surprised to find such a perfect match to these skins without begging Siyu for another custom tone XD

What: Floral Bikinis in True Teal and Mix - $175L Each
Where: Refuge, SiniStyle (114, 194, 26)
What Else: Skin by PXL, ears by Illusions, hair by Aoharu. See the In-World Locations page for where to buy information.

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