Last night, I found myself on a mission to find a certain hair I seen on a little Japanese blog. I found myself at Little Heaven, a not-so-little Japanese store. I got a bit lost, but eventually found my way to the hair. And, to my surprise, I actually found the hair I was hunting.

Little Heaven - Hairs

Here we have Rosary on the left - which was the one I wanted - and I also picked up Charlotte on the right. These are different textures than what I am used to - so I feel a bit iffy about them right now. But, I am trying to come around and enjoy them, because the styles are very cute. The designers behind Little Heaven are definitely ones to keep an eye on, because they will only improve and get better. :D

Even if you don't like these hair textures, don't be afraid to go to Little Heaven and check them out - they do have other hairs with more "standard" textures ^.^

What: Rosary and Charlotte in Black - $200L each
Where: Little Heaven, Little Heaven (115, 75, 22)
What Else: Top by PixelDolls, ears by Illusions. See the In-World Locations page for where to buy information.

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    omg Sai..we are elven twins separated at birth..Last night I was attempting to find a hair store blogged on a japanese blog as "LH" and finally found Little Heaven...that is so funny, and I really like the hair textures especially on one of the short styles..quick question..are they mod, because the demos were tiny on my egg head and I was afraid..LOL

  2. LOL! Wow, that is really funny, not very often things happen like that~ XD

    And yep, they are mod, and come in 3 sizes as well. Though, even the Large was still extremely tiny on my head. A quick stretch fixed that though :D