Okay, somewhere in the blogosphere world, I will make a fashionista cry today. Why, you ask? Because I had never purchased a Paper Couture item until this month. That is.... 11 months of my time in SL without visiting PC. Weird? Well, maybe. Everyone is always like "Paper Couture! Paper Couture!" for everything, and I had ingrained in my skull that they were insanely expensive. Then the spring line came out, and they LOOKED expensive and a bit odd. So, I never wanted to go in there. (I have a bad habit of buying all kinds of expensive things, regardless of the price, then feel terrible later -.-;;;)

However, while looking through the feed a few weeks back, I seen a beautiful gown on a fellow blogger, and I was like: "OMG, *Thats* PC?!" So, I went out to check them out. And naturally, I was in utter shock at the prices. Like, it was no where near the couple thousand $L that I thought it to be. I was actually surprised it was really reasonable. Like, why haven't I been there earlier?!

Paper Couture - Denial

This was the gown I had to have. It has a sculpted prim train, and definitely does not look well with my AO, but its great for pictures, and poking around my new SL home in. :D I do have to say though, the quality on this gown is amazing, and I can totally see why many people love Paper Couture items. ^^

What: Denial - $350L
Where: Paper Couture, Tableau (58, 55, 22)
What Else: Ears by Illusions, hair by Truth, shoes by Juicy. See the In-World Locations page for where to buy information.

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    I don't know if I posted in this blog before, but if I did, whatever I am doing it again! Just wanted to let you know that you are one of if not the most beautiful avatar I know of in SL. I love your shape to death and I rely to it a lot! You are the reason I wear Siyu's ears 24 hrs, 7 days a week now. I look up to your blog, I love its esthetic and the fact that the pictures are always so crispy and taken in the same "style" everytime. For me it makes it uber professional and a candy for the eye to have a certain continuity to it. Anyways, I am a bit like you on the recent PC lines, and yet I think I will go get myself this dress anyways... Thanks for sharing! xxxx *HUGS* :3

  2. Awww~~~ omg. That is the sweetest thing ever! */me gives elka tons of huggles* :P

    I always wonder if people read my blog, but then I am reminded that its on the fashion feed, so some people don't have much of a choice XD

    But, it's really great to know people do read it because they like it, and thats why I continue to share the weirdness that I spend my lindens on. O.o;;

    Thanks so much, elka - you have definitely made me a happy little blogger today :D