Today is my rezzday, and I treated myself to a shopping spree at Heart Cupcakes. They have the most adorable stuff, I just never had the time to look through all the stuff and make a decision on which ones I want. So, with it being my rezzday, I allowed myself to stand there and buy what I wanted without making the decision :D


I love this dress, its so cute :D Though, I think my only complaint with the items from Heart Cupcakes is that most attach to the pec attachment points, and I don't like how my butt and hips show through them in my AO. But, this is definitely my problem, and has nothing to do with the store.


But, how can you not love the cuteness that comes from there? I love the detail in each dress. Even the discounted items in the basement have an incredible quality to them.


Some of these don't attach to the pec points, which is awesome to me - I love being able to wear them out and around shopping - the pec dresses are great for pictures for me. :D


As much as I love all my purchases from there, my favorite is probably this one. Its beautiful, flowy, summery, has a pelvis attachment point, and totally cute :D

If you haven't been there yet, you should definitely check them out. And don't forget about the items in the basement, where you can get great deals :D

SLURL: Heart Cupcakes, PopFuzz (126, 213, 34)

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    ^-^ Happy Rezzday Sai!

    Those dresses are adorable!

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    Happy Rezz Day :) !!
    You look cute (as always *winks*)

  3. Thanks, Sakuradown and Flutter :D :D