*Sigh* Its been a long, exhausting weekend for me, so I will try not to waste your time and keep this entry semi-short.

Sorry, sachi! I know I've had this for like, forever... and am just now getting to it! TT_TT I blame my out of control inventory!

Anyway. Ever since Illusions came out with the new elf ears, I've worn them non stop, so you can say I have a interest in the Fantasy side of Second Life. I wear wings sometimes, but never really dressed the part of a "fae". And frankly, I have no idea what qualities a fae has. I was not sure if they had elf ears, so be safe, I decided to take off my precious ears for this entry. And, for Adam n Eve's (not so new anymore) Woodland outfits - I have no problem with doing that. :D

Adam n Eve - Woodland

These come in a couple options, though I only pictured one. It had a longer skirt, but I found the shorter one to be more fitting to me. I couldn't get the prims on the long skirt to fit me the way I liked because I'm such a horrible perfectionist with things that O.o;; . But, the short one fit me with no problems at all. ^.^

So, what I love the most about this is: it has some amazing bewbage showing. XD I love the cleavage on my skin, and frankly.... I love to show it off sometimes. Sachi's clothing really knows how to show a bit of bewbs, while still looking totally cute. :D In addition to that, I adore the texturing on these. OMG, its highlighted in all the right places, and the folds look fantastic.

Oh. And did I mention you get the WINGS too?! O_O They arefun, cute, and make me want to go roam around Straylight :D

One last thing: Adam n Eve provides demos (!!!) for their items, so don't be afraid to pick one up and check out all the goodness before you buy :D

What: Woodland in Jade - $450L
Where: Adam n Eve, Genesis (101, 188, 43)
What Else: Hair by Maitreya (omg, this hair is my newest obsession), jewelry by Alienbear, shoes by Last Call (no longer available). See the In-World Locations page for where to buy information.

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