Hello blog readers! :D My post today doesn't really have anything to do with a fashion review, but instead more of an announcement. With the absence of my partner, Bats - I was forced to create a male alt to model some of my poses for my store ads... and I thought I'd give more of a use for him than just that. Really, he's too handsome to just use for ads. ^.^

Don't believe me? Shall I present to you.... Nuai Kumaki!

Nuai Kumaki

I will be using him for the occasional male fashion post here at Fashion Labyrinth. I know there is a lack of fashion blogs for men, so I want to help and bring Nuai randomly here for the men. :D So, if you see him around some random shops, don't be afraid to poke him... but remember - there is a RL female behind him XD

Nuai Kumaki is wearing: Hair by Naughty, skin by The Abyss, jeans by Moderno, top by Armidi.

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    Have a homosexual affair with me! \o/

  2. omg LOL, Lucas XD