Today, I bring you more goodness from the amazing June Dion. I think she is the most phenomenal avatar in Second Life, for offering superb quality clothing at extremely reasonable prices. :D

I've drooled over her creations enough to create my own ocean sim here on my blog, so I will try to cut back on my unfashionable drool for this post. :P

BareRose - Frilled Parka

So, here we have the super cute and girlie Frilled Parka. This took quite a bit of editing (those silly drawstrings kept getting lost in my bewbage), so I am glad these are mod! ^.^ But anyway, with this set, you get a ton of color options, shorts, necklace, and socks as well. I wore different socks for these pictures, but really, the included ones are adorable too!

BareRose - Frilled Parka Colors

I did say it comes in a variety of colors, right? Yep, many of them :D Thats one of the awesome things BareRose is known for to me - fat packs for the cost of a single shirt! XD

What: Frilled Parka - $135L
Where: BareRose, Bare Rose (146, 11, 30)
What Else: Hair by Maitreya, ears by Illusions, socks by Sh*t Happens, shoes by Detour. See the In-World Locations page for where to buy information.

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