OMG, can you believe it's May already? Spring semester finals are just around the corner TT_TT

But I'm not here to talk about that (actually, I dread even thinking about them O.o). Instead, I will talk about the new group gift Sissy Pessoa from Baiastice sent out to her group members yesterday!

I love Sissy's work, I think they are stunning, and so utterly creative that I just squee every time I buy something from her. ^.^ And of course, her freebies are no different. I probably squee even more when I see she has a new gift out XD Seriously. Anyway.... moving on to the picture goodness....

Baiastice Group Giftie :D

This dress is amazingly beautiful, and when I first put it on, I thought: "OMG. She's offering this to us for FREE?!" The detail is amazing, even down to the lace. :D It seems to come with two skirt prim attachments, and being the silly person I am, I wore both at once. The first by itself made my bum leak out the back, and the second by itself was a bit too big, (I was too lazy to fix it at the time). So, I put both on, and surprisingly, I thought it looked cute. Fluffy, spring-ish, and totally adorable. :D

For those of you not a member of the Baiastice group - *bonks you on the head*. She makes such amazing clothes, why haven't you been there yet?! :P And for those already a member - don't forget to grab this, in case you don't get offline group notices like me.

In-Wold Location: Baiastice, Best of Italian (129, 41, 23)
What Else: Hair by Truth, ears by Illusions, necklace by Alienbear. See the In-World Locations page for where to buy information.

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